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Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 7?

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! It’s time to fill everybody in!

On Friday October 2nd I realized I was late, which is actually normal for me, but I figured why not take a pregnancy test! Me and a couple of friends went on our lunch break to pick one up. It read positive within seconds.

On Monday October 5th I started spotting and although I knew it was ‘normal’ I went to urgent care after work on Tuesday just to check. The doctor said I was fine.

On Sunday October 11th the spotting had stopped by then and we were enjoying Jordan’s 1st birthday party. I was hugging some family goodbye and I felt like I peed on myself. I got frustrated at the thought of this happening so soon and headed to the bathroom to find not urine but blood. Me and Justin went to the hospital. We found out my placenta had partially detached and that I had to take things easy for 3 weeks to give it time to fix itself.

Wednesday October 14th I got an appointment with my doctor (first time meeting her) she was an amazing Christian woman, she told me she could not be my OB L because of some insurance/hospital drama going on. She said she would refer me after she made sure I was ok. Blood work that night, and Saturday, Ultrasound today, and appointment again tomorrow.

Overall, I’ve been nauseous 6/7 days a week pretty much all day. I haven’t actually gotten sick… just feel like I am going to be sick all the time. ::sigh:: I’m praying the constant nausea is a sign the baby is doing well. We’re praying for a boy again this time… first 2 times we weren’t so lucky haha, but 3rd times a charm…right?

My due date is June 1st if all goes well. I’ll keep you all up to speed as often as I remember! J

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