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Monday, November 30, 2009

A boy? A girl?

I am so terribly behind. I’m not very used to this blogging thing and actually making it consistent!

Justin is sick. Taylor is sick and terrible two. Jordan is sick and teething. I am not “sick” unless pregnancy counts…it should you can’t sleep, you pee all the time, and you throw up (or like me just gag a lot). Needless to say, it’s been a crazy, sleep deprived, and emotional week or so.

I am now 13 weeks-ish. The ‘ish’ is because the baby keeps measuring more or less then what I “should” be each time I go. My due date range is fluctuating between late May and mid June. It has something to do with the tear and nutrients/blood getting the baby. They are not sure if where the tear is or how big the tear is actually has any effect on the growth or not. The baby’s heart beat is strong and seems to be developing fine though. But still, every time I get the random and occasional gush of blood I can’t help but panic. I think I’ll feel better once I feel the baby moving for real (not the little flutters that could or could not be the baby). Knowing the baby is moving and still… well there… will be reassuring. I think.

I have decided, against Justin’s wishes, to keep the sex a secret, even from us. This is our last and final baby and I so desperately want a boy that I’m scared to get depressed and not enjoy my pregnancy. I figure I can’t be unhappy once I hold the baby…right? Here is my list of Pros and Cons

PRO: It will be fun to be surprised. Justin will get the chance to actually announce to everyone what we’re having. I won’t be sad when I find out it’s a girl. I won’t have to worry about getting a bunch of un-needed baby clothes (even if it’s a girl people feel the need to buy more clothes for you).

CON: If it’s a boy I won’t have a huge stash of clothes and will need to actually go shopping (or send somebody else shopping) a couple of weeks after he is born. Justin will be mad if I don’t find out.

What do you think YOU would do?