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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The First Day of Summer

Is everyone’s favorite season summer? Or is it just most people?

I love summer. Mostly because I HATE being cold, and I am always cold… Summer means I am less cold on more (most) days. I’m a big fan.

I’m also a big fan of snow cones, and BBQ’s. I love sitting in the sun watching my kids play. I don’t love burning. I burn a lot (even with sunscreen!). Overall, summer is by far my favorite season though – spring is 2nd because I love rain almost as much as I love not being cold.

Since I have a Birthday Party to go to tonight I won’t “celebrate” the first day of summer, but tomorrow, I decided it will be the first day of summer in the Davis house! We’ll have a picnic for dinner at the park and come home for some fresh made snow cones! I’m excited already :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Little Late

Elijah turned 1 on 6/5. He’s growing so fast! Even over the last week I’ve seen his personality evolving and I’m slightly addicted to him…

Thank you to Tracy for reminding me to do this! Haha!

He had his 1 year check up a few day after the big Zero One (why did I almost type One Oh?).

So here’s some stats and facts

Elijah Corbin
19.5 lbs (5th percentile)
30.5 in (50th percentile)
Vastly different then my girls. The girls were both around 40 weight and 90 height.

He’s starting to run…if you can call his fast waddle that and his foot turn in slightly. I think he’ll grow out of that like Taylor did. No Dr has told me this, but I think it comes from walking so early (around 10 months), but that is just a guess.

He love to feed himself and does not really like to be fed. And he LOVES his sippy cup. With or without milk in it he’ll carry it around and sometimes just put it in his mouth for the heck of it.

He adores his sisters and laughs at them, runs with them, and follows them wherever they go.

He is now climbing up/down the couch by himself and is finally trusting the water in the bath. He hasn’t been a big fan of sitting in baths since Jordan knocked him down in the water a few months ago.

He doesn’t really have a favorite toy, but will sit for 15 - 20 minute stretches with one toy before moving on.

He has a contagious smile and still looks a LOT like his daddy.

He “talks” a lot now, but doesn’t really say any words except clap (at least ones he means). He’ll say dadadada or mamamama, but I’m pretty sure he’s not referring to us when he does say it.

He’s loud and easily excited.

He sleeps really well taking a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon and 10-12 hours at night.

I think that’s about it. Sorry for my lack of wit or humor, but I’m writing this while watching a movie ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Birthday Suprise

There are so many things I intend to blog about, but never do. Then something, or in this case somebody reminds me and then I just MUST tell the story.

April 17th, my 25th birthday, was not a usual day by any means. We moved into our apartment on the 16th and due to some VERY cranky children we were juggling unpacking with watching a 2 and 4 year old climb into boxes, dump boxes, move things, and whatever else they find interesting. Actually to be more specific it wasn’t really “we”, but just “me” since Justin spent most of the day at church rehearsing for our (former) church’s HUGE Easter program.

I was unpacking one of the kids room and I smelled something. It was the kind of something you know you recognize, but just can place. I shrugged it off and kept unpacking, after all, it didn’t smell dangerous (like a cleaner) but minty.

I found a mislabeled box and went to take it to the master bathroom. As I’m walking around the corner I hear Jordan screaming/crying “ouch! It hurts my mouth! I don’t like it!!” I look at her and then it hits me, the “smell” is Bengay! I see an empty tube on my floor with Jordan using her hands to try and wipe off the “burn” from her tongue. Her hair matted and stuck to her face with what I can only assume is also Bengay. Later I realized how much I hoped it was Bengay and not some other (undefined) something she may have gotten into. The unknown in this case is MUCH worse.

I am not one of those prepared moms. I stood, staring at her in awe and it hit me. I do not have the number for poison control…I do not know the name of that “stuff” that you are supposed to have on hand that makes kids vomit (and obviously I did not have it on hand).

I always assumed when I had an emergency I could call 911 or hop online to find a “solution” or at least a phone number (Poison Control). However, I just moved so I did not have internet connection. I settled for the next best solution.


I called my mom, but she was at church and didn’t answer. I then called Justin’s mom (I actually don’t remember what that conversation went like).

I resorted to throwing Jordan in a shower and hoping the empty bottle was mostly on her body and not her mouth. I just sat and watched her for about 15 minutes to make sure she didn’t drop to the floor – phone in hand ready to call 911. She survived. She didn’t even vomit. And her whole body (head to toe) smelled of Bengay for a couple of days.

Lesson Learned: Unpack medical things first… oh and I should probably find the number for poison control.

Friday, June 10, 2011

3 Years Ago

3 years, 1 month, and 5 days ago I started as a Member Services Rep in our (my place of employment) Contact Center.

Today is my last day and I have such a variety of emotions that I’m not sure how to process it all. I am mostly SUPER excited about my new role. There are so many new things to learn and do! After the excitement creeps I the fear… what if all my confidence going in…all my “I know I can do this and be good at it!” feelings are just…well feelings? What if I fail? I know I’m a quick learner and I’m adaptable, but I don’t want to let down the new people I will be working with. I want to hit the ground running and actually be helpful and not a hindrance. If that makes sense.

After the fear comes sadness. This I think is where my heart is today. I’m only going “upstairs” but to be honest and transparent, I am horrible at “keeping in touch”. This is a huge flaw of mine. I adore my friends and think and pray for them often, but if I don’t see you, I don’t talk to you. NOT because I care about you less or because I’ve “moved on”, but I just don’t enjoy talking on the phone and I frequently forget to write (emails or letters). This is coming from the girl that has all of her “thank you” cards from her wedding still sitting in a drawer… (5 years old, I know, I told you I’m horrible!!).

The girls I work with are my closest/dearest friends. I love then unconditionally and would do anything for them. They know me in ways nobody else does and the love me. The care for me. They pray for me. They are there for me (I should be a rapper!)

I’m scared/sad I’m going to lose that. I’m dreading the fact that I may not know how JC’s first day of first grade went. I’m scared that I may not be around when Amelyn and the girls move out to help “grandma” cope with the change. I’m worried I can’t be a needed ear to hear or shoulder to cry on. I feel this since of aloneness (is that a word? I assume so since spell check didn’t yell at me).

It is hard for me to make friends. I’m pretty shy actually. Once I know you that is another story (then I’m an open book that won’t shut up!) But I don’t make friends easy. I’m nervous and awkward. It takes a lot for me to trust somebody as completely as I trust my “girls” (at work, not children in this instance). I don’t want to lose them and based on my record it will slowly happen. I’m determined to make sure it doesn’t! But I’m just looking at my history and doesn’t history repeat itself?

I wanted to include a list of things I’ll miss/remember – some of this wont make sense unless you were around for it (sorry):

I’ll miss our parties – for holidays (like national cupcake day), birthdays, or just because
I’ll remember our episode with the gnats
I’ll miss the giggles as we overhear somebody say something odd over the phone “can I have the last four digits of your last four digits”
I’ll remember “she said that?!”
I’ll miss head scratches and back rubs
I’ll remember split lunches and the horrible TGI service (Mo will never have lunch with us again)
I’ll miss Fat Fridays
I’ll remember the best email typos EVER
I’ll miss (this is weird but true) stopping mid conversation to answer the phone and picking up right where you left of (mostly) when it was done.
I’ll remember Mr. Sunshine and Mr. Moon
I’ll miss pretty much everything and everyone.

Needless to say, I’m sort of an emotional wreck today! I’m in tears one moment and giddy with excitement the next. I’ve never wanted a day to END and NEVEREND at the same time. But I know I am blessed and I do look forward to the next step in my career.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Handful of Random

The blog I should be writing is about how Eli turned 1 on Sunday, but I’m going to postpone that until his physical on Thursday so I can give some growing stats.

So today you get just a fun one about my girls. They are growing fast and talking more and more! Taylor tells very elaborate stories and her imagination is growing fast and furious…this of course is leading to some lying, but we’re working on that. Everything in her world she doesn’t like has also now become “not fair”. I guess what I’m trying to say is she’s learning a LOT of new concepts and using them (or trying). With trial and error she’s learning what things actually mean, and what they don’t mean.

Jordan on the other hands is just adorable! She absorbs EVERYthing right now. I think about half the stuff she does/says is just to imitate her drama queen of an older sister. She, in particular, responds very well to music. She picks up on new songs quickly and I catch her singing to herself (or her animals) often. She still speaks like a toddler so I barely understand what she says, but its still cute!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago after Elijah was down we had some “girl time”. Which really is just hanging out and giggling and playing together. I got a picture though that has become my new favorite (for now).