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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Reminder to Myself

I have been slacking horribly.  I totally didn’t even do the family blog this week.  I had every intention of doing it, but Monday we had plans with friends from out of state, Tuesday Jordan and I went roller coaster crazy, and Wednesday (and probably tonight) I have the kids alone and I’m just too tired to go through the struggle of trying to keep one kid focused while the other two are being all crazy.

Being a parent is exhausting.  Just an FYI to those of you non-parents or those of you who have forgotten – Parenting is 75% hard work and 25% enjoyment.  But that 25% is some of the most amazing time in my life.

That’s not why I’m writing today (typed between yawns – seriously).  I’m writing to remind myself and update my weekly schedule with the kids.  So here’s the plan with a few cheesy names to go with it to help the kids remember/remind me to do it:

Monday – Memoir Monday: AKA Family Blog Night… I plan on teaching the kids the meaning of the word Memoir

Tuesday – Tasty Tuesday: AKA Baking Night AKA Justin’s favorite

Wednesday – Worship Wednesday: AKA AWANA or during the summer/breaks something special at home

Thursday – Tango Thursday: AKA Sing/Dance along DVD night

Friday – Family Friday: AKA Game Night

Saturday – Nothing create, just usually a busy day with chores and stuff

Sunday – Showtime Sunday: AKA Movie Night

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some Good That Comes From Student Loans

What did I do the last few days you ask?  Well I had some fun and some work and an all around good time!

To start this story off I have to tell you about a moment with Taylor we had early last week.  She was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and they were drinking from coconuts.  She turned to me and asked if she could drink out of a coconut and since I had no idea where to buy coconuts I did the only smart think and called my daddy.

This is where the real story begins.  My dad took on the task of buying a coconut for his grandbabies.  So Friday night my dad came by with dinner and a coconut.  We warned the kids that they may not like the way it taste and with each of their 1 and only sips of coconut milk they were all on the not like side of things.

Taylor began to cry…

Jordan pretended she liked it but refused any more…

Elijah got angry and stated “No like it!” giving me a dirty look the entire time.

The kids loved having Papa at the house and enjoyed pillow fights and story time before he headed home.

On Saturday the girls had gymnastics and then I had 2 secret shops (earning money to pay for next seasons classes).  The rest of the day we just relaxed and watch Thor while eating dinner.  Good movie by the way.

Sunday we had a break for worship team so we got to sleep in before Sunday School.  We ditched out on the service after that and headed to Disneyland to tire the kids out.  I was punished for ditching with a massive sunburn, but we were at least successful and getting most of the energy out of the kids so the knocked out in the car on our drive to Riverside.

We went to Riverside to celebrate Caleb’s 2nd birthday – Caleb turning 2 means Elijah and Nate are not far either – SCARY!

We had a great time, but in true Riverside fashion it was hot we called it a little earlier to head to the Webster’s for water time and dinner.  The kids had fun and the adults got to talk and laugh.  We headed out just before bed time to avoid the bed time drama and I wanted to try to get to bed early as well.

I got up early on Monday so I could get out of work early, but with a meeting scheduled late that did not happen.  I was bummed to miss out on the extra time with the Contreras family.  We got there a little late and had an awesome dinner (Thank you Brandon and Bess!) and the kids had fun together.  The guys (Brandon, Justin, and Sam) headed to the pool with the kids as Bess and I got to chat and what a blessing that was!  Not only for the quietness of not having 5 kids in a hotel room, but to just talk and share stories of God’s amazing provision.  It was a great night and I left thanking God for getting to go to such an amazing Christian University so I could meet amazing people like Brandon, Bess, Sam, Tawni, Rob, Scott, Rachel, and even my hubby.

We’re still “paying” for our choice in school, but such abundant blessings have been seen in my life thanks to the people from CBU (California Baptist University).

Next weekend is my mini vacation so hopefully there will be more to share soon.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vacation Season

So “Vacation” season is coming and my brain wanders off several times a day into the vacation zone.  This year for us was going to be crazy, awesome, busy.

The plan was:

First: June 15-22 camping with my family in NorCal
Second: June 22-25 visit my Uncle in NorCal
Third: June 26-27 Go to work
Fourth: June 28 – July 1 visit Justin’s family in WI
Fifth: July 1-July 3 visit my Aunt in IL
Sixth: July 4 back to WI for fireworks
Seventh: July 5 go home

It was going to be an insane 3 weeks, but it would have been such a blessing to spend so much time with family – some that we haven’t seen in 2 years or more!

However, life happens.

My dad got a new job and couldn’t get the extra time off to visit Uncle Kenny in NorCal

I got horribly sick…so sick I actual took time off work (that really never happens) and used up some of the PTO I had saved up to go which means I didn’t have enough.

Airfare went up insanely high so no plane trip for the Davis (we have to pay for all 5 of us now!)

So plans have changed.

Vacation #1
May 26 Vacation starts – Santa Ana Zoo maybe?
May 27 – Church and Elijah’s 2nd  Birthday Party (You are all invited)
May 28 – It’s a holiday – I’m really hoping actually somebody is doing something on Memorial Day that we could join in on
May 29 – spend the day at Disneyland with Tracy
May 30 – spend the day at Disneyland with my Mom

Vacation #2
June 14 Vacation starts – Go to my parent’s house for a sleepover to prep for an early morning
June 15 – Drive to Norcal and set up camp
June 16-20 Camp/Fish/Family Time
June 21 – Drive home
June 22 – Unpack and clean up and Justin goes to Five Iron Frenzy concert
Jun 23 – Day of rest and maybe the pool
June 24 – Church and Disneyland

So if you want to join us for any of that please do! The more the merrier!

Happy Vacation Season!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Moment to Make Me Remember

I had the pleasure yesterday of watching a friend’s baby while they enjoyed some time out with their older daughter. 

She is one of those super cute babies that has an irresistible smile permanently on her face.  It wasn’t that long ago Elijah was that age.  I mean about a year ago, but when a year is half of your life then it makes a huge difference.

There was something so precious about holding this little girl and giving her the bottle right before bed.  Her beautiful blue eyes checking me out “who are you?” and her ting fingers grasping at my hair or patting anything she could reach.

It made me miss when my babies were babies.  I love that they are growing up and easier to handle now, but it’s the moments like last night that I miss and it was nice to remember that.

That is all.  Just a time of reflection and thank you to Bess and Brandon for letting me spend some time with your stinking adorable baby girl.

Monday, May 14, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #27

Tell me about Mother's Day.

Taylor: You can make cookies for her.  Give her flowers; pictures flowers.  Things that are special for mom's.  That's mother's day.  I started Mother's day.  My mom loves me the most.  My papa and grandma and Kaydence they love me the most because there is no one to play with but me.  That's why the love me the best.

Jordan: Mother's day is you get momma flowers and you paint flowers.  And we give you some flowers that talk but you cant start talkin.  This is your flower pictures and it can't talk.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

To My Mommy

Since my mom is finally signed up to start reading this blog I figure what better way to tell her how much I love her by telling EVERYone how much I love her.


You've told me stories about how "hard" life was when I was young.  How little we had and all the places we stayed just to make sure our basic needs were met.  Sometimes I think about the stories and realize all they are to me are stories.

I don't remember not having the "new toy".  I do remember sitting with you and coloring in our coloring books forever.

I don't remember not being able to go to cool places.  I do remember you filling up buckets of water and letting us "wash" our dishes on a warm summer day.

I don't remember eating mac n cheese or any other cheap meal on a regular basis.  I do remember you making me my favorite "special" meals.

I don't remember (well...I barely remember) us fighting over something stupid.  I do remember you always coming to me with a kind heart and loving me even when I was awful.

I don't remember not having "new cool clothes".  I do remember playing dress up.

I don't remember growing up.  I do remember missing you.

I don't remember my life ever being "hard".  I do remember feeling loved.

I don't remember thanking you.  I do remember thanking God for what an amazing mom he blessed me with.

I love you mommy.  Thank you for leading a Godly example in my life and I pray I can help build the same kind of memories you did with me for my kids. I hope you have an amazing Mother's day.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #26

Rachel Reed - If could change one rule that your family has, what would you change?

Taylor: Painting walls and the ceilings and the walls. Because I want to do that so you can see my special paintings I can learn.

Jordan: Strangers take away people and see strangers and you say no and run away.  And mommy and daddy will keep you safe and track strangers.

Rachel Reed - If you could give one gift to every single child in the world, what gift would you give? Why?

Taylor: A super duper love toy.

Jordan: Take toys

Jennifer Baker - Who is your favorite cartoon princess?

Taylor: Cinderella.

Jordan: My favorite princess is the blue princess.

Jennifer Baker - What is your favorite Church song?

Taylor: My favorite church song is what daddy sings (he plays on the worship team so he practices music at the house a lot)

Jordan: God's not dead - he's alive.

Jennifer Baker - What is your favorite Bible story?

Taylor: How to love Jesus!

Jordan: My favorite bible story is...MAKING CARS FLIP!

Brittany M - what is your favorite restaurant?

Taylor: My favorite place to eat is Old Mc Donalds

Jordan: To eat noodles at the shopping place

Jessica Francisco-Aceves - Where doesn milk come from? Chocolate milk?

Taylor: Milk comes from the milk factory.  Chocolate milk comes from some milk...ok so this is the ingredients... first you get a glass with some milk in it and you pour syrup in it and mix it up.  That's where chocolate milk comes from.  Also it comes from the chocolate factory.

Jordan: Milk comes from the fridge.

Veronica Hoffstaetter - What to you like/dislike about your Mommy?

Taylor: I like rubbing her back.  I don't like not taking a shower with me.

Jordan: I like about mommy is she's taking a shower.  I don't like mommy?

Allyson Blinn Ramirez - What are clouds made of?

Taylor: A little dust.  Well I just need to tell you something.  When you watch Zulu Patrol they have the orange guy who knows about clouds and maybe if you watch it then you'll know where clouds come from.

Jordan: Clouds made of outside.  And rain.

Not Sure Where This Is Going...

I promise the So Sayith Tay and Jay is coming.  The girls and I decided to something special last night and when we got home my Husband had taken over my computer – so tonight it will happen.  And I don’t feel as guilty about not getting it done as I thought I would since I was spending time with the girls and that’s really the whole point of doing it anyway :)

I don’t have a “purpose” for writing today so this may come across as rambling.  I just NEED to write.  I feel overwhelmed.

I have this anxiety hanging over me and I don’t know what it’s from.  I’ve been trying to figure it out for about a week now and I just can’t shake it or figure out the “thing” that’s causing it.  It usually is a thing.  Maybe this time it’s just a whole lot of things.

I don’t feel stressed I just feel anxious and I always thought those two came together.  So I guess my point for today (you are all seeing my brain develop this thought…welcome to my head…this is how I think) is just to get out the things that are on my mind.  I’m not sure why I feel the NEED to get it written down some place, but I do…so if you are still reading you are about to get a brain barf from my head.

Where will Taylor go to school?
Am I being a good steward of our resources?
Why is my friend’s ex husband such a horrible disgusting person that I want to punch in the face even though I’ve never met him?
What is going to happen to my dad (health issues)?
How much longer can Justin tolerate the stress of being a stay at home dad?
Do I really NEED the things I think I NEED?
Do I come across as the negative person I feel like I’ve been the last few months?
Can we really afford to eat “healthier”…can we afford NOT to?
Do my kids get the attention they need from me?
Am I the mom God wants me to be?
Am I the wife God wants me to be?
Am I the wife Justin wants me to be?
Where am I screwing up (so I can make it better)?
Where am I doing it right (so I can keep doing it)?
Am I disciple I am called to be?
What am I going to eat for lunch?

So there it is in about 5 minutes the questions that are floating around in my head.  I don’t feel like I’m stressing or dwelling on any of these really, but maybe the mass together is causing this anxiety of the unknown.

Overall, the life of the Davis’ is going well.  We are healthy.  We are happy.  I am content in my life right now.  Maybe that’s the problem…I think I get restless in contentment.  When there is not a crisis going on I feel like there is always one lurking around the corner ready to pounce.  The calm before the storm?

At least when I’m in the storm I know I need an umbrella…right now I feel like I’m walking outside on a sunny day waiting for a cloud to burst over my head… and I’ll be standing there unprepared and soaked.  However, I don’t think now that I’ve figured it out I’m any better off.  How is it I can be so happy with my life as it is now and still feel such anxiety about what it COULD be like tomorrow?  That is really irrational.  I don’t like irrational.

If you are still reading I'm impressed. I lost interest in where I was going and I'm writing it!  Not sure I'm any better off then when I started, but I do feel better getting it written down for some reason.  Maybe I'll just start carrying an umbrella with me all the time... if only I can figure out how to do that outside of the metaphor...