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Monday, January 28, 2013

She Made Me A Momma

So for those of you that noticed Taylor turned 6 on the 11th. 

We started her birthday festivities with a dinner at Benihana which she LOVED and decided that crunch rolls are one of her new favorite things along with their amazing onion soup.

The Friday of her birthday she decided she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese with her new BFF Isabella.  So we got a pizza and quickly burned through 200 tokens.  After dinner and games we headed back to the house to eat Taylor’s birthday cake.  It’s a tradition in our house that you get to decorate your own birthday cake hence the pile of sprinkles you’ll notice on the cake.  You'll also notice a bloody bandaid on her forehead from Elijah an Sippy Cup.

We took Isabella home shortly after cake and later that weekend went to dinner with Justin’s dad and family to celebrate Taylor and Aunt Genny’s birthday (Gen’s is on the 14th).  I stole these pictures from facebook.

So now for the good stuff...Taylor is:

4” Tall (90th percentile)
43 Pounds (39th percentile)

At her visit she would NOT talk to the nurse and was pretty rude until the words “She won’t need any shots” came out of her mouth…suddenly Taylor was super chatty and friendly with everyone.

And the letter to my big girl

My Taylor,

It was you that made me a mom.  6 years ago I held you in my arms for the first time and for the first time felt the love that only a mommy can have for her child.  You brought me from my own youth to adult hood.

You have always been super affectionate and love to cuddle.  I often whisper in your ear as you sit nestled in my lap “Will you cuddle with me forever, even when you’re all grown up”.  You always respond with a smile and nod as you squeeze as close to me as you can.  You are happy when a “reward” for your hard work is spending extra cuddle time with me.  I know it won’t be long before you grow out of this and I try to cherish the moments even if you are getting way too tall for my lap.

You are very sensitive.  Things make you upset very easily and cry about nearly everything that happens in life.  Most recently you’ve taken to saying things like “Life’s not fair” and “This is worst day ever”.  Your sensitivity causes many dramatic moments in our home and you have caught me on several occasions snickering at the crazy things you say in the heat of the moment.  I always remind you that we love you unconditionally and we do not like when you are upset.  I hope you will remember that in the years to come.

You love to feel grown up and strive to take charge.  On several occasions you have even said to me “I’m 6 now, I can do it by myself”.  You try to be part of the grown up world whenever you can and chime in on conversations and try to do the things daddy and I do.

You are insanely bright.  You learn things so quickly and ask the hardest questions.  I have loved to listen to you this last year start to develop your knowledge, especially your knowledge of God.  You ask the hard questions and try to put the pieces together as Daddy and I explain why we believe what we do.  The things you pick up are mind blowing.

Mostly though, I want you to know how much I love you.  I am proud of you and insanely blessed that God chose you to be my first baby.  You were perfect for me and Daddy.  You’ve taught us so much and have persevered as our “guinea pig”.  You have made me and Daddy better parents and better people.

I love you baby girl.

And now for the picture review:


Age 1:

Age 2:

Age 3:

Age 4:

Age 5:

Age 6:

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What the Voice in My Head Thinks About Lunch

Sometimes while making myself a salad I think of the comedian Brian Regan.  Since this post will make no sense unless you have heard his snow cone joke you must now click here and watch it before returning to this blog post.

Do it.


It’ll be worth your time.

Now that you have enjoyed that awesomeness I will let you in on the little conversation that happens in my head as I’m prepping a salad.

::chops cucumber:: Mmm, cucumber, my favorite veggie.
::chops carrots:: oh, but carrots are delicious too, also a favorite
::chops celery:: what vitamins are in celery anyway?  I mean beside the vitamin of delicious.
::cuts lettuce:: I wish I could put every kind of lettuce in this salad.  I like lettuce.  It’s another favorite.
::tosses in tomatoes:: I hate sour tomatoes as much as I LOVE delicious ones.  Mmm tomatoes are veggie candy.
::adds shredded cheese:: less is most definitely not more, pile it on.
::cuts up salami:: This is my favorite meet, seriously.  I could eat this whole thing right now or make this salad even more awesome
::adds croutons:: can you eat croutons by themselves? I mean they are pretty much like chips right?
::tosses salad with buffalo ranch:: I wonder if Sam would like buffalo ranch since it is more buffalo then it is ranch.
::takes bite of salad:: Something healthy should not taste this good.  I should blog about all the weird things I just thought while making this salad…

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When Numbers Lie

I haven’t written in over a week and have reasons (excuses) but there is no reason to try and explain all the things going on right now.

I’ll get more consistent eventually…well probably not.  I will also in the near future post Taylor’s 6 year old blog and all, but today in the overwhelmed mood I am in you instead get a little rant.

This rant has nothing at all to do with why I’m overwhelmed by the way.  The rant is completely unrelated and the only reason it’s coming up is because I’m sitting here on my lunch thinking “I need to get my mind off of this, what can I do?” So I peruse facebook and found an article a friend posted and it got me thinking…

So that’s what you get, what I’m thinking. Don’t judge me (but you probably still will; it’s in our nature).

The article was about the fact that an umbilical cord wrapped around a baby’s neck rarely causes complications if the baby is had the old fashioned way.

What it is saying (with supporting statistics) is that there is such a small chance of their being a complication during a “regular” (regular being non-C section) birth even if the umbilical cord is around the babies neck even though it is believed to be an issue.

My frustration with statistics in general regarding childbirth is how they come up with them.  How there is a movement of people that are very anti-C Section and don’t look at the whole picture.

Please know I am an advocate for trying to deliver a baby that way our bodies were made to do it, but I also recognize and appreciate that people are/were smart enough to come up with ways to make this easier and/or safer.

Think of it this way with me (note:  the statistics are MADE UP and NOT REAL)

For every 1000 babies born the “regular” way 250 have the umbilical cord around their neck.

For every 1000 babies where 250 have the umbilical cord only 1 actually causes death.

That doesn’t sound too bad right? I mean if you are that 1 it’s horrible, but statistically speaking 1 in a 1000 isn’t too bad.

Here is my problem, what about all the babies delivered via C Section?  That changes things and I feel like this fact is SO OFTEN left out.

Picture it this way…there are 1,500 babies that will be born today (again MADE UP and NOT REAL)

1,000 will be born the “regular” way
500 will be born via C-Section because the doctor noticed the umbilical cord was around the babies next and was concerned.

Because those 500 babies were not born the “regular” way you don’t know if they would have survived or not.

Doctors are (in some circumstances) suggesting C Sections because they are worried about the baby and/or mother.  This means the better doctors get at diagnosing or finding possible issues before baby is born and doing a C Section instead the number of “problems” occurring in “regular” birth are going down.


Some people advocating that C Sections are horrible and you should not do them are posting statistics noting how little complications are occurring during “regular” birth.  In reality the low number of complications is more closely related to the fact doctors are finding issues and not allowing a “regular” birth to save the life of the mother and/or baby.

All that being said I think some doctors are being idiots and doing a C Section to fit it better to their schedule, or mom’s are asking for them because they want the baby to be or not to be born on a certain day.  That I do not support at all.  That’s ridiculous to me.

So before you assume your doctor is being pushy if he is suggesting a C Section I just ask that you hear him/her out and remember the “statistics” for having a “regular” birth most likely do not contain the C Sections that were done where the baby survived where he/she may not have if it was done the other way.

Rant Over.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Uncle Sam's New Job

It might just be me, but I doubt it is.  Maybe I just doubt it since I want to feel like I’m not the only stupid one out there.

I live under the assumption that when my car starts doing something weird I most likely have time before I need to get it looked at and don’t tend to get it in right away.

About a month ago while driving I noticed that I felt this constant bumping like I was always driving on the bumps between lanes on the road.

I figured I had to take my car in to get the brakes done in about a month so I’d just wait until then.

On December 27th I was supposed to drive some youth to San Diego with me in my car.  Events occurred where that did not happen.  I say it was by God’s grace those events happened they way they did.

I finally got my car in to see the “car doctor” as we refer to it in my house to help my kids understand what a mechanic is.  FYI I have the most amazing car doctor. Fox Auto Care.  If you live by us you should definitely go to them.

They are honest: like I got my oil changed at a dealership and they told me I needed X Y and Z changed and when I took it to Fox Auto Care they told me I was fine – I just saved $500 in repairs.

They are kind: they always talk to me about more then just my car and ask how things are going

They are a great price/deal: they have facebook, AAA, and coupon discounts!

They produce great work: I’ve never had to take something back after they fixed it.

And they did not pay me or anything to say stuff.  I just love them and wanted to share my love.

I found out that my brakes still had some time, but the bumping was one of my tires falling apart!  What the heck!  And then something else to do with something to do with fuel something.

We got the car back late Monday night which meant Justin was carless on Monday and could not pick up Taylor from school.

Taylor was overjoyed when that meant that Uncle Sam got to pick her up from school.

Taylor: Can uncle Sam pick me up everyday?
Me: No that’s daddy’s job
Taylor: Did uncle Sam come because your car is at the workshop?
Me: Yes
Taylor: Can daddy give uncle Sam money so his new job can be to pick me up?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Strawberry?

I think I’m caught up on things or at least things I can remember at this point.  I do have things to share about celebrating my not so baby girl for her upcoming birthday this Friday, but that can wait until we have ended the festivities.

Can you believe Taylor will be 6 THIS FRIDAY?! 

That’s not why I’m writing though.  I’m writing because of one of those moments I had today.  When something small triggers a sudden flood of uncontrolled emotion.

I’m not gonna lie – that uncontrolled emotion for me is usual anger at some idiot from my past. Today it was not.

You know those small strawberry candies.  The ones with the gooey/chew center and the wrapper is a kind of foil that looks like a strawberry (see picture below).

Well somebody had some of those in our galley at work today.

Those were one of my favorite candies growing up and the person who seemed to remember that the most was my Grandpa Meier.

There was one time we were visiting him and he gave me the biggest bag I had ever seen of these delicious candies with very specific instructions.

I remember it vividly with his beer can in one hand and the smell of cigarettes on his breath as he leaned toward me and said “You better not share any of those.  They are just for you”.

I am neither fond of beer nor cigarettes, but my Grandpa definitely was and I was definitely fond of him.

As I grabbed one of those candies from the galley and popped it and my mouth the familiar flavor came with a tear running down my cheek as I then remembered standing at work in the back office counting cash several years ago and getting a phone call from my daddy telling me my Grandpa had passed away.

We knew it was coming… his fondness for beer and cigarettes for most of his life had been taking its toll for awhile, but when that moment comes the pain is no different.

So this blog is in memory of my Grandpa and an acknowledgement that whenever I eat or see one of these small strawberry candies I will think of him.

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's "Time" for a Fight

If you’ve been married for awhile or probably even if you’ve been dating for awhile you know those fights that are reoccurring.

One of ours revolves around our poor sense of time.

I assume things take longer then they do.

Justin assumes things take less time then they do.

How does this translate you ask?

It means I overstress about how much time we have left to do something or get somewhere so we fight and then if I have my way end up way early.

It means Justin always assumes he has plenty of time left to do something or get somewhere so we fight and then if he has his way we end up late.

Being the good wife that I am we had one of these instances this Sunday where I so desperately wanted to shout I TOLD YOU SO! When he underestimated how long it would take him to get done and I over estimated.  I didn’t.  But I guess I am now and when he reads this he will see my small (yet slightly over exaggerated) victory.

He asked if he could take a “quick shower” before he left for church to which I responded if by quick he meant 10 minutes and not 20 like it usually takes him.

He accused me of over exaggerating and jumped in the shower.

The shower turned on at 6:52.  The shower turned off at 7:10.  If you notice that was 18 minutes.  I say much closer then 20 then to 10 minutes which resulted in him leaving nearly 10 minutes after the time I think he should have left.

Granted the time I think he should have left would have probably made him way early since I am probably over exaggerating the time it takes to get to church and buy donuts, but still.  His “quick” shower was nearly 20 minutes like I said it was and not 10 like he implied.

I win.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas in 4 Easy Steps

I’m going to make this as brief and informative as possible.  Brief: Because I’m sort of lazy today.  Informative: Because that’s what the blog does – informs you of what’s happening in our crazy little home.

Step 1

Christmas Eve: My parent’s house
We headed to my Parent’s house after lunch and spent time just hanging out and chatting before opening gifts.  After the gifts were opened we made breakfast for dinner and ate heaps of French toast, apple pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and banana bread.

Step 2

Christmas Morning: Justin’s Dad’s House
After opening our stockings we ate breakfast and headed over to Justin’s dad’s house.  We grabbed lunch on the way and ate when we got there.  Yay for McDonald’s nuggets on Christmas!  We opened presents where the girls both got a LeapPad and Elijah got a batter powered rideable Lightning McQueen car.  Which in true Elijah fashion he is terrified of (picture below is from a week later and this was as close to the car as I could get him).

Step 3

Christmas Afternoon: Justin’s Cousin’s House
Pack up the kids and new toys and head to Michelle’s for great food and snacks.  Listen to people call Justin Amish due to his horrible face hair.  Listen to Taylor whine about the lack of “bounce house” (the trampoline died).

Step 4

2 Days Post Christmas Dinner: Justin’s Mom’s Boyfriend’s House
Justin and the kids head over for dinner.  Kids get surprised with a trip to Disney on Ice and binoculars to help enjoy the show.  Kids get special goodies while at show.  Kids return exhausted while Justin spends his alone time playing his new Wii U

I didn’t take many pictures because I am bad at that. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2nd Annual HoliDavis

The original intro to this blog was “Let’s go back in time to November 2012”, however, even though Blakesgiving was amazing (it always is) I don’t have pictures which is really the only reason I’m skipping ahead to HoliDavis.

By the way the idea of HoliDavis was totally jacked from the family that does Blakesgiving every year.

And I’m ok with that.

This year I made my first Turkey (and Gravy)!  My oh my was it dry, but it was not undercooked and not burnt so that’s a plus right?  I’d never made Gravy either and I think I bought the wrong kind it was a little over salty, but made a great combo with the dry turkey.

This was my 2nd year making Ham and I think I worked out the kinks this time around for pretty nice looking hunk of pig. I heard it tasted good, but since all ham tastes disgusting to me I’ll have to take other people’s words for it.

The spread consisted of my meats, green bean casserole, broccoli salad, rolls, mashed potatoes, and fruit salad.  We ate, and talked, and laughed – all while squished around a table that went from my kitchen to my living room.

After dinner we played a few games.  One of my favorites is where you wrap gift cards up in several boxes with lots of tape and people roll dice to see who gets to try and open it using oven mits.

The kids got along great too with only a few tears and bumps (that’s impressive for 4 boys and 2 girls running around).

These are the only pictures I got, but at least its something!  We ended up having the Newmeyers, Blakes, Registers, Foxes, Sam, and Travis over.  Please note that I was a horrible friend that night when another friend who was supposed to be coming drove around for like 30 minutes lost trying to find our apartment (calling me the entire time) and I missed every single call.  SORRY NEYA!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where Babies Come From

So Taylor was looking at some wedding pictures and commented on what happened after the wedding.  Justin felt the need to share with me what came out of her mouth so here's how the conversation went:

Justin: Taylor where do babies come from?
Taylor: When you roll around on the bed and kiss.
Me: What?!
Taylor: I learned it from Marley and Me

This happened in the car on the way to an impromptu dinner at Benihana's for Taylor's birthday where she tried a crunch roll and decided she loved it and ate 3 pieces which mean I only had 1.  But it was her birthday dinner so who can complain.  On the way home the conversation went like this:

Taylor: There is nothing that will make me not eat a crunch roll
Justin and I: ::laugh::
Taylor: Except if it has poison in it

At least she makes wise life choices.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

I’m way behind on things like HOLIDAVIS or Christmas in general.  I even just realized (literally as I was typing the word “Christmas” in the previous sentence) that I never wrote about Blakesgiving either!

I’m contemplating on if it is worth it to try and catch you up or just pick up from here.

I took pictures and what are pictures for if not sharing them?  So you will most likely get a few catch up blogs in the week (or weeks) to come.

In the meantime I’d like to share with you what you (the readers) found most interesting in 2012.


10 Things I Love – 77 Views

So re-read them if you want or just take ignore this post completely and know that something more worthwhile is probably coming.