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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Knight and the Princesses

Last night at the Davis’ house there were two epic battles occurring simultaneously.

First there were the “big kids” – all the “men” playing a game of strategy and deathly blows with dice rolls. But although that battle is far more intense it is also far less cute then the other epic battle.
Before we get to the 2nd epic battle there should be a little recap – just because this group of kids is so stinkin’ cute!

I got home from work and was warned by Rob that Sammy was a little grumpy. To me that sounds like a challenge of course. So I sat on the couch next to him as they watched Surfs Up and tried to ask some simple questions – he was not having it. The only 2 responses I got were:

I spilled water on my pants! (this was highly unacceptable to him)
I’m not Sammy, I’m Sammy Webster Alan!

I moved on from couch sitting to dinner prep and kids chomped down some chicken nuggets – this is when I got my first smile – when I offered Sammy grapes.

After dinner my kids got a bath while Sammy played peek-a-boo with them with the shower curtain (the clear shower curtain). Taylor with a giggle would say “We can see you Sammy” and Sammy would say “No I hiding!”

After bath time we played a few games the kids all loved and were all laughing and squealing with delight. Granted the squealing was mostly coming from the girls and Sammy was doing more of the hearty laughing.

I needed a break after that so we moved on to watching Shrek.
They all lay quietly until Shrek began fighting (or really running) form the Dragon… This is where the real story starts:

Sammy: I’m the knight and I’m going to save the Princess!
Taylor: I’m the princess!
Sammy: No Jordan is the princess
Taylor: We can both be princesses
Sammy: We need a Dragon!
Me: I’ll be the Dragon – rawr
Taylor and Jordan run screaming while Sammy puts his fists up and says
Sammy: I’ll save the princess!

It was so fun, but so tiring! I gave up after about 10 minutes and they continued to play. About 10 minutes later Taylor came and said:

Taylor: mommy, Sammy won’t kiss me and wake me up and I’m the princess!
Me: Sammy doesn’t need to kiss you
Taylor: But that’s how the princess wakes up
Me: Its pretend, don’t kiss boys.

What a fabulous night!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blog-Ache - Spread the WORD

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a normal blog and that makes my heart sad – so sad it’s aching right now. Well not really – its my right side rib area that hurts due to who knows what, but I’m going to say it’s a blog-ache.

I’m going to make the phrase stick…within a year you all and about 534 other people will be saying “blog-ache”.

Any-who… I have told you all that whenever I say/think Any-who I think of Stick Stickly from Nickelodeon! He would always say Any-who. And once I start thinking of Stick Stickly I start singing the song “Write to me, Stick Stickly, PO BOX 963, New York City, New York State, 10108”… I wonder who owns that PO BOX now… I think I might write them a letter.

Ok, so back to what I was saying originally – I haven’t written a normal blog in a while. By normal I mean not a “So Sayith Tay and Jay” and not a “Here is what we did today”. I’m talking about a normal random blog… like here is what is going on in my chaotic little world – come and join in the mess kind of blog. Those are my favorites. At least they are the most fun to write – not sure if they are as fun to read. I really wouldn’t know. I don’t read my own blog – I never really read anything I write/wrote – this included proofreading papers in college – I did it once maybe as a freshmen…but after that… well its just boring.

So instead of the stuff you should be getting today like here is what we did for Christmas… I will give you something much less topical and much more chaotic. To be honest if you don’t like chaos and un-proof-read things you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.

What will you get today? Has the excitement been building? If so it is not intentional – Its just that up until about 10 seconds ago I really had no idea what I was going to talk about – but now I do.

Make-up. I promise this will not be overly girly for my male readers. I REALLY hate make up. I don’t hate it on YOU…or really ME for that matter. I just hate buying it and putting it on. It takes SO much time to get on and then twice that long to get it all off. It makes your face feel heavy like it is about to fall off and if you have twitch you can’t even rub your eye!

Concerned friend: Rachael, you have something crawling out of your eyeball!
Me: No I don’t I just rubbed my twitchy eye and black stuff seeping out of the corner of it – its all normal – no fear!

That wasn’t a real conversation – that is just the story my brain wrote while typing about a twitchy eye.

I don’t think I really need makeup, but when I don’t wear it I look about 16 – and I feel rather unprofessional at work.

Me with Makeup – Hello, I’m a professional ready to work my day
Me without Makeup – Yup, I just rolled out of bed and showed up – maybe I’ll be productive today? Who knows.

Now that isn’t how I actually think, but I feel like that’s how people are looking at. I really hate makeup. Can everybody else just stop wearing it so I can too? That’d be great.

Anyway, even though I don’t like the stuff my girls are quickly becoming fans of it. Jordan snuck into my bathroom while I slept yesterday and took out my make up bag.

I know you are picturing what I would be – A kid with blue eye shadow, red lipstick, and pink blush splotched onto every part of her face. But my friends, we are wrong. She actually put it on pretty nicely! The foundation was evenly spread, the lipstick (“lips” as she calls it) was mostly on the mouth, and the blush was prominently rosy on the cheeks – on her face AND Elijah’s of course.

I did not get a picture because I was so out of it in the morning I really didn’t notice it until cleaning off their faces after breakfast! So instead here is a picture of what you would have expected to see:

I don’t know who these kids are but I found them on Google so I figure its fair game.

Monday, December 26, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #8

What is your favorite food?

Taylor: Is um, blueberries

Jordan: raviolis

How do you remember things?

Taylor: Because of your brain because you can remember things with your brain - that's what my teacher says

Jordan: I remember things good

What are all of the rules in the house?

Taylor: not run, no jumping, no hitting, laying down in bed, sit at the chair for dinner, my cup goes in the middle of the table, no splashing and no getting out of the bath when you are wet.

Jordan: I cant put Christmas lights on my head

What's the best deal?

Taylor: the best deal is no painting on the wall and the ceiling and curtains and the door and I heard my momma holler like I never did before (that's a quote from a book - not sure where that came from) I really can't staaaaay - baby its cold outside... (yup and now she's singing)

Jordan: a penguin with a hat

What is your favorite toy?

Taylor: The barbie house like my papa gave me.

Jordan: a barbie I said, a barbie!

Why is Christmas over?

Taylor: because that's how it ends - because after Christmas is my birthday!

Jordan: when its not snowing then Christmas is over (runs to the window) see! No more snow.

Monday, December 19, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #7

From Jennifer: Who are you going to marry and why?

Taylor: Harry Potter, because I love him.

Jordan: Princess Fiona, Because I'm a princess (oh no - we got some work to do).

From Miriam: What does PU mean?

Taylor: something is yucky and really dirty and when something is really dirty you say PU and yucky

Jordan: Yucky, Yucky, Yucky

From Sam: Could daddy wrestle a bear and win?

Taylor: No because sometimes because you are angry at him because he plays games because when he fights bears it can chomp him. when they are in the wild and a person goes down the bear will get somebody.

Jordan: It will bite him and bite him like this ::starts chomping::

From Roxy: What do you like best about your brother and sister?

Taylor: (Elijah) When he plays and I play hide and seek with him and I like to put him in the box and then let go because he is going to be a baby dinosaur - (Jordan) When she likes Tinkerbell

Jordan: (Elijah) because he breaks a glass (he just broke a glass cup trying to clean up and put it in the sink on his own) - (Taylor) because she's not breaking glass

From Shelly: If you could get mom and dad a present for Christmas what would it be?

Taylor: (mommy) a pillow - a blue one - (daddy) a dark red pillow

Jordan: (mommy) a white present - (daddy)a blue present

From Grandpa Bob: What animal reminds you of Mommy, Daddy, Elijah, and (sister)?

Taylor: (mommy) a tiger - (daddy) monkey i mean dinosaur - (Elijah) alligator - (Jordan) a lion, excuse me mom, i'm an animal. I'm a chameleon. I change colors because I'm a chameleon.

Jordan: (mommy) blue and green on it and some white on it - (daddy) he's a lion - (Elijah) a Kyle - (Taylor) a lion

From Allyson: What did Santa do before giving present to all the boys and girls?

Taylor: some people don't have presents so get gets them to the boys and girls. ::whispers to me:: but he's only pretend and if he comes out of Buddy the Elf movie into my world then he'd be real!

Jordan: he brings presents to my friends but we don't have any presents

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Insert Name Here)

There are some days I have a few minutes that are quiet and I think – Now is a REALLY good time to blog and I sit staring at a blank screen for 5 minutes and wonder why I can’t think of a single thing of interest.

There are more days where I have no minutes of quiet and think of like 20 things to blog. I find this situation just plain rude. My brain and I argue about this sometimes – I mean being rude is dumb, its even worse if your brain is being rude to itself (yourself/myself?).

Today again I almost gave up and then had a “duh” moment and realized I have the perfect thing to blog about!

The date was Saturday, December 2nd. I sat in the pew at church and thought I really like Christmastime – I should have a party. So a few conversations later it was decided – in 1 week the Davis’ would have a Christmas Party! Hopefully the first annual with a clever name for the event to come…maybe by the time I’m dong writing this I will have thought of a name and it just may be this blog title.

I invited way too many people to fit in our apartment, but since they are some of my dearest friends I figured they wouldn’t mind being a little cramped.

We started of with dinner. I made a honey glazed ham for the first time. Oh boy did it look hideous. I’m hoping that the fact there were no leftovers meant the sight was far worse then the taste. OR I just have really nice friends that forced it down anyway. We had green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, and a homemade chocolaty cake. It was fabulous! We converted my living room into a half dining room an fit 12 adults around the table. I totally forgot to take pictures!! This just adds to the reason why this should be an annual event. So I can get pictures next year.

We lost a few after dinner – not by death or food poisoning (I hope). We did however also gain a few after dinner and ended with more adults then we started with. We played a really fun game to start (Kim’s idea) – And again – I forgot to take pictures! How am I even allowed to own a camera?!

We played another game (Matt’s idea) and THIS time I got pictures – but half of them look so angry because they are concentrating ::sigh::: Again I ask, why do I have a camera? Now that I think about it – if the Newmyers should get a special thanks for the idea of 2 great games to play – so thank you!

I had an amazing time and am super thankful for the great friends God has put into my life. It is the time of year (at least for me) to look at the gift God gave us in his son on earth and enjoy the blessings that flow from that gift.

So until next year… not that I am going to stop blogging until then – you can’t get rid of me that easy. Well I guess you could just stop reading…

Thank you to the friends that helped the Davis’ have a special Christmas party (in no particular order unless the order is whatever my fingers type)

Scott, Rachel, Brendan, and Caleb
Tawni, Rob, Sammy
Kenny, Tracy, K5
Kandyce, Taylor
Matt, Kim, (Baby in the oven)
And Sam

Sam was last on purpose – because I figure he’d be the person that would be least care about being mentioned last.

Enjoy the few pictures I did manage to remember to take:

Monday, December 12, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #6

From Inq: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck norris?

Taylor: What?

Jordan: He could chuck some wood and some alligator.

From Brittany: What will your wedding be like when you get married?

Taylor: My wedding will have snow. That's it.

Jordan: Like Princess Bride.

From Brittany: What is your favorite part of the the bathroom?

Taylor: When we take a bath.

Jordan: The bathroom when I peed.

From Brittany: Who are Buzz and Woody's mommy and daddy?

Taylor: I don't know.

Jordan: You mommy!

From Rob: What do the Wonder Pets do when they are not on the TV?

Taylor: They are real and they can stay with the people.

Jordan: ::looks at tv:: They're not on tv!

From Miriam: If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make?

Taylor: First you better make a tree house then my rule of my tree house will be to paint on the walls.

Jordan: Space

From Travis: What is your favorite game to play?

Taylor: The one with the sticks and marbles...what's that game called? Oh yeah, my favorite game is plunk! (Kerplunk)

Jordan: Daddy's game.

From Tiffany: What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Taylor: What?

Jordan: When the man comes with his car (I sure hope she means the ice cream man)

From Scott: What would you do if there was no chocolate in the world?

Taylor: ::big gasp:: then we wont be able to eat it!

Jordan: Buy some!

From Jennifer: What is your favorite book to read?

Taylor: The spider one.

Jordan: Llama Llama Red Pajama

From Jennifer: What is your favorite Christmas tree ornament?

Taylor: That one ::points to tree:: That's my favorite Christmas Tree. Mine is the celebration balls (mini disco balls). I just loves those. Those are going to be in my collection tomorrow.

Jordan: All the ornaments

From Rachel: If you could only take one thing with you out of all the stuff in your house what would it be and why?

Taylor: Finger paint.

Jordan: Big Big Dora's house.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I have the tremendous blessing of working for ECCU and part of that includes a “staff meeting” on Wednesday mornings (pretty much just a chapel with worship and bible study most of the time).

This morning was an awesome “staff meeting’. An all worship and reflection time about Hope. Several people between worship songs spoke about Hope. Stories or definitions of Hope to them that got me thinking of a real time of Hope in my life. So as an early reflection for Christmas I am going to share a story of Hope for all of you. If you’ve been ready my blog for awhile you’ve seen a lot of my stories of Hope – this (I think) is a new one.

October 2009 I sat in the office of a coworker and friend and we talked about how I did not want any more kids (yet). Jordan (my 2nd girl) was turning 1 and my heart wasn’t in a place to accept the chances of having another girl.

Going back a few years when I first found out Justin and I were having our first baby – I hoped for boy. I was never a girly girl and I hated pink and I didn’t like dollies or dresses. I was more comfortable around boys so naturally (?) I wanted a boy first. A girl someday, but a boy first – Then we had Taylor our first baby girl. About 2 years later we had our 2nd little girl – despite my goal of having a boy of course.

Because of this I didn’t want another baby yet. I told my friend that if I can’t just be happy to have a beautiful baby despite the gender the I shouldn’t have a baby at all. As we continued to talk I realized in that moment…I was “late”.

My lunch break that day I got a pregnancy test and sure enough – there was a baby stewing in my belly. I cried.

Fast forward about a month. Here I am now at Jordan’s 1st birthday party. I was going to be a mommy – again. And I KNEW it was going to be a girl. I was happy for a baby, but still prayed constantly for God to grant me the desire of my heart to have a baby boy. I knew this was my last shot. Justin and I had also decided that we didn’t want to find out the baby’s gender – just in case it was a girl. I didn’t want to be sad at all about the baby – I wanted to hold onto that Hope and be happy in that Hope.

As Jordan’s party rapped up I felt a rushing sensation down my leg. I ran to the bathroom to find that the rushing was blood – a lot of it. Talk about awkward – walking out into a room and telling people at your house “Um, you all have to leave because I need to go to the hospital”.

I prayed the entire way to Urgent Care. I clung to that Hope with a tight fist and prayed. Please God – save my baby.

The doctor examined me and VERY casually – as if saying “how do you do” when passing a stranger – told me “You are having a miscarriage – head to the hospital and they’ll remove “it””. He walked out of the room and my heart imploded. “It” – how dare he. I remember the nurse in the room looking at me with sympathetic eyes before walking out of the room as well. I sat and prayed as Justin rested his hand on my shoulder. The Hope slipping through my fingers no matter how hard I tried to hold onto it.

We headed to the hospital in mostly silence. I continued to pray, but my prayer was wrapped in spurts of anger. I didn’t want to have a baby! Why would He give me a baby and then take it away! We were at the hospital for several hours before finally getting an ultrasound. The tech kept a straight face as she looked into the monitor – but I was still searching for glimpse of Hope in her face. I did not get it.

We waited a few more hours for a doctor to come in and talk to us about the results and the “next steps”. The doctor came in and told us the baby was fine. There was a tear somewhere that was causing the bleeding. The tear also meant the baby wasn’t getting everything it needed so it was smaller then it should be, but it was fine. In that moment I sunk so deeply back into that Hope. God had a plan – I didn’t know what it was, but he did. That is my Hope. Even in my doubt and anger he worked his plan. That is my Hope.

I look at my now 18 month old baby BOY and he is a reminder to me of my Hope. My Trust in my God. And my Hope is that you can rest fully in the Hope that Christ provides you this Christmas! If you don’t know where to find that Hope let me know! I’ll be happy to help you find it in Him.

Monday, December 5, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #5

Courtesy Rob - Why does Daddy play video games?

Taylor: because you don't want him to but he doesn't listen

Jordan: because he did on his computer

Courtesy Alianore aka Shelly Carlstrom - What does Christmas mean to you?

Taylor: its about Jesus because its Jesus birthday because he's a baby

Jordan: means you get a Christmas tree

Courtesy Brittany - How does the internet work?

Taylor: Because of the plugs down there (points to the outlet on the wall)

Jordan: it works all day

Courtesy Brittany - Why do people speak different languages?

Taylor: um, because they need to and they know how

Jordan: because Taylor talks different languages

Courtesy Brittany - How do you say I want a hippopotamus for Christmas in spanish?

Taylor: I don't know, maybe my teacher has to teach me.

Jordan: Waga laga sing

Courtesy Aunt Jeanine - Where is God? Can God see me? Can I see God?

Taylor: In our heart. Yes! No because he's in my heart.

Jordan: I don't know. Nope. Nope.

Courtesy PoPo - How do you make a cake.

Taylor: when you use the right ingredients - eggs and water and oil and pour chocolate syrup.

Jordan: When the chefs come.

Courtesy Veronica - If u were the president what would u do first? (since they didn't know what president was I defied it as "boss of the world")

Taylor: Um have presents, I mean if your the boss that means your mean to someone and then somebody gives you a present you say you don't want it because your mean. In Little People when someone is mean then they are bossy and they wont give you a present because they are mean.

Jordan: poop

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Day with Taylor

The day is only half over and Taylor and I have had some great conversations:

While watching a football game

Taylor: Mommy what one do you like the yellow or the blue
Me: The yellow, they are called packers
Taylor: Mommy why is that lady wearing cheese on her head?
Me: Because they want the packers to win - they're called cheeseheads
Taylor: What do people wear on their heads if they want the blue ones to win
Me: The blue ones are giants, I guess they just wear hats on their heads if they want the giants to win
Taylor: Mommy! We can't like the packers any more! They knocked over that giant!
Taylor: I love this yellow blanket now, its my favorite because I want the packers to win.

While hanging out

Me: Taylor guess who's coming to watch you tonight
Taylor: I know! Beach Grandma
Me: How did you know that?
Taylor: Because you said "Justin call your mom to see if she can watch the kids" and since daddy's mommy is Beach Grandma, that means Beach Grandma is coming over.

While trying to take a nap

Taylor: Mommy at church today when they were playing the peaceful music I closed my eyes and wanted to fall asleep.
Me: Oh?
Taylor: Yeah peaceful music wants to make me sleep
Me: Why don't you go to sleep now?
Taylor: Well if you sing me a peaceful lullaby then I'll fall asleep
Me: (starts singing)
Taylor: Nope that's not gonna work I need PEACEFUL Music, we should ask Matt to sing on the phone.

While hanging out
Taylor: Mommy the other day Tracy came over but she only came to take daddy to go get his car
Me: Yup
Taylor: Well that wasn't fair, because me and Jordan wanted to hold the baby and we didn't get to
Me: Maybe later
Taylor: But I wanted to hold him last day! I know! Tracy can come over again so I can hold the baby

Monday, November 28, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #4

From Woopsie (Buck) - Why are some words considered bad and who decided they where bad?

Taylor: Because they are bad words, you told me they were bad mommy.

Jordan: Because they are bad and bad and bad. Mommy told me.

From Jennifer - What is your favorite summer time activity?

Taylor: My favorite thing to do in Summer is when its after summer and there is snow.

Jordan: Summer is great and great and great and there's snow! oops no snow.

From Mima/Popo - Where does the stars and moon go during the day?

Taylor: They go down to sleep.

Jordan: When its day they go in the book, see! ::points to a random book::

From Miriam - Of all the things you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you are an adult?

Taylor: When I learned how to draw ABCs and my name. That's my favorite thing to do with my homework (yeah...I give my kids homework...but they like it I swear!)

Jordan: I learned about teachers and animals and I sing a song always. But not Taylor's song. Kung Fu!

Monday, November 21, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #3

How far is Grandma's House (Thanks to Mima and Popo)?

Taylor: Really big far

Jordan: Far and Far and Far and Far

How is Chocolate Milk Made (Thanks to Brittany)?

Taylor: You put chocolate in the milk

Jordan: You mix and mix and mix all night

Where do the stars in the sky come from (Thanks to Brittany)? What are they made of?

Taylor: When they are made from Jesus. They are made of dust.

Jordan: starts come for the night. They are made of night.

Who is your favorite Mommy or Daddy (Thanks to Neya)?

Taylor: Mommy, because I love her

Jordan: Daddy, because he's my favorite, like my favorite color. ::kisses my arm::

What is the meaning of life (Thanks to Miriam)?

Taylor: I can't tell

Jordan: Um lady goes the light and then she's dead

Kitten or Puppy and why (Thanks to Anna)?

Taylor Puppy, because I love puppies. But I'm scared of puppies because I think they will bite me...and when you were a little kid mommy a duck bit your butt! HA I duck bit your butt.

Jordan: Kitty, because its kitty, puppy, dog and cow

What's the worst thing about going to bed (Thanks to Uncle Sam)?

Taylor: When its dark i think there are ghosts

Jordan: If I'm naked (WHAT?!)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jordan's 3rd Birthday (late but not forgotten)

I sat here today thinking of this mental list of “things” I need to blog about… Which made me think of Shanda who has an actual list of things… much wiser then trying to just remember it all – so Shanda I tip my hat to you. Well I will tip my hat to you once I own a hat.

Note to self: buy a hat

There are some things I am SO far behind on that I figure I’ll just forget those and focus on the now. But the “now” won’t start until I at least write about Jordan’s 3rd birthday. I’m actually pretty sure I didn’t even do a blog that she turned three! I wish I could still use the excuse of “I’m new at this”, but after about a year of blogging I don’t think that flies.

Note to self: learn to fly?

So now to the real reason I am writing today. Jordan’s 3rd Birthday.

I decided in August that Jordan didn’t need a 3rd Birthday Party. She wouldn’t remember much from it and wouldn’t care much if she didn’t have one (she wouldn’t realize she didn’t). Then September hit and all the Halloween decorations started filling the stores and I couldn’t help it.

3rd Birthday Costume Party! It was a must and so it happened. It took me way to long to get invites out since I could not find a place to have her party. I didn’t want it outdoors since it was the end of October and it could be super cold or even rain. But I gave up the hunt and decided to do it at a park.

We had about 20 kids RSVP so I got a TON of goodies and candy. You can’t have a costume party without junk food right?

The day of the party I had 5 parents call to let me know the kids were sick which cut our attendees nearly in half. I was a little bummed and had to remind myself that Jordan wouldn’t really notice – especially since “her” Sammy was going to be there.

Needless to say, the kids seemed to have a great time – with tons of sugar and running around they went home with smiles on their faces. Success!

We had a few friends stay for a GameNight afterwards and even had a couple others join us (Sam, Travis, Kenny, Tracy, Tawni, Rob, Matt, and Kim). The kids got to play together while the adults got to hang out and laugh.

Note to self: Take more pictures of adults and not just kids…

So Happy late Birthday Jordan! I love you baby girl.

Monday, November 14, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #2

Question from Allyson
How does a bee make honey?

Taylor: um, bees make honey because they sip it, they put it their mouth and they make it.

Jordan: bees make honey and bees don't make honey.

Question from Brittany
Why are hippos so big?

Taylor: because... so they can live in the sea.

Jordan: hippos are big or they are not big...they are little.

Question from Justin
What's your favorite thing to do?

Taylor: Paint. My favorite paint to do is finger paint.

Jordan: my favorite thing is skate! (she's never skated before)

Monday, November 7, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay

Question from Neya - Do you think your brother and/or sister is boring?

Taylor: No...Well...I don't know.
Jordan: No

Question from Tawni - What do you want to be when you grow up, and why?

Taylor: A firefighter, because I like to be a firefighter. Because they put out fires and that's cool. I want Jordan to be a doctor. Because I like it when she makes people not sick. (Jordan replied - I make people sick! Yay!) And then she can make things have calories. Calories make something really good.

Jordan: Um, I don't know. Bigger! 10 years old.

Question from Mommy - What invention do you want to make

Taylor: A mail invention so we don't have to walk to the mail box, but the mailman can put the mail in a machine that makes the mail go to people all over the world. That's a great invention mommy.

Jordan: Inbitchen?

Monday, October 31, 2011

My Idea

I have a lot of them – I like to think most of them are good. Admittedly some of the are horrible. Some ideas are great, but unlikely.

I recently gave “advice” to a friend of mine with young children like me. The kind of advice that comes out of your mouth and after you say it you surprise yourself. Like “that’s a good idea, why have I never thought of that or done it before? Where in the world did that just come from?!”

I’d like to say God intervened and just used me to tell her something she (AND I) needed to do. Or some wise adult at some point in my life planted this idea into a deep part of my brain and this thought decided to surface and expose itself. Whatever the cause – I think it’s a good idea that I do not want to call my own – probably mostly because I think it will fail. By fail I mean I wont be committed enough to follow it through.

That made me sound flakey, but the reason I feel I may not follow through is not because I’ll just forget or choose not to do it, but because life just gets in the way – A LOT. Even more now with 3 little kids making life chaotic in mostly an awesome way (lets be honest - maybe mostly awesome but probably annoying way).

The reason this is all coming up is because my friend took that idea and ran with it, and it has become something awesome for her. I am a little jealous of that and feel the need to use my idea as well and hope that something awesome comes from it for my family too. For the record, not an evil covetous jealousy, but a heartfelt she is being blessed by doing this, I can do it too kind of way. I don’t even know if that makes sense.

Anyway – to the idea part of this. That is, after all, the reason I even started typing this morning. Here is what spurted out of my mouth (more or less) a few months ago after expressing to me how chaotic her nights are with her kids which usually leads to yelling and crying (from all involved parties)

Set a schedule of “things to do” each night. Monday night is game night, Tuesday night is help mom with dinner night, etc. It something you can both look forward to and it keeps you accountable to make sure they get that time they need and helps with their behavior since they get a “treat” from mommy.

So that’s been working great for her. Now I think its about time I do it. I’m putting here in hopes that it will help hold me accountable so “life” doesn’t get in the way.

Sunday Night – Family Game Night – Each kid can pick one game to play
Monday Night – Blog Night - I’ll ask the kids a question and they’ll answer and I’ll post their answers
Tuesday Night – Help with Dinner and/or Dessert Night – I think that explains itself
Wednesday Night – Awana / Church Night

Thursday – Saturday usually involve one or all of us out of the house so those nights will be impromptu.

My goal – start in November since today is Monday and its Halloween this would be an un-good night to start with Blog Night.

Let’s see how well this works…

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Munchie

Munchie – A nickname given to you buy your Aunt Genny a few hours after you were born and it fits perfectly.

Today you are 3! Well, you’ll be 3 in a few hours. Right now you are only mostly 3.

You are tiny package of fearlessness and stubbornness. You like to see what you can do – even if that means doing something you shouldn’t like climbing on top of the T.V.

You love to help and get super excited at the littlest things. Your face lights up when you are about to tell us something “exciting” – granted your face lights up about 30 seconds before your brain can get the words out drawing out the moment.

I recently tried to explain to a friend of mine at work – you. Who are you? Here is what I said (roughly):

Jordan is the pretty-pretty tom boy. She will be the kid wearing a princess dress, necklaces and a huge crown while sitting in a mud puddle digging for worms. She will have painted nails and makeup while tackling another kid. She will do anything of her that you ask when are looking – and do everything you ask her not to do when you aren’t looking. She will love you unconditionally and if you get upset – she’ll try harder (unless you are asking her to clean her room). She picks up on things you like and don’t like. And uses it to her advantage. She knows what buttons to push to get a reaction when she wants it, and she knows what kind of hugs to give or words to say when she wants to get a smile.

Tradition will continue and we will make a cake tonight (that you get to decorate with all the frosting and sprinkles (sparkles as you call them) your little – big heart desires. We’ll make a mess and enjoy your day.

You may be the middle child, but God gave you the personality to stand out in a very special way. I love you baby girl!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Things I will Miss

I know its not like my kids are 10 and out of this phase yet, but living in the moments now I try to remind myself daily…someday I will miss this.

Jordan every morning standing on the toilet next to the sink “telling me” what to do to get ready next
Jordan: Mommy did you go potty?
Me: Yes
Jordan: Brush your teeth!
Me: ::as I’m brushing::
Jordan: Make up time!
Me: ::pulls out eyeliner::
Jordan: Is that for grownups?
Me: Yes ::pulls out blush::
Jordan: Can I have some?
Me: ::puts a dab on each of her cheeks and pulls out eye shadow::
Jordan: Can I have sparkles?
Me: ::puts a dab on each of her eyes and grabs deodorant::
Jordan: Me too! :: puts arms in the air to expose her arm pits and runs to get my shoes for me::
Me: Thank you baby.
Jordan: Don’t forget to kiss daddy, and Taylor, and Elijah!

I miss this

Taylor tells me things. Her little brain is using her version of logic. She’s connecting the pieces of information she has to make choices (not always good ones). Sometimes the things she say make sense if you think about it in a 4 year old world. Other times she just says really weird things.

::before going to bed:: Mommy, I know the rules. First if Jordan drops her animals to me don’t pick them up (Jordan is on the top bunk so we don’t want them to “play”). Two, don’t play in the bathroom if I go potty. Three, stay in bed. That’s three rules, that’s a lot of rules.

::before going to bed:: Taylor: Mommy, I can pray to Jesus all by myself and make him so happy!
Me: Yes you can
Taylor: Yeah, cuz you forgot

Taylor: Mom, you’re the best
Me: No, you’re the best
Taylor: Ok I’m the best, you can be second

::on the way to cubbies/Awana:: Taylor: Oh no! Mom they (church) forgot to take my picture for my Cubbie book!! (for Cubbies they put the picture in the front of their books)
Me: It’s ok, Mommy and Daddy are going to put the pictures in your book
Taylor: At our old church we went to last day they took my picture for my book
Me: But this time we are going to
Taylor: Well, we better go to our old Cubbies so they can take a picture first

I will miss this

I will miss cuddles
I will miss late night additions to my bed
I will miss the scream of joy when I walk through the door after work
I will miss when a Kiss makes everything better
I will miss when I “chase” them and they stop to be caught
I will miss this time and all that it is.

For all you parents of young kids you know it’s not easy. It is probably the MOST difficult time that you have to go through with kids. I mean, after all, you are molding them into people. But even in this most frustrating time they want you. They long to be near you and to be loved by you. And THAT will not last.

And that is why I have to remind myself daily that no matter how much I wish this phase would be over, someday I will miss this.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Joy of Technology

I look at this picture from a few years back and think…how cute – my kids will be computer whizzes when they grow up. I didn’t get to “play” with my first computer until 5th Grade – then have our first family computer in Jr. High.

This last week I regretted my previous excitement about my kids knowing how to “use” a computer.

In case you are not aware here is what we are working with here:

Age 4
Blonde Hair
Blue Eyes
Super Sensitive Drama Queen that needs to know you are happy with her and cannot stand if you get upset

Age 2
Brown Hair
Brown Eyes
Obedient, but defiant. How does that play out you ask? If you ask her to do something (help close a door, turn a light off, throw something away) she will do it happily 95% of the time. That same percentage she will say Please, Thank You, and You’re Welcome. However, turn your back and she will do everything her defiant little mind can think of before you notice.

Taylor learned how to use the computer correctly sooner then Jordan – not only because of her age, but because she has more patience to sit and try. Jordan however, lasts about 2 seconds before she decided to start a click-a-thon on the mouse or writing her own symphony using the computer keyboard.

Taylor has learned how to the computer on and off correctly. Jordan can turn it on (I mean is a big shiny button).

Here is how we think the story goes…

Jordan decided to exercise her skills last week and sat in front of my computer and turned it on while daddy was busy tending to other needs in the house.

After 5 seconds she decided she would rather play conductor and started to bang on the keyboard to listen to the sounds of the beeping (the computer yelling at her to stop) and the banging of her musical fingers on the keys.

What the computer took this to mean was a crafty way to navigate to the System Recovery Screen and start a System Recovery by wiping the hard drive to return it back to factory settings.

What this means to us losing all personal data from about April – to date. I don’t mind losing most files like game data, or website “favorites”, or even the occasional word/excel document. However, losing videos and pictures is a REAL pain – and slightly emotional I might add.

Luckily, Jordan’s drumming fingers also got bored so she turned the computer off part way through the recovery and stopped it. This means she “deleted” my files, but did not write over them.

This also means Mommy and Daddy get to spend several days trying to restore those files. Yay.

On the brighter side…I do like new things and I will kinda be getting a new computer when this is done – as new as 1 year old – returned to factory settings computer can be that is.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Beach - Meguna

To Meguna

Happy Birthday! My dear dear friend! I have been thinking about you a lot lately and felt the need to make you smile (hopefully) on your birthday:

1. Lighter and Brighter
2. Speed Lemoooooon!!!
3. Sugar Water High
4. Pringles – Once you Pop You just can’t stop (Special thanks to another friend for that one)
5. Pixie – How you learn sniffing Pixie sticks does NOT feel good (Special thanks to another friend for that one)

6. Figure it out Cheer/Flag Routine
7. Pocohauntus – Just Around the River Bend Routine
8. ::clears throat and begins singing:: I’ve been complimented by an idiot today, hip hip hooray, I’ve been complimented by an idiot today, hip hip hooray-yay, and when your complimented by an idiot its ok for you to say….
9. Painting Pink dorms – Pepto Bismo pink…how I hate you
10. Perfect Harmonies for Holy, Holy, Holy…Lord God Almighty
11. Big Big House – Cheer – Camp (Special Thanks to all our “Cabin” friends at camp)

12. Creepy Furbies
13. The Bermuda Triangle (shout out to Ali!)
14. Green GU
15. You taught me how to dive – back when you lived at the house with the pool
16. We created a recipe book…but I only remember the insanely chocolatey brownies…or maybe it was cake
17. Buying Eggs and Bracelets in Mexico
18. Going to NASCAR races…I actually never remember watching the race (sorry Joe! I always watched the last few laps!)
19. Saying Good-bye to Mia – Well that might be the only non-funny moment on here, but its memorable to me
20. Trying to put a penny on the railroad track (Shhh don’t tell mom)
21. Countless sleepovers and games and dressing up, and giggling, and everything else.
22. All Stars - Trent - Sexy Sexy Man
23. Joe the Drummer - Sexy Sexy Man
24. SERFS! Gretchen - How I miss thee

25. Pink Ball Josh - PBJ

All that to say – You had a huge role in who I am today. I appreciate the time we spent together as kids and teenagers and am blessed to have had a friend like you in my life during those times.

I hope you have a blessed and amazing birthday!

I love you Meguna Beach!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My First 30 Minutes

A sample of my Morning

::My alarm goes off::
Taylor: SURPRISE!! Good morning mom (she says inches from my face…she was waiting for my alarm!)

::Made breakfast and sat down::
Jordan: ::picks up a an orange slice and takes a bite:: Mom! There’s apple juice in my oranges!! (apparently any sort of juice from a fruit is apple)

::Taylor finishes her breakfast::
Taylor: Mom can I have more oatmeal
Me: No – go get a yogurt out of the fridge
Taylor: ::after a moment of thought:: can I have pudding?
Me: No – you can have yogurt
Taylor: I’ll ask dad
Me: No – I said you have pudding
Taylor: Ok, I’ll have yogurt and then pudding
Me: Fine

::As I leave::
Jordan: Mom you going to make money?
Me: Yes
Jordan: then you gonna give it to Taylor?

::Walking down our steps to leave::
Me: see you later alligator
Taylor: after awhile crocodile
Jordan: ::simultaneously:: see you later crocodile!

My life would be far less interesting without kids.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Married a Nerd

There is a game. A Nerdy game. That is played by my husband and Tawni's husband.

It has now spread to involve some more Nerds (Matt and Sam that is).

Although I'm super excited the boys had a chance to play a game, relax, and just be the nerds we all know they are - this was not my favorite part of our Saturday.

Saturday was actually VERY busy. From the birth of a dear friend's first baby that morning! To some severe house cleaning and shopping. We ended our day with an evening of friends.

The Websters and the Newmyers joined us so I had some girl time with Kim and Tawni. The kids entertained each other very well that night so I really really did get to have girl time. If you haven't experienced a night with a house full of kids then you can't fully understand what kind of accomplishment this is.

A night with kids (and by kids we usually have 5-7 kids running around) usually involves something like this:

A mom: So this week I ::loud scream and all women pause::
Another mom: That was mine ::walks off to check on screaming child::
A mom: What was I saying?
::Another mom returns::
A mom: Oh yeah, this week was awesome! I ::loud crash::
A dad: I'll check on them ::leaves room:: Hey, I need some help in here

Well, something like that. And don't worry, no children were harmed in the making of that scenario, but I'm pretty sure it actually happened at some point.

With our children shockingly well behaved and no major injuries we had the chance to actually talk. It was fabulous!

We also got to start planning a camping trip. I think this most excites me. I loved camping as a kid and I hope my kids do to. REAL camping - I'm talking tents people! The good stuff!

I look forward to some more fun family time with my rapidly growing group of family friends that I cherish more and more every day...well maybe ever other week since I don't actually see them daily :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I May Be a Blog Stalker

I became one of those blog stalkers… I knew them – Sort of.

Rachel – I was in UCO with her for 2 years – we never talked – I wish we had
Tawni – I’m not sure if I actually met her – maybe in passing she married my husband’s Roomate (my boyfriend at the time)
Shanda – She may not know this but I admired her when I did know her in College. She had this fire I was drawn to and an amazing heart I strived to be more like.

I remember the day I sent this message to Rachel and Tawni:

o Birthday Party
Hi guys! It may be odd, but I read both your blogs constantly and would love if you our kids could meet and mingle

I also make it a point to make myself available to friends with kids to offer to watch them if needed. I know finding a sitter can be hard, especially with last minute things and since you are close I would be happy to help if needed.

All this to say Taylor is having her 4th birthday party on Jan 22 (2-4) and you are both welcome! I sent this to both of you because I wasn't sure if you would want to come w/o each other since you wouldn't know many people there aside from Justin or Sam Welbaum.

Have great day!!

P.S. Your boys are ADORABLE!!! I hope my little Elijah is as cute

I even hesitated to send it out of fear of freaking them out – a blog stalker. At least they knew of me even if they didn’t know me.

I don’t do well with new people. I really want to, but I get nervous and clam up. With these girls (and husbands and kids) I feel welcome and accepted. It’s a new door opened in the Davis’ lives and it has been a real blessing to get to know these families better and build stories together. I appreciate them – so I wanted to tell them.

Thank you for letting us in! My kids look forward to playing with your and Justin and I look forward to the chaotic-semi grown up time we get to spend with you all.

Well that didn’t include Shanda, but don’t worry she is not forgotten.

She just got “home” – reading her blog make me feel the need to tell you “home” is very relative – being in the US is probably still more like a vacation for her while she remembers/misses “home” in China (my words not her words – I could be wrong).

Justin always raved about his “sister” – I remember how excited he was when he found out I would get to be her roommate for a night while we were on choir tour. The few hours of bonding we had stuck with me (as mentioned before her spirit is addicting!) We got to see her recently and I prayed for her – as often as I saw her. I felt for her. She has been thrown into a new world with expectations that she knows and understands what it is like to be here (in the US) when to her, this is a little new. I pray her re-entry is smooth and without “turbulence”. She is an amazing person with an amazing God-Honoring heart – she deserves to be blessed and I hope this transition is part of her amazing blessing.

All that to say it was really good to see her – the small relationship we have doesn’t hinder my love for my “sister-in-law”. (Pic stolen from her blog)

So that is my story – my story of blog stalking.

Monday, August 8, 2011

To Have Only One

Every year we head down to La Jolla to spend time with some friends. These are some very special kind of friends. Friends I have probably spent more time with then some of "close" (as in distance not relationship) friends.

I met most of these people around 5 years ago and spent a lot of time with them - some seasons of my life I spent 2-3 hours a day with them, talking, playing, laughing, and relaxing. That's all I'll say about that to avoid the pure nerdiness of our relationships though, but if you know me and you know KORT then you understand!

There is an annual BBQ in La Jolla with the KORT crew and we usually leave the kiddos with family while we go. It is a lot easier to enjoy the company of adults with kids around. This year, however, we took Taylor along. We figured 4 was/is old enough to entertain herself without us having to be overly paranoid about her walking away too far and getting lost or eating some random object on the ground.

My camera battery died after taking a couple of pictures and so I didn't get any of the KORT crew, super bummed! I did however get one of my new favorite pictures of Taylor.
Taylor called the "weekend" our adventure. She enjoyed some time at the beach and then headed to the hotel. For a "nice" hotel we had a horrible experience! The paperwork for the reservation said the room would be ready at 3, we got there at 5 and the lady at the desk said it actually isn't ready until 4 (but it was 5) and our rooms were still not ready. We had dinner reservations at 7 and needed to shower (get the sand and salt off) before dinner - they were telling us our room wouldn't be ready until after 6!

I was insanely frustrated and they would not let us cancel the reservation!! Lame - I know!

When we finally got to our room Taylor called it her "New Home" - all part of her adventure.

We headed to dinner and got to spend more time with the KORT crew at Dave & Busters - Taylor had a blast! She won a surprising number of tickets for randomly hitting buttons. Apparently the method to hit jackpots and bonuses is to not even look at what you are doing and slam buttons.

She picked out 2 toys for herself and 1 toy for Jordan and Elijah.

When we got back to the hotel she insisted I sleep with her - I indulged.

Did I mention I forgot sunblock (on me) ... again?! 2nd degree burns on my knees and shoulders and sleeping with a 4 year old that moves all night made for a very long night, but still a great time.

As we arrived back home Taylor told us she was sad her adventure was over and so I told her we will go on a new one soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Adventures in Facial "Hair"

I'm a big fan of grilled onions. I know, an odd sentence to start a blog about facial "hair", but I promise it will make sense shortly... well as much sense as the logic of a 2 year old that is.

I usually make a ton of grilled onions with our burgers, because lets be honest, grilled onions not only improve a burger but also are a snack on their own.

After dinner was done and we were cleaning up the table we heard Jordan saying "I have a mustache!" We turn around to see her using slices of grilled onion to top off her upper lip. And Justin being the guy he is felt this was the opportune time to take pictures of many different variety'o'staches:

The Goatee

The Snot-stache

The Handlebars

The Hitler (Stupid Justin)

The standard stache

Justin calls this the the "Perve-stache"

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Blame it on my Father

That’s right Daddy! It is your fault my head is all messed up! And yes, I still call my dad, daddy :)

My life lately has seemed oddly like the beginning of Arachnophobia and Birds.

The reason, you may be asking, why this is my father’s fault? Because I started watching “scary” movies with him at the age of 3 or 4. I am GLAD we did. I now love scary movies and wouldn’t change it for anything, but this reason is also the cause of my recent experiences with mind wandering…


My dad was terrified as a kid when he saw that movie. By the time I saw it – it looked fake enough that it didn’t scare me. I may be lying a little since I do recall being deathly afraid of a Toucan stuffed animal I had as a kid that sat on shelf directly in front of my bed and started at me. But as an adult I can assure you I am not scared of birds, beyond the fear of being pooped on.

But that is not the point. The point is I walked to my car a few days ago the sound of the many crows across the campus reminded me of that movie. I couldn’t help it when my mind wandered and I started to picture them attacking the bunnies (we also have bunnies ALL over campus – they just wont go away! They are pro at God’s commandment Go Forth and Multiply)


I don’t have an overwhelming fear of spiders. I prefer not to run across them, but they don’t “freak me out”. Unless they are big… I do recall having HUGE spider (granted this was a memory from around the age of 5 so my mind could be playing tricks on me). When I say HUGE I mean like the size of a golf ball with legs. As my 5 year old self sat on the potty doing my business it snuck itself out of a room (I say a room because to this day I don’t know what the random little door in the bathroom led to…maybe a closet?). And it was HUGE! I ran with pants down screaming down the hall. It wouldn’t eaten me, I’m sure.

Anyway, the reason my life has begun to resemble the beginnings of that movie is because I’m being followed by spiders. 4 out of the 5 mornings I go to leave for work there is a spider web between my car and Justin’s with a fat ol’ spider sitting in the middle. In order to avoid the awkward experience of being covered in spider webs (note I did not actually listed to that video clip since I’m at work so that could be the wrong one) I go though my passenger side door and tear the spider web in half when I drive away! To make matters worse! This morning I as I got ready to leave I saw a spider “hanging” in the middle of our patio…only to realize it was not hanging. It had literally (said like the dude from Parks and Rec (tv show)) built an web across the ENTIRE patio. I had to get a box to wrap the spider web around so I could leave.

That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed and you MUST click the link for the spider web joke. Brian Regan is amazing – even if I is the wrong link – it will still be funny.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Groove and Jive its Number Five?

I wanted something creative to call this blog, but after sitting here staring at a blank page for a few minutes I realized I give up and just thought random/cheesy will have to work.

I love that one of my fellow bloggers posts a picture of her and her husband “then and now”, so admittedly, I will be stealing that from her, which she probably stole from somebody else…bunch of thieves we are. If everyone is a thief is it still steeling or just community goods/thoughts? But I digress (I have almost always wanted to say that).

I thought today I’d write about what I actually remember about that day 5 years ago.

5 years ago today and probably right about this time (11:30ish) I was looking at my amazing almost husband (and winking at the best man – love you Sam!) standing in a Mormon church (we were and still are and will always be Christians) giddy with excitement and trying to absorb every detail. The absorbing did not work.

We did say our vows. We did NOT say “I Do” (we were never asked the question! LOL – which we didn’t realize until a few days later).

It was the hottest day of the summer thus far and taking pictures outside was brutal, but we had an amazing photographer that got amazing pictures.

I remember sitting and eating and thinking, wow look at all these people that came! I felt blessed to have so many family and friends that wanted to be part of our day.

I remember our first dance…but mostly how it started. I was put into a chair in the middle of the room and not told why, SUPER awkward! But then, my husband of about an hour began singing to me, guitar in hand, a song by Tyrone Wells (AMAZING artist) called Looking at Her Face (FYI that’s the live version at McClains – bringing it oldschool!) This was our first dance as a married couple and one of most amazing moments he’s created for me.

We danced some more, we walked around and said hi, and then Sam drove us to LA. That is all I really remember LOL!

But the last five years have been a blessing. We have our highs and our lows. Our fights and our laughs, but I want to say this to YOU Justin.


I love you with all that I am! I adore you. I love that you laugh at your own jokes before you say them. I love that you use your left sleeve as a napkin. I love that you make life fun for our kids and bring me out of reality sometimes just to enjoy life. I love your random mumblings in your sleep and your OCD cleaning (when you actually clean :) )

You bring joy to my life that nobody else can and make me a better person. I thank God for putting you in my life when he did. Thank you for being my sanity!



Monday, July 18, 2011

Crickets and Surprises (not in that order)

I went to my first surprise party yesterday! Well the first one not for me that is. It was for Justin’s old roommate Rob. Over last few months we have been able to grow much closer to the Rob and his family (the Websters) and the Keys. They are quickly becoming some of my most treasured friends – but that is a story for another day.

We arrived at their house around 5 and after reminding my husband he could not park in front of the house and moving a little further down the street we piled (yes piled, there are 5 of us and 3 of which are kids so we do nothing gracefully) into the house and were shocked to see so many people! How blessed Rob is to have so many friends that care so dearly for him!

I really don’t know the time, but my guess is somewhere around 5:45 the birthday boy arrived and although he may have had a inkling of what was going on I don’t think he realized how BIG of an event it was/would be.

The kids got to run around and play with some water toys outside and we got some amazing grub! 3 Cheers for the lasagna cupcake things! I guess now is a good time to mention the crickets which actually have nothing to do with the story, but it was still memorable. When one of the water toys was turned on it hit a bush in the backyard. Apparently Crickets are not big fans of water and within minutes about 20-30 crickets were running (hoping/jumping?) around the patio. The kids went crazy! Some running away and some chasing them. Others, like my son, trying to eat them.

At 7 a huge van with all the latest gaming consoles arrived and needless to say, the house got quite as all the kids and even bigger men(kids) headed outside for 2 hours of gaming. I was able to enjoy some quiet time in the house with some of the women – I didn’t mind at all!

During this quiet time I realized Jordan was being quiet – this usually means trouble. But when I headed upstairs to Sammy’s room (The Webster’s almost 3 year old son) I saw Jordan sitting on the bed “reading” to Brendan (The Key’s 3 year old son) and Brendan telling her she wasn’t doing it right. LOVE IT!

We had a great time and I am thankful we got to be part of the festivities. So Happy Birthday Rob (He probably won’t read this, but Tawni can tell him I wrote/said it!)

This last sentence is being writing to help keep me accountable to posting pictures later, but in case I forget you can all make me feel guilty about it until I do! haha

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Prayer of a Child

This is my 100th post! And what a way to celebrate but with a prayer from Taylor (age 4).


Thank you for mommy and daddy and Jordan, and Elijah.
Keep me safe and healthy.
Please help mommy not to get sick so she can play with me.
Please make me not drink dirty water with germs in it.
Please help Jesus (laughs, oh that's you!), please stay awake so you can watch me when I sleep so I don't have bad dreams.
Thank you for dying on the cross.


There was a lot more to it, but that's what I remember/understood (she mumbles as bad as her father!)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The New Investment

In actuality it is not yet an investment, but come paycheck Friday it will be!

I was not here for the story, but it is still worth telling.

I do not have picture, but I’m sure by the end you will be grateful.

If you have a weak stomach, do not proceed.

Justin called me today to tell me a few things. I will tell you of one here and actually put a video of the other one later.

Elijah lately has had less the favorable surprises in his diaper. Not that anything he leaves in there is favorable, but some things are less favorable and the last few days have been those sorts of moments.

Unrelated (until today) Elijah has also developed a fascination for the trash can. What he can put in it…what he can take out… Now that I think about these things may not be as unrelated as I thought, but I’ll hope they are.

I’m pretty sure you know where this is headed, but I shall continue just in case.

After changing a particularly unpleasant diaper this morning Justin threw it away. I don’t know what he was doing when the incident occurred, but if I know my kids he was probably chasing and/or cleaning up after Jordan.

Elijah found his “gift” and decided he wanted to take it back…is it still ok to say he was an “Indian Giver”…well its been said. He unraveled that tightly sealed package and proceeded to paint the floor and himself with it. Apparently the nauseating smell is worth “sampling” and Justin is pretty sure he ate some of it too. I warned you not to read this if you have a weak stomach right? I was gagging as Justin told me what happened!

Needless to say, we are going to invest in a trashcan with some kind of latch that he canNOT open. Do they make them? I will make one if not! Our trashcan has a lid, but obviously that won’t cut it with this little guy.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Bir-ther's-day

My new position has kept me busy (that’s good for work, not good for blogging). I used to write my blogs on my lunch or breaks during the day, but I’ve been so busy that I have just not really had the desire to sit down and “type” some more LOL.

That being said… I’m WAY late on this blog.

Father’s Day fell on my Mom’s birthday this year. And yes, that sentence is correct. Some like to argue that Father’s day has been around longer then my Mom’s birthday, but my Mom’s birthday is ALWAYS the 19th and Father’s day is only sometimes the 19th

Anyway, after church we headed down to visit my parents and grandparents for a BBQ. The kids loved seeing grandma and papa. The kids got to play outside in the water and on the swings before nap. They are still a little confused about “their” room now belonging to Kadence, but otherwise we had a great time! The “boys” went out to see a movie after dinner and the “girls” went bathing suit shopping before dinner (we went to Glen Ivy for my mom’s bday a couple weeks later and had to get a bathing suit for her!)

Here are some pictures!