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Friday, October 29, 2010

When Messy Faces are Still Cute

Elijah will be 5 months old a week from today. My little man is growing! A couple of weeks ago we were sitting at the dinner table and while we were eating Elijah was just screaming away. Nothing would soothe him. It was one of those pull out your hair moments that left me feeling very overwhelmed. Not to mention since he was crying both girls were complaining that he was crying and telling me to fix it.

Was it teething? Was he hungry? I was stumped. Out of pure curiosity a made I tiny bowl of baby cereal to see if sucking on something a little thicker then milk might at least distract him for few moments of silence. I know it is way early to start him on food, but he loved it!

In the last two weeks he has gone to eating a couple meals a day of cereal and fruit. He kicks away in his little seat and coos and smiles the entire time. He loves to grub! Maybe it’ll help him bulk up a little too. (My kids run on the small side…go figure)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Roomate-aversary!

My best friend ever (Melisa Palomo) is an amazing photographer! She recently came to Jordan’s 2nd birthday party and graciously took photos of my whole family (immediate and extended). She is incredible and I can’t refer her enough to everyone I know.

I have a set of the pictures she took on my desktop and the photos here too (see above). Her real passion is pets and she does such a great job! I’ll make sure to include a link to her website at the end. Anyway, aside from her amazing photography she has the biggest heart.

I adore her and her husband Chris. They have gone out of their way for us several times and never once complain about it. They love to love and she is such a blessing to me. I sat here thinking today how it has been way too long since we have “hung out” its hard because she doesn’t live that close and 3 kids are a pain to tote around. Despite that I would trust her with ANYthing in my life. She tells me when I’m dumb and loves me when I just need a hug.

I just felt the need today to say I LOVE YOU MEL! I don’t know if its true or not, but I deem today, October 21st our 7 year best-friend-aversary or roooomate-aversary…I’m going to go with Roomate-aversary.

Happy 7th Roomate-aversary! I dub this day in 2003 the day we both decided we were true roommates!

For some reason my link is not working so her website is

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Laughing in the Rain

I felt like my posts since I have been back have been negative which doesn’t really reflect my life right now. Yes there are moments of frustration and anxiety, but I am happy!

I could list the numerous things going “wrong” right now from financial issues like finding out yesterday that Justin’s car needs new tires (checks wallet for $500 ::nope::) to medical problems like Taylor possibly needing a root canal because of her chipped tooth.

The funny thing is while I was driving to work this morning there was a small drizzle and I smiled at the rain. I love the rain. God’s gift to me is rain. It calms and refreshes me every time! It made me think of the saying “When it rains it pours” and I laughed at how chaotic and seemingly unmanageable my life is right now. I mean metaphorically speaking there’s a near monsoon in the life of the Davis’. However, I adore the rain.

This doesn’t mean that I like to live in chaos nor would I like to have it rain every day. Rain is so special to me because it is “rare”; so to are the times when my life is out of control and stressful. I know it sound odd, but I started thinking I need to enjoy these times in my life. I need to relax in the chaos and just let God work. In these times, when it pours, God is in complete control and shows his grace and beauty. God works in the rain and we leave these times refreshed.

I love the rain!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lack of Appreciation

I am not one that needs a pat on the back, but sometimes just getting the acknowledgement is good.

Two weekends ago was a 3 day weekend. Great for my personal life; not so great for work on Tuesday.

There was a small oversight by leadership at work that meant nobody was monitoring our messaging system. I caught that in the early morning and offered to help.

When a standard day has around 20 messages, 30 on a weekend you expect to have a few piled up, but there were 84. 84 messages. And who do you thing managed to get them all taken care of AND answer the phone during the day?

On Monday’s we have a meeting where you get “pats” for doing good things (you save them up to trade for like movie tickets and stuff). Not only did I not get a “pat” for working my butt off that day (which I could really care less about because I can’t go to the movie with 3 kids anyway) I didn’t get a thank you or acknowledgement at all. ::sigh:: the most I got was the day of when I said I finished I got a “wow”. That means they realized how practically impossible that was to do, but that’s it.

99% of the time I LOVE my job…some days I wonder if my effort is worth it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A No Raisin Day

About a week ago I started off my morning with a bowl of Raisin Bran. I poured my bowl and noticed as the crispy bran flakes came tumbling out not a single raisin came with them. At first I thought I had a defect box, but when I looked inside a plethora of raisins sat taunting me. It was a sign… it was going to be a bad day… and it was.

Although, there was no raisin pouring incident this morning it is definitely a no raisin day.

-I forgot to lock my desk last night which means I violated a policy (never a good thing)
-My account was overdrawn which means I get to pay a $20 NSF fee I can’t afford
-Since my account was overdrawn I now have a pending item on my account which means “leadership” will see my account was overdrawn which makes it even more embarrassing
-I had a phone call from somebody that didn’t make any sense and I think it should have so it feels like I dropped the ball somewhere along the line
-I got a letter in the mail from another person “thanking” me for doing something I cannot do, but now they expect me to do it
-I have a tummy ache
-And its only 8:00 AM

Today is a no Raisin Day

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Having 3 kids makes it very difficult to be bored. I mean there is always something going on until that time...

8PM 2/3 of my kids are asleep and Taylor likes to watch a movie of some sort (one that I have seen 100 times). So I sit her bored, so very bored.

I'm a self confessed nerd. I play WoW (World of Warcraft for the non-gamers). With a tight budget me and Justin have chosen to take a little time off so my evenings are empty.

If I read I fall asleep, I don't want to watch tv, and there aren't any computer games that I find very interesting right now. I really want to play WoW right now, but instead I sit staring at my facebook page and listen/talk to my WoW friends.

There is not much in life I dislike more then being bored.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Truthfully A Horrible Blogger

I’ve spent the last week catching up on reading the fabulous blogs of my fellow blogging mommies and realize how horrible I’ve been keeping up.

I haven’t posted anything since I left on maternity leave! Since most of you reading this also have facebook you know that I had my beautiful baby boy Elijah Corbin Davis on June 5th (Grandma Barbara’s Birthday!)

He looks just like Justin, it’s amazing and the girls have instantly grown to loving him… and hitting him and sitting on him and trying to pick him up by his head of course.

Taylor is helpful most of the time. She helps feed him on occasion and love to talk and smile at him. She gets very upset when he cries despite her efforts to comfort him which typically results in a crying baby and over expressive crying of a 3 year old.

Jordan is obnoxiously helpful. She will always bring him his blanket, bottle, pacifier etc… even when he doesn’t want it. He’s content and sleeping/cooing when she notices his pacifier in the other room and runs it to him like his life is dependent on the blue rubber contraption. She shoves it in his mouth because that’s where it belongs. This typically results in a screaming baby and Jordan running to us saying “oh no, oh no, baby crying” But its still cute.

The best part is the feeling of looking at my family and knowing (Lord willing) this is it. This is and always will be my complete family. Life can only get better from here as I watch them grow and mature. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for them and for us as we teach them the rights and wrongs, the good and bad, the truth and the light! I love it!

I will be trying to blog so much more. I really will. My goal is to write a blog during my breaks at work. This doesn’t mean I’ll pop one out a day, but however many breaks it takes to get it done 