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Friday, November 21, 2014

Chapter 1 - Finished

Um, so November is almost over.  WHAT?! And for what is likely to be my only blog for this entire month I figured I’d update you on surrogacy things.
If you recall back in August I went to the ER for severe abdominal pain.  That’s when I found out not all of the placenta was out and after a failed attempt to get it out with pills I found out a D&C was needed.
I didn’t want surgery – even though it was minor.
The D&C was scheduled from 11/24.
Then, on November 6th I woke up to quite a bit of bleeding.  I wasn’t in pain so I headed off to work.  The bleeding, however, did not ease up.  After a couple of hours I decided it was probably a good idea to contact my doctor who told me to go to the ER.
So here I was, ER visit number 2.  And the ER doctor said I should get the D&C right away.
I REALLY didn’t want surgery to begin with and yet here I was – more than 2 weeks ahead of schedule getting the D&C.
Justin joined me at the hospital.  They put something in my IV and told me that it would help me relax and I wouldn’t remember even being put under.  After a minute or so of waiting I remember thinking – yeah right, I remember all of this! There is no way I’ll forget any of this.
Then, suddenly I was waking up post-surgery – So I guess the doctors know what they are talking about after all.
Everything was cleaned out.  I felt fine (other than nauseous and groggy).  I went home and fell asleep.
The following day was Jordan’s 6th birthday party – where I probably did too much (I was supposed to take it easy for a few days).
So, fast forward to 11/10.  I woke up severely nauseous.   I had pretty major cramping and I felt light headed.  I told myself it would “pass” and headed to work.  I had to pull over a few times on the way due to nausea, but I made it to work.  As I parked the pain got significantly worse (like the first time I went to the ER).  I barely made it inside work and called my boss to tell her something just wasn’t right.
So an ambulance ride later and I’m sitting, again, in the ER – visit #3.  Several prods, pokes, tests later they find that there is extra fluid causing pressure (translates to pain) – but I’m fine.  Great – what a waste of a day AND who knows how expensive that dumb ambulance ride will cost.
And now it is “all over”.  I submitted my final expense reimbursement form to the agency and realized that it was done.  This crazy journey was done.  I met with my OB today and got the final “you’re recovered” letter and sent it off to agency.
A few minutes later I got an email right back – a new family to meet in a few days if I’m interested.
And so…it begins again.  This doesn’t mean this couple will be a good “fit” or if the next one will be (last time I met 3 couples over 9 months before I found the “right one”. 
I know we’re crazy! But every up and down, every injection and morning with my head in the toilet, every uncomfortable night and even the post-delivery drama was worth it.  There is nothing that really describe what it feels like to help a family grow.  And I (WE) can’t wait to do it again.