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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Beard

I haven’t blogged because I’ve been waiting for pictures.  However, my husband is not very good at getting pictures off of the camera onto the computer.

If you have been around us the last few months you noticed the monstrosity growing on my husband’s face.  Around Christmas Justin decided he wanted to have a “Man Beard” knowing full well his dear wife HATES massive facial hair.  A little is tolerable and on Justin having a little is a necessity for his lack of chin definition, but I hate coarse face hair poking me in the face all the time.

Hate it.  Did I say that yet? Because I hate it.

I wasn’t the only one who was against creepy locks expanding. In fact nearly every female was on my side and nearly ever male was on his side.

Many husbands/boyfriend commented on how they enjoyed his “Man Beard”.  I stand firm on my assumption that they loved it so much since their wives/girlfriends wouldn’t let them have one and, unlike my husband, they took the opinion of their significant other to heart.  One of our friends decided about half way through Justin’s Man Beard growing process to begin one of his own (Sorry Megan).

There was a point where Justin and I had a heart to heart.  Where he informed me of what a horrible wife I was being for giving him such a hard time in front of people.  So I apologized and told him I had one more thing to say and then I’d drop it.

SO I told him.  I hated his face hair.  I found it unattractive – that’s right friends I told my husband the blob of hair hiding his dimples made me find him very unattractive.  I asked, “Isn’t it important that a wife finds her husband attractive?” his response? “Well then you’re just shallow.  I told him how little I enjoyed kissing him since it was like kissing…well lets just say it was an unpleasant experience.

And still the beard grew.  Somewhere along the road he added a mustache since I already found the beard horrid he might as well add a mustache…can’t make the horrible any more horrible.

Then, 4 weeks ago today I came home to a handsome man once more.  The dimples I married him for greeted me and I couldn’t help but sort of be giddy with excitement.  My husband was a sexy man once more and he was smothered in kisses.  Like seriously it was like flashback to first being married to the man and I couldn’t help but smother him in affections.

Granted, it did take me (and the kids) a few days to adjust to a husband/dad that you could actually see, but all is well again in the Davis home.  Not gonna lie, for awhile I feared the end of our marriage (FYI that is a joke – I am seriously not that shallow).

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Asian Baby

I always said that I’d love to have an Asian baby.  They are so stinking adorable!  Obviously that didn’t happen.  However, it’s now a possibility.

I mentioned earlier the idea of becoming a surrogate.  I submitted my application and thought; we’ll just see what happens.  I figured it would take months or even a year or so to actually be caring a baby.  Well things started moving.

A month ago it began.  Paperwork, emails, signatures, interviews, appointments, etc. I am not technically a surrogate since I have not actually been approved by the agency.  I still need a medical and psychological screening.  But assuming I’m not unhealthy or insane I’ll be approved.

Usually that means the waiting game begins.  Waiting for the intended parents (IP) to read my profile and decide they like me enough to put their baby in me.  However, that’s not exactly how it is working.

On Friday I received an email asking me if I wanted to meet the IP.  They are from China and will only be here a few days.  They wanted to meet on Sunday, but with Church and a birthday party we couldn’t do it so we assumed that meant these IP were not meant for us.

Then they suggested we meet tonight (Monday night).  We agreed.

Then I received an email this morning asking if instead, they could meet me on my lunch break.  I agreed.

They are excited and easy going.  They want me to carry their baby(ies).  They want me to carry their baby(ies) in as little as a month.  So assuming I get approved by the agency, in a month I could be pregnant.

In a month I could be pregnant with twins.

In a month I could be pregnant with Asian babies.

In a month I could be beginning this journey of surrogacy.

I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m happy.  I’m scared.  I think I’m everything all at once.

Please pray for me (us).  That the rest of the screening goes well and the agency approves me.  Also that if things do not work out with this couple that another couple will find us.  And that once this actually begins that I remain healthy and strong.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Green Ball of Goodness

Artichokes are one of those things that look funny so the idea of getting a kid to eat one seems unrealistic.  Yet somehow my Aunt Jeanine convinced me to eat one with her as a young child.

I actually vividly remember sitting at my grandmother’s dining room table with my aunt peeling off one of those green leaves to consume.

I fell in love, well as much love as you can fall into with food item that is.  My love of these delicious plants has not wavered over the years and my husband often surprises me by saying “I bought an artichoke for you today at the store”.  If you didn’t know better you’d think he told me he just bought me a shiney new necklace.  It brings me much joy.

All that said, I can barely contain my excitement to find one of my children enjoys them nearly as much as I do.  

So last night as an artichoke was steaming away with garlic rich water I whispered in Jordan’s ear “while Taylor and Elijah are taking a shower we’re going to stay out here and eat an artichoke”.  She squealed with delight.  She took a super quick shower and kept checking on me while she was getting dressed to ensure I had not eaten it all yet, “Mommy, don’t eat it all, wait for me.”

And then we sat.  And dipped.  And Ate. And laughed. And enjoyed an artichoke together, just the two of us and life was happy.  Until it was gone, then life was a little sad.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oh So Blue

I think I mentioned to you before that Taylor has begun adding “No Seriously” to about everything she says.  And like any parent knows something that starts of cute quickly becomes annoying.

That being said “No Seriously” is not really the point of my story today, just a reminder since what I am about to tell you will contain those words.

::Taylor comes into my room with the look of a girl on a mission”

Taylor: Mom, I need to wear blue today
Me: ok…
Taylor: No seriously, I need to wear blue
Me: That’s fine so wear blue
Taylor: I’m serious!
Me: So find something blue
Taylor: And I need money
Me: Why?
Taylor: My teacher said I need money to be in the Wish Club
Me: Like you’re going to make wish?
Taylor: NO! To be in the wish club
Me: Are you going to a wishing well or something? Do you need dollars or coins?
Taylor: Dollars
Me: For the wish club?
Taylor: No, coins
Me: How many?
Taylor: Um, I don’t know…
Me: Well I’m not giving you money if you can’t tell me how much and what its for
Taylor: I told you, the Wish Club! I’m serious!
Me: what is the wish club?
Taylor: I don’t know.

Anyway, after this conversation I found out Make A Wish Foundation has been at her school and she is supposed to bring a dollar to help support them.  So Taylor and I had a lengthy conversation about what Make A Wish Foundation is and how her money would help sick kids.  I gave her the option of taking a dollar from her chore money to help a friend too.

That conversation was interesting and included conversations about how children can die, sickle cell anemia, DNA, and cancer.  So…yeah that was interesting.