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Monday, April 24, 2017


Over the weekend I began to feel nauseous. It would come in waves.

Was it a sign of pregnancy? Or was I just coming down with something? Maybe knowing the upcoming pregnancy test was a couple days away was giving me butterflies/nausea.

Regardless, I had to wait until Monday (today) to know for sure.  If you are savvy in the world of baby growing you may already know my results.

In case you aren't (or you missed it) the title of this blog is my HCG level.  733.

I am most definitely pregnant.

Prayer Requests:
  • That this little girl continues to grow and she is strong and healthy
  • That the nausea is manageable (maybe this time I wont lose wait the 1st trimester)
  • That my Intended Parents (IP) can see Christ in us