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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Growing Kids the BabyWise Way?

Three kids is a lot, and at times slightly overwhelming, but generally my kids are really well behaved. I mean they are kids so of course they have their moments, but I’ve been told they are good kids.

That being said I want to make them better kids. I struggle with meal times and bed times EVERYday and on some days they are not at all well behaved (tantrums, testing limits, hitting, screaming, the works!).

Justin has agreed to read something to help us in these areas. We want a pattern/routine that helps us stay consistent as well as make these hard times easier for us and the kiddos. I just don’t know which book to read and definitely don’t want to read through more then one (my time is super limited and Justin has a short attention span for these types of things). I have heard really good things about Growing Kids God’s Way and Babywise/Toddlerwise/Childwise. I now just need advice.

The “wise” series – From my understanding does not have a biblical basis and it would be really nice to have something with scripture to back it up. Is it too late to start? My oldest is 4 and I have only heard of mom’s doing this series from birth.

The Growing Kids series – I like that this series has a “Biblical” basis, but some of the reviews I am reading say the author is using twisted context for verses to prove their unethical points of spanking a child with a “stick” which I am of course opposed to. Spanking is fine, but my hand is sufficient and if the author is trying to push more I don’t know if I can take the rest of the text as “good” advice.

The third option – I don’t know, give me ideas! Haha

Any suggestions?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mini Him

Until today I had I never seen a baby picture of Justin. So first, THANK YOU to my mom-in-law for scanning me this picture!!

Secondly, seriously, can you tell the difference?! (I mean minus the color difference in an old print version vs a digital picture)

I always tell Justin he’s conceited every time he compliments Elijah and calls him cute… this is my proof!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Quarter Tank Miracle

I love how God can speak to us… here is my story of the week (and a half).

Last Wednesday, my gas tank was at a quarter tank. I don’t get paid until this Friday (over a week later) and knew a quarter tank will only last me 1 day, 2 if there is NO traffic.

Almost a week later, I still have a quarter tank. It’s the little ways that God provides that show me how much he adores me. Furthermore, this got me to thinking about the story in the bible where a prophet asked a widow to make him a loaf of bread with the last of her oil and flour and how it was replenished every day so that she never ran out. Of course I had to try to figure out who the prophet was AND the verses in the bible so I could blog about it!

I have to admit the results left me slightly embarrassed… The story if Elijah and the Widow at Zaraphath. I mean seriously… I named my son after this guy and didn’t remember his name from the story! Although embarrassed this just adds an even more precious element to the story for me. My quarter tank has not yet run out (unless my gas gage is broken!) and the story in the bible that it is related to is the prophet my son was named after.

My God is Good!

Elijah and the Widow at Zaraphath