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Friday, December 21, 2012

All You Need is Jordan

So to full appreciate these stories I need to start at the beginning. 

The Ant Home
In first grade my best friend Jennifer Parr and I decided it was a great idea to build an arena for the red ants playing in our playground.  A safe place for them near the wall and away from the bottom of the slide.  We figured they’d appreciate it.

It took us several days to construct this arena with its beautiful rows of seating and a leaf roof to keep out sun and rain.  The only task left was to dig out all the red ants from the ant mound at the bottom of the slide and move them to their new home.

Needless to say, they were not a fan of this idea and I had swollen bitten hands to prove it.

The Death of Rock and Roll
My roommate and I were note the cleanest of people (well really it was mostly my mess – lets be honest), but we weren’t gross nasty people either.

I think the ants were drawn to our stunning beauty.  Whatever it was, they were randomly appearing in our dorm room.  One day they were all up in our laundry basket – another they were waiting for us when we climbed into bed! Yeah, it was horrible.

At some point we called for help and when the guys came to inspect there was not an ant to be seen.  On a completely unrelated note we decided we needed pets and got ourselves 2 tree frogs.

We named the Rock and Roll.  They were awesome tree frogs and we fed them crickets daily.

One weekend I came home after work and went to the cricket cage to get Rock and Roll their meal only to find NO crickets and a few ants stuck in the cage.  The freakin’ ants at our crickets!!  I called my roommate to tell her what happened and as I was calling I looked in the cage and noticed I didn’t see Rock and Roll.  Crap – they must have gotten out! (FYI their cage “roof” as only a taped on piece of paper towel).

As I was beginning to mourn the loss of our runaways I saw something moving in the frog tank and screamed (probably more a shriek) as I saw the entire bottom the tank was lined with ants and the movement was the ants carrying the bone of a frog leg!! No joke people.  We have pictures some where to prove it.  The stupid ants ate my crickets AND the frogs! They ate our frogs ALIVE!! 

That was the day that Rock and Roll was dead.

Jordan – Ant Slayer
Most recently the ants have taken a different approach to destroying my life.  First I saw a couple near our computers and decided maybe we should stop snacking in front of the computer screen.  Later I saw a stray ant or two in the kitchen and decided maybe I should get better at rinsing dishes and not just setting them on the counter.

There were never enough to be concerned, but their final location is what baffles me.  On a nearly daily basis there are 2-5 ants roaming our bathroom!  Not even the bathroom trash.  The sink, the bathtub, the towel cupboard.  I don’t understand.

This morning Jordan followed me to the bathroom (like she does on most mornings – click here for more on that) and shrieked “there’s something crawling on the wall!”  I looked and saw an ant and told her to squish it.  She looked at me puzzled then took the toilet paper roll she had in her hand (a whole other story) and began trying to poke at it.  I grabbed her little finger and helped her showed her how to squish it right.

From there on she was on a mission. While I showered I would hear her “Got you”, “Don’t run away I need to squish you!”

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"How are you today?" - "Tired"

When you’re a mom of 3 kids and a Wife of a man who sleeps through almost anything life tends to go a little like this:

6:00 PM – Home from work and making dinner
6:30 PM – Eating dinner (and baking cookies)
7:00 PM – Shower time for the kids
7:30 PM – Daddy time with the kids
8:00 PM – Bed time for the kids
8:30 PM – Still trying to get kids to stay in bed
9:00 PM – Time with the Hubby
11:00 PM – Sweet, sweet pillow
2:30 AM – Jordan yells for you to tuck her in which she has never ever done before and decided tonight was the night to start asking
3:00 AM – Fall back to sleep
3:30 AM – Elijah yells from under his door “Mama! Mama!” and you ignore it for 10 minutes hoping it stops and then realize it wont and get him a drink of “muilk”
4:00 AM – Fall back to sleep
4:30 AM – Taylor stands by your bedside to tell you she had a nightmare and you tell her to go sleep on the couch because you don’t want to deal with her kicking you while you try to enjoy what little sleep you have left to get
5:00 AM – Fall back to sleep
5:30 AM – Hear the ::thud thud thud:: of Jordan running from her room to the couch to join her sister
6:15 AM – Alarm goes off and you hit snooze like 5 times knowing you are not actually getting any extra sleep but its nice to think you are
8:00 AM – Realize that your hopes and dreams of taking a nap during your lunch break are crushed because of a company lunch (can’t complain about free food though!)

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Reminder - They are Not My Own

I walked home from school one day in high school and saw a little boy about 8 years old across the street.

Boy: Hey Sexy, why don’t you come over here and show me some love ::gestures to his boy parts::

I ignored him and kept walking as he continued to shout at me.  A man in a car pulled up next to him.

Man: Get in the car
Boy: Dad, that bi*%& is ignoring me
Man: Hey bi*&$ my boy’s talking to you – don’t ignore him.  If you knew what was good for you, you’d obey a man when he tells you what to do.

I ignored them and kept walking as they drove along side me and yelled and continued to make inappropriate gestures and comments.

After they gave up I began to cry and decided at that point – I’m never having kids.  If the world we are in today produces kids like that I didn’t want to bring a kid into the world and expose them to it.

That obviously didn’t happen and I’m glad I have my 3 beautiful babies.  But then things happen.  Stupid, sinful, fallen people make horrible decisions and I remember that day when I vowed not to have kids.

As a parent I could “shelter” my kids.  I could keep them home instead of going to a public school. I could only let them hang out with friends from church.  I could hide them away so they do not get “damaged” or “tarnished” and keep them to myself. 

But I don’t.

It is not my job to protect them from sin.  They are born into.

It is my job to show them the truth and the way to be redeemed from that sin; then to give them the opportunity to spread that truth to a world full of lies.

Which choice brings more glory to God? After all, they do not really belong to me so who am I to prevent them from doing what their Father has called them to do?

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 28:19-20
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Almost Here

I’m sort of giddy.  HoliDavis is nearly here.

It reminds me of how much I REALLY enjoy hosting people at my home.  I like to bring people together to have fun mostly – so it doesn’t have to be at my home.

It also reminds me of how tiny my apartment is and how much I really to look forward to the day I have a living room/dining room large enough to actually fit people comfortably.

Don’t worry though, Sam assured me that when he wins 5 million dollars he’ll buy himself and us a house next door to each other with an adjoining porch… I predict living room walls that will fold down so that our living rooms could also become one HUGE living room for massive game nights.

This also makes me think of Scrubs and the “Porch” JD had (I think it was JD).

There are 13 adults and 9 kids coming to my place this Saturday…that’s 22 people!!  In a 3 bedroom apartment!

I know my friends love me when they are willing to cram themselves around a table to enjoy some grub and games.

I have the best friends (it’s been like a whole week since I’ve reminded you of this absolute truth).

There will be my first ever turkey!! (And ham in case I screw up the turkey)
There will be a game with prizes (a game that will now be a tradition thanks to Kim)
There will be kids running around and demolishing the kid’s bedrooms
There will be laughter – hopefully a lot of it
There will be goodie bags to take home (for the adults – I baked 288 cookies!)
There will be hand crafted ornaments to take home (for the kids)

Most importantly though there will be time with my friends (remember the best friends in the world) who love me almost as much as I love them.

I’ll try not to forget pictures so my other amazing friends that could not come or just could not fit in my INSANELY full house can join in the festivities a few days late.

Monday, December 10, 2012

In Case I Forgot I'm Not 20 Anymore

Surprise! I like my friends – a lot.

Ok, so that’s not really a surprise since I think I mention on a nearly monthly basis that I have the best friends in the world.  I’m sorry your friends probably lack in comparison, but at least you can find comfort in the fact you are my friend so therefore you are awesome.

I like to have my friends over and as I have also mentioned before it’s a pain to do that, but my awesome friends deal with the hassle anyway to come over.

A last minute night happened about a week ago when the Newmyers and Registers came over.  For those of you who don’t know (and if you’re reading this you probably do know since I don’t think any non-friends read this) those families consist of:

Matt: The worship pastor at our church who before he even met us volunteered himself to help us move. 
Kim: That guy’s wife and one of those people I feel like I should have known my entire life – she has a juke box in her head – I admire that
Sophie: The cute little baby that has made recent appearances in my blog due to Elijah’s obvious fascination with “Soapy”

Taylor: The guy my daughter adores since they share a name which means they must be twins or something close to it.
Kandyce: The soon to be mommy (come out baby!!) that picked the RIGHT college to go to unlike her brother.

Last minute we decided to get together to hang out.  We played some of those games we don’t usually get to play since the group that’s over is much larger like Clue (FYI: Kim did not win) and poker.

After a ton of laughing and mild harassment we called it quits around 2 am with the hopes with sleeping in the following morning.  Only 1 of the 3 couples accomplished this (hint: it was the couple with a kid on the way, but not yet here).  I may or may not be jealous. 

But it was SO worth it.

No pictures.  Use your imagination – it’ll be good for your inner child.

Friday, December 7, 2012

When "Soapy" Comes To Play

First of all (are you impressed I didn't start with the word "So" because I am), I have sort of been MIA.  It's not because I haven't wanted to blog, but with Christmas coming things get busy.

For some of you I expect you will thouroughly enjoy the lack of blogging when your Christmas goodies arrive (special shout out to Aunty Jen and Uncle Buck who are actually the only ones who get shipped their goodies).  For the rest of you - I can post the recipees later and you can make them yourselves.

I have things I want to write about, but even though I have a little blog "to do list" lets be honest, they'll probably never make it here, but I'll try.

For now I will again share some random stories about my kids (and a good friend's kid) from last night.

Last night Justin headed out for worship practice and I got the chance to hang out with baby Sophie again.

It really was a great night.

Here are some of the highlights that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Taylor age 5
Jordan age 4
Elijah age 2
Sophie 9 months

Elijah: com’on Soapy, Com’on.  ::whine::
Me: What’s wrong Eli?
Elijah: Soapy play cars (he wanted Sophie to play cars with him which ended with each car in her mouth)
Me: She’s too little to play with your cars ::pick up Sophie and take her back to the toys in the living room::
Elijah: SOAPY! Come here!! ::Sophie crawls quickly to Eli’s room:: Soapy come in bed, com’on Soapy.
Me: Elijah, Sophie doesn’t need to get in your bed
Elijah: Com’on Soapy, come in bed.
Me: Sophie can play with the other toys :: pick up Sophie and take her back to the toys in the living room::
Elijah: ::slowly starts taking all the toys out of the living room to his room:: Soapy! Com’on, come play toys.  ::Sophie crawls to Eli’s room – I follow her to see Elijah has moved all the toys into his bed and again is trying to coax Sophie into his bed::
Me:: Seriously?!

Jordan: Mommy, can we make birthday cards for Jesus?
Me: That’s a great idea! ::help girls get started::
Taylor: Mommy, I’m going to draw a picture of what I’m going to give Jesus for his birthday
Me: ok
Taylor: ::coloring with deep concentration:: Look mommy – it’s my heart!
Me: Taylor that’s great! Why do you want to give Jesus your heart for his birthday?
Taylor: Because I love him and he loves me and he takes care of us when we make mistakes.
Me: ::melts::


Jordan: Can I feed Sophie?
Me: No, she can hold the bottle by herself, she’s getting big
Jordan: ::sits next to me and begins rubbing my belly::
Me: What are you doing?
Jordan: I’m making the baby grow in your belly so I can feed her a bottle.
Me: ::sigh:: Jordan, I already told you mommy is not having any more babies
Jordan: ::runs to her room crying::

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things My Kids Said - 2012 Edition

You know – the normal conversations that happen around our house:

Story 1:

Justin: Explaining his dream
Jordan: I walked in the room and saw you naked!
Me: What? When did you do that (terror in my mind thinking of what she may have witnessed)
Jordan: In the dream

Apparently, Jordan felt left out of Justin’s dream and decided to add her self to it.  Permanently scarring image burned into her brain averted.

Story 2:

I’m sitting in bed typing away on my laptop working.  Jordan lays in bed next to me and starts swiping her finger across the screen:

Me: What are you doing?
Jordan: I’m trying to change the picture!

Story 3:
Taylor: Mommy can I play on your iPod?
Me: We don’t have an iPod, do you mean Daddy's Kindle?
Jordan: No she means your game-pod! (FYI she means gameboy)
Story 4:

Taylor: Elijah you're so beautiful
Jordan: No he's gorgeous
Taylor: Ok, he's handsome

Story 5:
As Taylor sits doing homework Jordan watches and says "Taylor, that's exactly right!"
Story 6:
Taylor: mom why do you make me brush my teethe every day and every day
Me: ::scare tactics - Look up tooth decay images on google::
Taylor: Can I have more toothpaste?
Story 7:
Taylor: Why is a lot of Candy bad for you?
Justin: Because if you eat too much it can mess your liver and then you get diabetes.
Jordan: What is dia-bevus?
Story 8:
Taylor: ::scream:: Mommy my tooth is broke!
Me: What happened?
Taylor: Its all wiggly
Me: Yay your first tooth is loose! You're going to get grown up teeth
Taylor: ::starts crying:: I don't want big fat teeth

Monday, November 26, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #42

What is music?

Taylor: Music is like created music like you don't shout or you wont sound good.  Like princesses make beautiful music.  Like music is when you make noise and go up and down.

Jordan: Um, its my Jordan CD.

What kind of music do you like?

Taylor: Momma's music.

Jordan: Um Jordan.

What is your favorite song?

Taylor: Um, I can't remember.

Jordan: Jordan.

What instrument do you want to play?

Taylor: Drums.

Jordan: A drum.  Momma, I want to buy a drum.

What's a band?

Taylor: A band people who make music together.

Jordan: Marching.

Do you have a favorite band?

Taylor: Jesus.

Jordan: Yes. The pink band.

Who sings the best?

Taylor: Mom.

Jordan: Me.

What movie has the best music?

Taylor: The Candy Man (no idea what that is)

Jordan: Um, Jordan.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Musical Thursdays

I almost started this blog out with “so” and thought to myself…I think I start EVERY blog out with “so”.

I need a new word. 

And I just almost typed it again ::sigh::

Every Thursday night is “music” night at our house.  I figured that was good night for it since Justin and/or I are usually at worship practice the parent at home could be playing music with the kids too.

This is one of the nights I tend to skip to be honest.  It is loads of fun, but also very loud.  I mean we put on a DVD of kids songs and the kids sing, dance, and play their box of instruments as loud as they can.

A couple of weeks ago Justin headed off to worship practice and I stayed home with the kids.  We were also blessed to have the Music pastor’s daughter join us (I believe she’s 7 months old).  Sophie became the center of attention so most of the musical instruments were piled high on her lap as the kids sang to her.  It was nice evening and it comes with pictures which is mostly why I’m sharing it with you.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Random Thoughts About Taylor's School

This is a Taylor dedicated blog.  More specifically a Taylor’s school blog.

Late Birds

So Taylor’s school breaks up their Kindergarten class into “Early Birds” and “Late Birds”.

Taylor a few days ago said to me, “Mommy, I think you should wake up earlier so we aren’t late all the time.  I’m tired of being a Late Bird”.

In her mind she just figured she was a Later Bird because she was always late to school and not because that was the class she was assigned to.


Pretty much the first day of school Taylor decided her best friend would be a girl named Isabella.  Why? For the logical reason that she looked a lot like her old best friend Ally.  Isabella and her seem to get along great, but Isabella has made the wise choice to also play with other kids - “the twins” to be exact.  Taylor has been distraught and has been asking me for nearly a month to meet Isabella’s parents so she can go play at her house (since I told her she cannot go there unless we are invited by Isabella’s mommy and daddy).

Of course Taylor assumes this is much easier then it is since it’s not like we see her parents ever (she is an early bird so she’s dropped off and picked up before Taylor). 

Thanksgiving Feast

The Kindergarteners at Taylor’s school had a “Thanksgiving Feast” yesterday.  All the Kindergarteners dressed up like Indians and Pilgrims.  I had the opportunity to take the day off work and volunteer to help set up for the event and hang out will the 60 Pilgrims and Indians that surrounded a very full table for a very large “Feast”.  They were adorable and I loved being able to help and be part of Taylor’s school life.  For a working Mom I try to take the opportunities whenever they arise to take part in her events to make sure she knows I’m interested even if I can’t be there on a regular basis.


There were a lot of parent volunteers for the Feast so we finished setting up early.  We then spent a couple of hours cutting out projects for the Kindergarten teachers for future art projects in class.  I got to meet a wonderful woman named Maria.  She has a daughter in Kindergarten (like Taylor), a 3 year old daughter (close to Jordan’s age), and a 1 year old son (semi-close to Elijah’s age).  Her husband was laid off right before they had their 2nd child (Just like Justin was) and he was a stay at home dad until just recently.  She was fun to talk to and we related on a lot of things.

Most of the mom’s there were primarily Spanish speakers so I sort of understood about half of what was going on.  Maria took the time to translate some things that she could tell I just didn’t get.

After about an hour of chatting she asked me what my daughter’s name was.  When I told her she said “I keep telling my daughter to play with Taylor! Taylor was her favorite friend and then she started hanging out with the twins, but I liked Taylor better.” I laughed and asked if her daughter was Isabella (see above) and she said yes! We laughed about how both girls had been trying to tell us to meet each other so we they could play together only to find that we had finally met and not even noticed right away.  And don’t worry.  We exchanged numbers so we can have play dates.

Tri Tip Man’s Kickin’ Cowboy Rub

Ok so this is not related to school, but very important.  If you are looking for a GREAT – AMAZING – PERFECT rub to put on your beef (of any sort).  You MUST try this rub.

It’s incredible really.  If you want some let me know and I can order it for you for $6 for a whole bottle and hand deliver it so you don’t have to pay for shipping! Or you can email

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is It Time Yet?

When something “exciting” is coming I begin planning way to early.  I sit here realizing its only November 14th and I so desperately want to start the planning (and invites) for what we’ve decided to call Happy HoliDavis.

“We” is Sam and I (or is it me?) since Justin was rather indifferent.  In many parts of our lives Sam is pretty much a Davis.

What is HoliDavis you ask? I am so very glad you asked.  I honestly stole the idea from Kurt and Ali Blake since they have “Blakesgiving” every year a little before Thanksgiving (which I am very excited to enjoy in just a few days)…I figured I should do the same, but a little before Christmas.

So to restrain myself accept this as your non-formal invite to HoliDavis on 12/15.  If you were there last year…you’re invited again.  If you were not there last year and feel like you should have been you are also probably invited.

Yes it is far to crowded in my apartment.

Yes parking is a nightmare since there is no “guest” parking and everyone has to park a few blocks away and walk.


Yes there will be good grub.

Yes there will be fun games.

Yes there will be laughing.

And what I am most exited about… Yes there will be yummy homemade treats to take home as “goodie” bags (And don't worry Jen and Buck - yours will be shipped to FL).

I want to plan NOW!  I want to invite people NOW! I love my friends and am so very excited to share HoliDavis with them.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Think I Lost My Baby

It’s that time of year.  For us (well for Taylor really), Jordan’s Birthday is the kick off for the Holiday Season.  When October 27th comes around we begin our Holiday festivities with Jordan’s Birthday.

This year she really wanted a Tinkerbell bounce house, so we had a few friends over and let her enjoy her birthday gift from us. 

With a high of 91 degrees the kids bounced their hearts out with bright red cheeks…the adults that dared get in didn’t last long (I was one of those).  It’s rather exhausting.

Jordan had a great time and was showered in gifts (she is spoiled) – her favorite this year being anything she could wear.  Seriously.

Here are some pictures of the party:

Now for the most important part.  Celebrating my baby girl.

Height: 3’4” (55th Percentile)
Weight: 33lb 8oz (32nd Percentile)

A message to my baby girl:


You are my smile.  You are sneaky and mischievous, but you love to love and care for others.  You are my helper and you even smile while you do it!  You have a way of letting your smile slowly grow on your face that melts my heart.  The joy you find in everything inspires me to remember the little things and enjoy life through your experiences as much as you do.  You are brave and will try almost anything at least once – which makes you my roller coaster girl and I LOVE that.

You drive me crazy with your defiance and strong will, but I remind myself how much you need it to hold your own in our full house.  You are happy when others are happy.  You are sad when others are sad.  You have started trying more and more to be more like your big sister.  We tell you often you don’t have to be like Taylor, because we like all the things that make you so unique.

We love you baby girl.

And here is the best part.  Here is how she’s morphed this year (starting oldest to newest - also noticing there isn't a big change like previous years):

Friday, November 9, 2012

Baby Evangelina Needs Your Help!

The point of this blog is to tell you what's going on in the craziness that is the Davis household.  I tend to mess that up occassionaly with blogs all about me (far less interesting then my kids I know) and then days like today where something has touched my heart in a way that I need to share it to try and help.

I read this when a friend at work posted it and am sad to know that I cannot help since I have a blood disorder that would prefent it.  Here is a message from Baby Evangelina's Daddy that I hope you take the time to read and if you can help.:

Exactly two months after the happiest day of my life (the day my daughters were born), my wife and I received a phone call that turned our lives upside down. The call was from a doctor who had the dreadful task of informing us that our little Evangelina had been diagnosed with a rare and life threatening immunodeficiency. The disease results in an immune system so highly compromised that it is considered almost absent. To our luck, the early diagnosis has given our precious baby an honest shot at beating this awful disease. The most successful type of treatment is the bone marrow transplant from a matched related donor which, unfortunately, her mom, her twin sister Anabella and I are not.
The only way we can improve the odds of finding a compatible donor is to encourage as many people as possible to get tested and become donors. Getting tested to become a bone marrow donor is as easy as swabbing the inside of your cheek. You could be the one that will save my little angel’s life.  I will be forever appreciative and I have no doubt you will be blessed in many ways for your kind gesture. Please share this email with your friends and family.
The following provides additional insight on the disease:
DoubleTree Hotel Santa Ana is hosting a
Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Screening
in honor of Evangelina Vaccaro
Monday, November 12, 2012
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p. m.
DoubleTree Hotel Santa Ana
201 East MacArthur Boulevard, Santa Ana, CA 92707
(Across from the Santa Ana Campus)

Bone Marrow Registry
This will only take 10 minutes and getting tested to become a donor is as easy as swabbing the inside of your cheeks.  Please read the general requirements for potential bone marrow registrants.
Description: Description: Description: General Requirements
Description: Description: Description: I’m interested in becoming a registrant

Note the links work above, the picture just didn't transfer over but you can click on them to get the info.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enjoy Some Bragging

It’s a fact that a good mom brags about her kids right?  I’m sure “good” can be replaced with many words, but since I’m about to brag about Taylor I’m going to say “good” is the perfect word and not “annoying” or “rude”.

If you don’t know what AWANA is then the short description is that its sort of like a “Christian” Girl/Boy Scouts.

Kids of all ages go into a group (3-4 year olds together K-2nd together and so on)…just like the Scouts.

In these groups they compete in games and earn “badges”…just like the Scouts.

What makes them different is the way they earn those badges. Kids memorize verses from the bible instead of building a fire or whatever the Scouts do (it’s been awhile since I was a Brownie).

There are 30 weeks of club and in those 30 weeks the kids are expected to complete roughly 40 sections in a book.  Each few sections they earn a “badge”.

Taylor has been speeding through these sections and last week after about 2 months worth of club she finished her whole book!

I was proud of her.  She then has the option of doing a “review” and doing the book again.

I figured she would have an easy time the 2nd time through, but still need to practice them verses several times to help refresh her memory…

Then in the car on the way to school this morning (when we practice) I told her we were going to spend some time reviewing verses and reminded her it is ok if she doesn’t remember them – that’s why we practice (she’s very oversensitive with that kind of thing) and she blew my mind!

I would say just the location (like Genesis 1:31) and she just spouted off the verse without any help.  She just blew through 12 verses in the 15 minute drive and I told her that we weren’t going to do anymore so she has more to do for the rest of the year in AWANA.

I’m proud of my baby girl.  She is learning God’s word and she loves doing it.

FYI for those non-Christians that read my blog please note I am not shoving this down her throat and telling her she MUST believe it. I explain to her our point of view and why we believe it to be truth.  We discuss why other people think differently and that not everyone believes what we do. And regardless of what somebody believes we LOVE them like and RESPECT them…a lesson many adults should take to heart.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apparently the Davis’ have Issues

Sorry I have sort of been MIA.  I’m not really in much of a mood to be wordless (wordless Wednesday is not for me) nor do I feel much like actually blogging today.  So I’m making myself share something I don’t really want to.

I had a conversation with a friend about a week ago about how I do not ask for help easily.  I’d prefer to suffer through things alone.  Unless something cannot be done without help or if I don’t get help there could be impact on my kids or Justin I’m a “handle it myself” gal.

So today I’m asking for your prayers on something I find rather petty actually.  You may all read this and think…really? She’s bothering wasting my time with that?!  If that’s now how you feel, that’s how I feel about even mentioning it, but in my attempt to ask for “help” in the form of prayers I figure why not try.

I know you wont judge me, because for the 5 millionth time (and more to come) I can tell you I have the best friends in the world.

There are several things going on right now financially for us.  Things that don’t justify taking money out of our emergency fund like:

  1. A broken Cell Phone
  2. Dentist Appointments
  3. A broken Steamer
  4. Minor car issues
There are a few more, but you get the point.  They are not life threatening and not getting these things fixed or replaced doesn’t harm the “4 Walls” (Shelter, Food, Utilities, Transportation) so they just get pushed aside.

In total we would need about $600 to replace/fix everything and from previous blogs of mine you know in our normal life that won’t happen any time soon unless by some divine intervention.

My prayer if for peace and not for money to come falling into our laps – in God’s timing we will get the money to fix/replace things.  I try to focus daily on all the blessings in our life, but over the last few weeks the pile of frustrations has been piling up. 

Frustrations that I cannot do anything about simply because we can’t afford it. 

That last sentence has been a common theme in our house since Justin and I were married and sometimes it’s just exhausting.

My struggle right now is that I want to see the light at the end of the tunnel and although I know its there, it’s still too far out to get the glimpse.

This is living in Faith.  I don’t mind living in Faith - it gives me more opportunity to notice things from God that I might otherwise overlook.

I keep having conversations with myself/God about “good” things I want to “do” like

…adopt another kid (or maybe 2 –if I can convince Justin it’s a good idea)
…MOVE out of the place we are now where my kids are surrounded by teasing and disrespect to the point they can’t play outside unless no one else is around (Like when Jordan walked to the car and some much older  kid called her a name and kicked a soccer ball as hard as he could at her 3 year old legs knocking her to the ground and when you confront that kids parents they yell at you about minding your own business and how you have no right to say anything to their kid)
…stop paying debt so we can actually invest in the future of our kids, friends, and family

Again…pretty much all petty and I know that.  Just asking for you all to pray that I’ll stop dwelling on the things I can’t do anything about right now and remember that someday it will be taken care of.

Thank you friends – the best friends in the world that is.

Monday, November 5, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #41

What is November?

Taylor: Its a day where you celebrate something I think.

Jordan: It means you have gum.

What is Thanksgiving?

Taylor: Super duper fun.  You have to Thank someone? Like

Jordan: Giving a doggy to someone. A live dog.  But I want a kitty.  Mommy you didn't get me a kitty yet.  I'm gonna name her Curl and she'll be fluffly and pink.  Mommy! You didn't get me one yet.  I want her pink.  You need to get her at the kitty store, but its a long way to get to the kitty store.  Mommy!! Are you listening to me?!

What season is it?

Taylor: I think its Spring or Winter.

Jordan:  Snow.

What is your favorite day of the week? Why?

Taylor: Christmas.  I love Christmas.

Jordan: Snow.

Who gives the best hugs?

Taylor: Mommy.

Jordan: Momma.

Who gives the best gifts?

Taylor: You? Because you gave me Harry Potter.

Jordan: People.

Who gives the best kisses?

Taylor: You.

Jordan: Hey you already said that.  Oh wait, momma does.  Momma gives me the best kisses.  Momma what are you writing? I said nothing.  I didn't say anything momma.  Momma I said NOTHING!