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Monday, October 31, 2011

My Idea

I have a lot of them – I like to think most of them are good. Admittedly some of the are horrible. Some ideas are great, but unlikely.

I recently gave “advice” to a friend of mine with young children like me. The kind of advice that comes out of your mouth and after you say it you surprise yourself. Like “that’s a good idea, why have I never thought of that or done it before? Where in the world did that just come from?!”

I’d like to say God intervened and just used me to tell her something she (AND I) needed to do. Or some wise adult at some point in my life planted this idea into a deep part of my brain and this thought decided to surface and expose itself. Whatever the cause – I think it’s a good idea that I do not want to call my own – probably mostly because I think it will fail. By fail I mean I wont be committed enough to follow it through.

That made me sound flakey, but the reason I feel I may not follow through is not because I’ll just forget or choose not to do it, but because life just gets in the way – A LOT. Even more now with 3 little kids making life chaotic in mostly an awesome way (lets be honest - maybe mostly awesome but probably annoying way).

The reason this is all coming up is because my friend took that idea and ran with it, and it has become something awesome for her. I am a little jealous of that and feel the need to use my idea as well and hope that something awesome comes from it for my family too. For the record, not an evil covetous jealousy, but a heartfelt she is being blessed by doing this, I can do it too kind of way. I don’t even know if that makes sense.

Anyway – to the idea part of this. That is, after all, the reason I even started typing this morning. Here is what spurted out of my mouth (more or less) a few months ago after expressing to me how chaotic her nights are with her kids which usually leads to yelling and crying (from all involved parties)

Set a schedule of “things to do” each night. Monday night is game night, Tuesday night is help mom with dinner night, etc. It something you can both look forward to and it keeps you accountable to make sure they get that time they need and helps with their behavior since they get a “treat” from mommy.

So that’s been working great for her. Now I think its about time I do it. I’m putting here in hopes that it will help hold me accountable so “life” doesn’t get in the way.

Sunday Night – Family Game Night – Each kid can pick one game to play
Monday Night – Blog Night - I’ll ask the kids a question and they’ll answer and I’ll post their answers
Tuesday Night – Help with Dinner and/or Dessert Night – I think that explains itself
Wednesday Night – Awana / Church Night

Thursday – Saturday usually involve one or all of us out of the house so those nights will be impromptu.

My goal – start in November since today is Monday and its Halloween this would be an un-good night to start with Blog Night.

Let’s see how well this works…

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Munchie

Munchie – A nickname given to you buy your Aunt Genny a few hours after you were born and it fits perfectly.

Today you are 3! Well, you’ll be 3 in a few hours. Right now you are only mostly 3.

You are tiny package of fearlessness and stubbornness. You like to see what you can do – even if that means doing something you shouldn’t like climbing on top of the T.V.

You love to help and get super excited at the littlest things. Your face lights up when you are about to tell us something “exciting” – granted your face lights up about 30 seconds before your brain can get the words out drawing out the moment.

I recently tried to explain to a friend of mine at work – you. Who are you? Here is what I said (roughly):

Jordan is the pretty-pretty tom boy. She will be the kid wearing a princess dress, necklaces and a huge crown while sitting in a mud puddle digging for worms. She will have painted nails and makeup while tackling another kid. She will do anything of her that you ask when are looking – and do everything you ask her not to do when you aren’t looking. She will love you unconditionally and if you get upset – she’ll try harder (unless you are asking her to clean her room). She picks up on things you like and don’t like. And uses it to her advantage. She knows what buttons to push to get a reaction when she wants it, and she knows what kind of hugs to give or words to say when she wants to get a smile.

Tradition will continue and we will make a cake tonight (that you get to decorate with all the frosting and sprinkles (sparkles as you call them) your little – big heart desires. We’ll make a mess and enjoy your day.

You may be the middle child, but God gave you the personality to stand out in a very special way. I love you baby girl!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Things I will Miss

I know its not like my kids are 10 and out of this phase yet, but living in the moments now I try to remind myself daily…someday I will miss this.

Jordan every morning standing on the toilet next to the sink “telling me” what to do to get ready next
Jordan: Mommy did you go potty?
Me: Yes
Jordan: Brush your teeth!
Me: ::as I’m brushing::
Jordan: Make up time!
Me: ::pulls out eyeliner::
Jordan: Is that for grownups?
Me: Yes ::pulls out blush::
Jordan: Can I have some?
Me: ::puts a dab on each of her cheeks and pulls out eye shadow::
Jordan: Can I have sparkles?
Me: ::puts a dab on each of her eyes and grabs deodorant::
Jordan: Me too! :: puts arms in the air to expose her arm pits and runs to get my shoes for me::
Me: Thank you baby.
Jordan: Don’t forget to kiss daddy, and Taylor, and Elijah!

I miss this

Taylor tells me things. Her little brain is using her version of logic. She’s connecting the pieces of information she has to make choices (not always good ones). Sometimes the things she say make sense if you think about it in a 4 year old world. Other times she just says really weird things.

::before going to bed:: Mommy, I know the rules. First if Jordan drops her animals to me don’t pick them up (Jordan is on the top bunk so we don’t want them to “play”). Two, don’t play in the bathroom if I go potty. Three, stay in bed. That’s three rules, that’s a lot of rules.

::before going to bed:: Taylor: Mommy, I can pray to Jesus all by myself and make him so happy!
Me: Yes you can
Taylor: Yeah, cuz you forgot

Taylor: Mom, you’re the best
Me: No, you’re the best
Taylor: Ok I’m the best, you can be second

::on the way to cubbies/Awana:: Taylor: Oh no! Mom they (church) forgot to take my picture for my Cubbie book!! (for Cubbies they put the picture in the front of their books)
Me: It’s ok, Mommy and Daddy are going to put the pictures in your book
Taylor: At our old church we went to last day they took my picture for my book
Me: But this time we are going to
Taylor: Well, we better go to our old Cubbies so they can take a picture first

I will miss this

I will miss cuddles
I will miss late night additions to my bed
I will miss the scream of joy when I walk through the door after work
I will miss when a Kiss makes everything better
I will miss when I “chase” them and they stop to be caught
I will miss this time and all that it is.

For all you parents of young kids you know it’s not easy. It is probably the MOST difficult time that you have to go through with kids. I mean, after all, you are molding them into people. But even in this most frustrating time they want you. They long to be near you and to be loved by you. And THAT will not last.

And that is why I have to remind myself daily that no matter how much I wish this phase would be over, someday I will miss this.