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Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan

This week is all about chicken.  Really that’s the only good priced thing on sale so all the recipes this week are centered around that.  Most of them are ridiculously easy too because not many additional ingredients are on sale for a good price.

Important Note: This plan is based on a budget of $200 for 2 weeks worth of food.  $150 is for dinner and breakfast with $50 being set aside for lunch items (not included here). 



Boneless Chicken


Bone in Chicken

Ground Beef

Pork Spareribs




Ragu Sauce

Sour Cream

Pasta Sides




Seedless Grapes


Progresso Soup


Important Note: Some items will not be included on shopping list since they were bought in bulk or purchased on sale previous weeks.

3 Yogurt
2 lbs Chicken
1 lb Pasta of choice
Frozen Spinach
Lettuce (Salad)
6 Packs Oatmeal
3 lbs of Chicken
1 Bottle BBQ
Eat at Church

6 Packs Oatmeal
Teriyaki Chicken
3 lbs chicken
White Rice
1 Large Onion
1 Large Bell Pepper
2 lbs chicken
1 Jar Sauce
1 lb Pasta of choice
6 Eggs
3 lbs chicken
1 bag BBQ Pork Rinds (or Spicy Rinds)
1/4 batch of BBQ Chicken Rub
3 Yogurt
3 lbs Chicken
Balsamic Vinegar


Note: Total “required” items to prepare meals (not including the items I already had) totaled $56 which means I had about $20 “extra” to spend on sale items to stock up for later.

It’s a great time to stock on “sides” (pasta sides and rice-a-roni on sale for a great price) and also soup (Soup and Grilled Cheese dinners are great for winter) and Pasta Sauce (even alfrado is on sale!)

Boneless Chicken x10
Bone in Chicken x6
Lettuce x2
Frozen Spinach
Apples X4
Peaches x2
Sauce X4

Pasta Sides x5

99 Cent Store
Grapes x2
Bell Pepper


Pork Rinds

Total: $60

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Things a Lady Should Never Share

There are things people should probably not know about me.  Which of course means I will probably share them with you for that reason alone.  Today I will be telling you the things about me that remind me I am not a typical woman.

1. I have had my eyebrows waxed/plucked twice in my life.  I would LOVE to do it more often because they are pretty bushy and may take over my face in the near future, but I cannot justify the $6 to pay somebody to rip out my hairs.

2. I enjoy my haircut best about 3 months after its cut.  After the “straight” lines are gone and it looks sort of crooked.  I like it like that (5 points to you if you sang that last bit like I did when typing it – Heeeey baby, I like it like that…I like it like that, I like it like that).

3. I shave my legs only when I am wearing shorts in public and/or I am super angry at Justin (I take long showers when I’m mad at him and I get bored and decide to shave).  For the record…I wear shorts in public maybe 5 times a year…

4. Sometimes I choose my outfit for the day based on whether or not I feel like shaving my armpits.

5. I pick at pimples on my face obsessively

6. For reason #5 I rarely keep my face makeup on all day because I can’t stop touching my face

7. I NEVER wash my face…I hate water on my face so I seriously never wash it… probably why I have the issue mentioned in #5

8. I’ve never had my hair professionally died.  I’ve done it in the bathroom sink and would LOVE to get professional highlights, but face it, if I’m too cheap to pay for my eyebrows what would make anyone thing I’d pay to get my hair done.

9. I love playing video games…all sorts except First Person Shooters.  Those are dumb and nobody should play them.

10. I hate wearing dresses.  Not because I don’t think they are stinking adorable, but because I have stick legs and I hate my stick legs.

11. I am proud of my back dimples

12. When I shower I rarely actually use soap on my body.  I hate Justin’s bar soap because it makes me feel all grimy (which he defines as feeling clean) and good body wash is expensive so I usually use the loofa to rub off the old skin, but that’s pretty much it.

13. I like my hair best 1.5 days after it was last washed.  At the 2 day mark its too oily looking, but right in between 1 and 2 days its looks healthy and shiny, not greasy.

14. I solely air dry my hair.  I may have used a hair dryer 10 times in my life…maybe 20.  Actually the only hair dryer we own is Justin’s…

15.  I pull at my eyelashes and things its awesome when I do that in find like 5 hairs between my fingers… I don’t “rip” them out, just gently tug.  Since it takes so little effort to get them out I just assume that means they were about to fall out anyway so now I don’t have to worry about them getting in my eyes.

16. I brush my teeth 1 time a day before I leave the house.  If I’m not leaving the house that day I will probably forget to brush my teeth.

17.  I also never floss.  I hate floss squeezing between my teeth.  Probably because I totally needed braces because my bottom teethe are all funky and overlapping so it really hurts every time I floss.

And that’s all you get today.  Mostly because my break time is over and I need to get back to work.

Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Things I Love

I figured it might be about time to give away more free stuff?  Maybe once a month - it’s a commitment that I have no real expectation of keeping, but I’ll try.

1. Game Nights (with friends) – Back in High School some of my most favorite people in life would get together fairly often and have a “Movie Night”.  We’d usually watch a scary movie late at night and jump and scream several times.  I miss those people (“US”, Bryan, Dooty, Sarah, Veronica, Ally, and Greg).  As I got older that place in my life was replaced by Game Nights with some new favorite people (the list far to long to mention, but you know who you are).  So we get together and play board games and laugh a lot.

2. Game Nights (with family) – The plan is to play games with the family at least 1 time a week too.  We usually pull out some party games on the Wii, but its also a lot of fun.

3. Cooking – I do really like to cook, and the only reason I get annoyed with it at this time in my life is lack of kitchen space, lack of budget for good ingredients, and horrible pans to cook with.

4. A Clean Car – My car hasn’t been “clean” in years because the kids do a good job at keeping it far from clean.  However, I do love having a clean car.  Someday…

5. Cookies – My favorite are soft chewy sugar cookies, but white chocolate macadamia nut are a very close second

6. Foot Massages – I mean who doesn’t?

7. Sour Patch Kids Watermelon – Oh me oh my they are the best thing ever.  Not just Sour Patch Kids because I only like the red ones anyway, but the whole bag of just watermelon shaped awesome.  Yum!

8. Shopping for my Kids – If I was rich my kids would have a ton of clothes and shoes.  But only things that matched or were part of a set.  It drives me crazy having a tub in their room with just random toys…I like categories – blocks here, cars here, barbies here and not “put all random miscellaneous crap here”.  Not a fan of uncategorized toys.

9. Connecting a Story – When you tell me a story and I have a story that relates I want to share it.  Not to be a “one upper” because usually my story is far less impressive, but to show I can connect with you.  I think this annoys people.  Sorry, but I probably wont stop.

10. Licorice – Specifically red vines that are fresh and soft or twizzlers pull and peel (only pull and peel because the other kind is nasty) or sour punch sour ones (does that count as licorice?).

So here’s the rules:

  • “Follow” me by clicking “Join this Site” on the right side of my blog (it’s a blue button and if you already follow me then you are half way there!)
  • Leave a comment below with one of your favorite things of all times (Only 1 comment or you will be disqualified)
  • If you share this with a friend and they do the same thing have them put your name in the comment and there's an extra chance for you to win (I'll count that as a 2nd entry for you - but they must complete all the steps for it to count)!!  
I will pick a winner at random in the next few days to win a prize package related to my favorite things.