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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So Sayith Tay, Jay, and Eli #3

Where do babies grow?

Taylor: Inside your belly

Jordan: in your belly.

Elijah: In the tummy.

How are babies made?

Taylor: They grow in your belly with the little eggs

Jordan: from the doctor.

Elijah: Red

How do babies come out?

Taylor: They come out of your vagina

Jordan: from the doctor from your belly

Elijah: because they come out of the bellies

Tell me about the baby in mommy's belly.

Taylor: One of them are dead and one of them are alive.  They are really really little kids.  They are the other girl and boys baby.

Jordan: there is one sick and one not.  and it died.

Elijah: the baby is correct

When do babies get a heart?

Taylor: when they come of your belly...I mean the whole time.

Jordan: when they are out of your belly and they turn into kids

Elijah: in their tummy

What color are babies?

Taylor: blind ::points to skin:: I don't know what this color is called.

Jordan: this color ::points to her own arm::

Elijah: blue

How do babies eat?

Taylor: They don't really.  They suck from something I think.

Jordan: from their mommy's boobies

Elijah: raisins

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Little Fig

This week their baby girl is the size of a fig… another fruit I am not very familiar with.  I mean I know what it is, but it’s not like I have ever actually bought one before unless it came in the form of a cookie.
FYI: Costco has this awesome little box of fig bars that come in yummy flavors.  I hate fig bars, these are tolerable though.
Every morning (well most mornings) my alarm goes off at 5 AM and I shovel one of those bars into my mouth as quickly as possible before my stomach is awake enough to know/realize I’m nauseous.  I then fall back asleep for 30-45 minutes when I have to quickly run to the bathroom and remove half of that bar from my body. 
A long shower after that and I have about an hour of energy in me to get dressed and ready for my day.
Since I’m no longer seeing the fertility doctor and have graduated to my OB I won’t have very many pictures for you guys anymore.  Eventually I’ll get more belly pictures on here…when there is actually a belly to show. For now I’m at the awkward stage where my mostly normal belly fat is bulging slightly more than normal and people that know I’m pregnant make comments about how they can “see the baby bump” that is really the same size it has been for the last 3 years so really what they are saying is “oh, look at your little ball of fat”.  I could be typical woman and find that insulting, but honestly I’ve had 3 stinking babies and I’ll take that little ball of fat.
My pants are just tight enough they are getting uncomfortable so I’ve purchased a couple of those elastic bands so I can walk around with my pants unbuttoned and slightly unzipped and nobody knows…well now everyone knows, but still won’t judge me.
I’m 11 weeks and 1 day today.  I’m looking forward to the end of this first trimester assuming that the nausea goes away with it.  I want to eat and enjoy food.  Food tastes so much better when you’re prego and I am very much looking forward to the day in this pregnancy where I get to enjoy that part of pregnancy.
Things have been better in that area, not great, but better.
Prayer Requests for the little she-fig (and others):
1.       The baby continues to grow and develop as she should (we need a healthy well developed baby!)

2.       That I can continue to eat and begin to eat more to get the baby what she needs

3.       That the IP (intended parents) continue to see Christ through me

4.       For my dear and amazing friend who had a positive home pregnancy test (blood work today).  That her baby(ies) grow healthy and strong for her IP!
I also wanted to say thank you again for the massive amount of support from my friends.  I truly do cherish you guys and am so grateful to have you praying for me, praying with me, and talking with me as I work my way through this very new experience.  I have the best friends.

Friday, January 24, 2014

This Thing Called Racism

As some of you may recall earlier this year (well last year technically) we had an issue with a child in Taylor’s class telling her they couldn’t be friends because Taylor had the wrong color skin.  Translated: You are white, everyone else at our school is not so we can’t be your friend.
Even more lame was the way the teachers handled it after that.  Their attempts to fix the situation just further ostracized Taylor to a point where she feels she has no friends at school because everyone refuses to play with her.  For some perspective Taylor’s class is about 95% Hispanic.  A couple of Asians and a couple of white kids. 
·         The teacher moved Taylor to a seat on her own (away from her group with the kid in question) instead of moving that kid.

·         The teacher asked that kid to “take a break” from Taylor which translated into him completely ignoring her in class and telling all his other friends not to play with her because the “teacher said not to”

·         Taylor (being told by us) to continue to be nice to this kid even if he was being mean meant she tried to talk to him or help in class and she would get hurt/frustrated when he ignored her (per teacher request) and then she would get in trouble for disrupting the class because she would talk louder and louder at him thinking he just couldn’t hear her.
Lame x2.

Then you have this week.  Where Taylor’s class learned about Martin Luther King and how he contributed to our country.  That I am full support of.  However, I lack faith in how the teacher managed to make her point since a following conversation went like this:
Taylor: I learned about Martin Luther King today.  We learned it was a good thing he was born because if he wasn’t born then I’d be mean to black people.
Justin: Well, not exactly.  You probably wouldn’t be mean to black people.
Taylor: Yes I would, my teacher said I would.
Justin: Most white people were mean to black people, but not all of them were.  There were still white people that were nice to black people before Martin Luther King.
Taylor: No. I would have been mean.  My teacher said.  So it’s a good thing Martin Luther King was born so I don’t have to be mean to black people.
Justin: Well..I’m going to have to talk to your teacher.

Granted, I’m sure that she didn’t say those exact words (the teacher that is).  I sure hope not… but regardless something she said was a strong enough point for Taylor to look down on herself as a white person and feel she is somehow a mean person because of it. And if SHE got that impression how many of the non-white kids in her class now feel the same way about her?
So not only does she have to worry about kids not playing with her because she is not Hispanic she also is dealing with kids (and herself) feeling like SHE MUST be racist since she is white… and we all know all us white folk are racist.
FYI: That was sarcasm.
Lame x3.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Little Kumquat

I look forward to the day to where I like food again.  Despite my petite size I have always been rather fond of food.  But since the Flu of Last Week nothing sounds good.  In fact everything sounds gross.  Any thought of food makes my stomach get tight and the gagging begins.
I eat…barely.  And I feel horrible for this tiny baby girl relying on me for her nutrients.  Nutrients I so desperately want to give her as I force feed myself small bits of things and hope I can keep it down despite the massive gagging that nearly always follows.
Working right now is the worst.  All I want to do is curl up in bed in sleep since my body is so deprived of food and energy, but that won’t do any good.  So I go to work.  Exhausted, nauseous, achy, and starving and unable to eat.
Is it worth it? I ask myself that daily…multiple times a day.
Then I see her.  I watch her little arms and legs squirm and wave.  I listen to her heartbeat and an overwhelming joy touches me to my core.
She is SO very worth it.  She gets a chance at life with a family that has been longing for her for so long.  I’d feel miserable for years to know that this baby is alive and well and growing. 
So little one, suck up every last bit of energy I have because you are worth it.  I’ll get over it eventually.
I had my last ultrasound and appointment today with the fertility doctor.  I’ll miss the Dr. and Nurses…they are wonderful.
I got a DVD of her moving around, but sadly I have no way to get it to you guys so you’ll have to just accept this picture instead.
10 weeks, 2 days.  The size of a kumquat (who even knows what size a kumquat is??? I mean really…who eats kumquats regularly enough to be like, “oh I know what size that is?)
Here is what say about the baby this week:
“If you could take a peek inside your womb, you'd spot minute details, like tiny nails forming on fingers and toes (no more webbing) and peach-fuzz hair beginning to grow on tender skin.
In other developments: Your baby's limbs can bend now. His hands are flexed at the wrist and meet over his heart, and his feet may be long enough to meet in front of his body. The outline of his spine is clearly visible through translucent skin, and spinal nerves are beginning to stretch out from his spinal cord.”

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Friday...That is All

I promised said I’d try to be a better blogger.  This was several days before I came down with the flu and other ailments that left me miserable and in bed for nearly 4 days straight.  And by “bed” I do mean my actual bed, shower floor, or bathroom floor.

I’m on the mend now and tired and back to normal nausea.  Who knew I could be so excited for normal nausea.
So since Taylor turning 7 should be a blog of its own I will not put stuff about that here.  Instead, a LIST!  After all, a wise person once said a list of random things is the best way to catch a blog reader up on a bloggers life.  No wise person ever said that…which should be obvious, but just in case I felt the need to tell you so you don’t decide to later call me a liar.  Although…I am a liar because we are all liars…

So…the List

1.       When Justin found the location of the superglue in our house everything began getting glued…he was on a glue mission of super proportions (I know you like what I did there).  The vacuum, UV dancing flower, jump rope handles, Character heads…

2.       When you are a mother puking consists of 2-3 kids watching and making comments “ew, that one smells”, “Mommy, it’s yellow!”, “She’s throwing up again, hurry come look!”.  It also consists of said mommy yelling between vomits “GET OUT”, “I’m sick, leave me alone”,  “Justin come get the kids before I kill them”, “I SAID GET OUT”

3.       Jordan still has an obsession with watching me get stabbed.  She asks nightly if I “get” to have a shot tonight… with a huge smile on her face when I say yes, and sigh of disappointment when I say no.  I might be scared of her.

4.       Being home sick and missing 3 days of work sucks…but it did make it a little better that on day 2-3 of it Elijah started getting sick and spent most of the day cuddling with me.

5.       My husband is a rockstar who cleaned both the bathrooms, did all the laundry, and cleaned most all the dishes over the last week. I love him.

6.       I may have made myself a 4 pound bag of pasta salad…and I may be eating every day (twice a day) because it tastes amazing.

7.       Jordan insisted on trying ever sing veggie I put into the pasta salad as I cut it.  She was a huge fan of the red and yellow bell peppers and cucumbers, she was not a fan of the red ball that exploded in her mouth (tomato), and she was angry at me when she tried the onion…I did warn her so it’s all on her.

8.       If you get like 8 inches cut off your hair a room full of 1st graders seem to assume you ARE or WERE wearing a wig…

9.       My husband is very excited and I LOVE seeing him this excited.  I’m also very excited.  Some fun stuff is about to happen (I’ll let you know more later or send me a message/call me and I’ll tell you)

10.   I enjoy filing taxes.  I used to think that was normal…I’m beginning to realize I may be the exception…the super nerdy, over planning, exception.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Little Kidney Bean

I have been a horrible blogger.  That happens from time to time.  It happens mostly at time when:

1.       I take time off work (I usually blog on my breaks at work)

2.       I am so busy at work I work through my breaks (don’t tell my boss – she’d get mad at me)
Recently it’s been the latter.  I don’t like the word latter.  I think I really just don’t like double “t” words.  They sound mean.

Anyway, so here is a 3 day late blog on what happened at my last ultrasound.
Baby 1 is continuing to grow at a healthy and expected pace (thank you all for our prayers!)

Baby 2 is continuing to grow (which surprised the doctor), but it’s not “developing” so it’s not like all of a sudden the heart will start beating.  He said right now it really is just a ball of tissue more like a tumor and not a baby.
As far as my HORRIBLE nausea that caused me to swirl into a mini bout of sadness and woe I have interesting news.

When I blogged on New Year’s Eve I asked for prayer that I would wake up on New Year’s Day feeling completely normal.  It was one of those completely unrealistic prayer requests and a desperate attempt to force myself to feel like there was a light at the end of the toilet bowl.
Well… it happened (mostly).  I woke up New Year’s Day and I could eat!  I still feel pretty icky from time to time, but on a whole I feel pretty normal.  I am exhausted, but able to eat and even do some normal people things.  YAY!

So here is a picture of the baby(ies??).  The picture is the baby at 8 weeks 2 days (Monday) and the size of a Kidney "they" say.  I don't know who "they" is, but I assume its one of the 5 people in the world that actually eat Kidney Beans.
And a promise that I plan on writing more frequently in the near future and that I will be far more interesting than I have been lately.   It’s a plan…but I make a lot of plans before life gets in the way.

Soon to come:
·         Taylor is turning 7 on Saturday (WHAT??)
·         Justin has an obsession with Super Glue
·         Cravings of HUGE green salads for dinner and mounds of veggie loaded pasta salad for lunch…every day…mmmmm (feel free to make me pasta salad anytime – this is an invitation)
·         What happened for HoliDavis and New Year’s Eve?

And Prayer Requests
·         Baby continues to grow and thrive and be HEALTHY
·         My nausea becomes a distant memory so the pills several times a day can stop
·         For my friend who is having her Transfer on 1/17 (Embryo Transfer / IVF / She’s a Surrogate too and she’s amazing and I love her so stinking much)