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Friday, December 18, 2009

Or Something

You know how there are funny/cute things that kids say… and then after they say them for a month straight they begin to be far less cute and much more annoying.

I am now at that point, I’ve been here many times before, but this one is the one I am thinking of now.

“Mommy, this is a toy or something”, “Mommy, I want water or something”, “Mommy, Jordan is crying or something”.

Now please keep in mind something does not actually mean the option of something else. If she asks for “water or something” and I give her juice she goes into a fit about how she wants water. “or something” is just something to say. I have no idea where she learned it and at one time it was quite funny to hear what she would randomly tag this “something” onto, but now it sorta drives me nuts.

Occasionally, she will say it correctly and actually mean it. This situation is rare, but it happens. So this is when it gets annoying! I love her, and she’s cute as ever, but I’m ready for the “or something” phase to pass.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Stinky Tale

My VERY Terribly Two Taylor (I made a mini poem) is a ball of energy every night right before bedtime; like I’m sure any other 2 year old is. A couple of nights ago in the midst of running around she came to sit on Daddy’s lap. Talking in her barely understandable language of missed and mispronounced words she went on and on about some story she felt the need to share. She stopped abruptly just as Daddy pushed the “talk” button on his keyboard that allowed 10 adults online hear what was spoken she said (clear as day) “Uh Oh, I think I have poopoo”. This statement was followed by chuckles and comments from those 10 other adults. A mixture of “how cute”, “gross”, and “somebody needs to change a diaper”.

I laughed.

Monday, November 30, 2009

A boy? A girl?

I am so terribly behind. I’m not very used to this blogging thing and actually making it consistent!

Justin is sick. Taylor is sick and terrible two. Jordan is sick and teething. I am not “sick” unless pregnancy counts…it should you can’t sleep, you pee all the time, and you throw up (or like me just gag a lot). Needless to say, it’s been a crazy, sleep deprived, and emotional week or so.

I am now 13 weeks-ish. The ‘ish’ is because the baby keeps measuring more or less then what I “should” be each time I go. My due date range is fluctuating between late May and mid June. It has something to do with the tear and nutrients/blood getting the baby. They are not sure if where the tear is or how big the tear is actually has any effect on the growth or not. The baby’s heart beat is strong and seems to be developing fine though. But still, every time I get the random and occasional gush of blood I can’t help but panic. I think I’ll feel better once I feel the baby moving for real (not the little flutters that could or could not be the baby). Knowing the baby is moving and still… well there… will be reassuring. I think.

I have decided, against Justin’s wishes, to keep the sex a secret, even from us. This is our last and final baby and I so desperately want a boy that I’m scared to get depressed and not enjoy my pregnancy. I figure I can’t be unhappy once I hold the baby…right? Here is my list of Pros and Cons

PRO: It will be fun to be surprised. Justin will get the chance to actually announce to everyone what we’re having. I won’t be sad when I find out it’s a girl. I won’t have to worry about getting a bunch of un-needed baby clothes (even if it’s a girl people feel the need to buy more clothes for you).

CON: If it’s a boy I won’t have a huge stash of clothes and will need to actually go shopping (or send somebody else shopping) a couple of weeks after he is born. Justin will be mad if I don’t find out.

What do you think YOU would do?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 7?

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! It’s time to fill everybody in!

On Friday October 2nd I realized I was late, which is actually normal for me, but I figured why not take a pregnancy test! Me and a couple of friends went on our lunch break to pick one up. It read positive within seconds.

On Monday October 5th I started spotting and although I knew it was ‘normal’ I went to urgent care after work on Tuesday just to check. The doctor said I was fine.

On Sunday October 11th the spotting had stopped by then and we were enjoying Jordan’s 1st birthday party. I was hugging some family goodbye and I felt like I peed on myself. I got frustrated at the thought of this happening so soon and headed to the bathroom to find not urine but blood. Me and Justin went to the hospital. We found out my placenta had partially detached and that I had to take things easy for 3 weeks to give it time to fix itself.

Wednesday October 14th I got an appointment with my doctor (first time meeting her) she was an amazing Christian woman, she told me she could not be my OB L because of some insurance/hospital drama going on. She said she would refer me after she made sure I was ok. Blood work that night, and Saturday, Ultrasound today, and appointment again tomorrow.

Overall, I’ve been nauseous 6/7 days a week pretty much all day. I haven’t actually gotten sick… just feel like I am going to be sick all the time. ::sigh:: I’m praying the constant nausea is a sign the baby is doing well. We’re praying for a boy again this time… first 2 times we weren’t so lucky haha, but 3rd times a charm…right?

My due date is June 1st if all goes well. I’ll keep you all up to speed as often as I remember! J

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Playing "Yee Haw"

Taylor likes her closet. I know…its odd, but she does.

She likes to climb in it, sit in it, hide in the clothes, take out all the clothes, and more recently take the bar out that holds the clothes.

When caught she smiles and says, I play yee haw mommy. Translated that means she sticks the small pole between her legs like that of a stick pony and runs around yelling YEE HAW!

This is the part where I walk out of the room appearing to be angry and quietly laugh and regain my composure before telling her how inappropriate that is. And sit with her as she slowly hangs each article of clothing commenting on the color or other random fact.

The odd part is… I think her closet fascination is spreading…

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Hubby's Fancy Footwork

On Saturday we went to Cynthe’s wedding and I was really excited when they announced that they were going to do swing dancing lessons since the bride and groom wanted everyone to swing with them!

I haven’t been swing dancing in ages and was so excited to get up and dance!

The lady that was helping teach the “lessons” was also the person sitting next to us during our meal. She asked me if she could dance with Justin because it had been awhile since she had gotten to dance too.

It was so cute! And so fun to dance and watch Justin get his groove on too with the nice lady!

AND Cynthe looked beautiful!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Little Fire Truck

It’s 11 PM, I just got into bed with a warm blanket and my eyes are closing… when what do I hear…


Don’t mistake the loudness and similar tone to be an actual fire engine, but merely to be how Jordan chooses to wake herself up in the middle of the night. Who does that?

I am not blessed with small whimpers or even soft whining before the storm. She goes from snoring to screaming in a second flat. A terrifying scream to anyone that is not used to it. It has happened more then once that a guest or relative (yes they are different a guest is invited a relative is obligated) is sitting holding a decent conversation when my little fire truck sounds the alarm:

Guest: Is she ok
Me: Yes
G: What’s wrong with her
M: she woke up
G: did she bump something
M: no, she just woke up
G: does she need something
M: no, she really just woke up

The solution is simple. Wait it a out a few minutes in which I can watch on my handy dandy nifty swifty video monitor as she lays back down, pouty lip and all. OR stuff a bottle in her mouth and watch the same outcome in far less time.

Jordan is my screamer. My lovely lovely screamer.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why 2 Year Olds Should See Violent Movies

Yesterday was Justin Day. What that means is his favorite number is 9 and it was 9/9/09. We were going to see a movie...

Justin and I sat by his computer looking at the preview for some new movie that had fighting, yelling, screaming etc. The entire 2 minute clip had commentary from our 2 year old Taylor:

Taylor: Oh No!
T: Be nice
T: Oh man!
::more punching::
T: They need to be nice!

I was laughing so very hard, I really have no idea what movie it was for because I couldn’t watch the screen. So I thought... How awesome would it be if she was there for the actual movie.

::serious scene of anger and violence::
a small voice breaks the tension in the room
Taylor: Oh man! They need to be nice.
laughter fills the room

I think it would be amazing. I will probably anger SO many people, but really, how awesome would that be! They really should just "play nice", right? :)