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Monday, December 15, 2014

So Sayith Tay, Jay, and Eli #6

We won't talk about the last time I did family blog night, but in light of some recent events in my house I feel inclined to start it up again for selfish reasons.  Just so I don't feel like a horrible mom as I sit distracted with other things.

And since we are racing through one of the busiest times of years with all these holidays around I figure that's what we'll focus on.  Enjoy.

What is a Holiday?
Taylor: Is like a time that you spend with your family.
Jordan: I don't know
Elijah: Nothing

What is Thanksgiving?
Taylor: A time that you also spend with your family and eat dinner with everyone in your family.
Jordan: It's the day where we share love.
Elijah: For getting presents

What do we do at Thanksgiving?
Taylor: We make a giant table with all the tables we have and we eat all together, or we just spend time at grandma's house.
Jordan: Have family time.
Elijah: Give presents

What is Christmas?
Taylor: Christmas is a time that every has joy and they have fun opening presents and giving.
Jordan: Opening presents.
Elijah: Bringing presents.

What do we do at Christmas?
Taylor: We put presents under the Christmas tree and give presents to everyone in our family.
Jordan: We open presents.
Elijah: Bring  presents.

Why do we celebrate Christmas?
Taylor: Because it's God's birthday and on his birthday he tells us all about giving people stuff and how to be nice.  And our family likes to be kind to people.
Jordan: Because it was the day when Jesus was born.
Elijah: I created a flying train remote (he actually says remote "tra-mote"), it flies in the air and then goes down.

What is New Years?
Taylor: Uh, yeah I don't even know whats a new year.  Wait I know what it is.  A new year is like a new time of the year.
Jordan: Going new places.
Elijah: Bring nothing.

What do we do at New Years?
Taylor: Have fun.
Jordan: We eat.
Elijah: Nothing.