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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Stinky Tale

My VERY Terribly Two Taylor (I made a mini poem) is a ball of energy every night right before bedtime; like I’m sure any other 2 year old is. A couple of nights ago in the midst of running around she came to sit on Daddy’s lap. Talking in her barely understandable language of missed and mispronounced words she went on and on about some story she felt the need to share. She stopped abruptly just as Daddy pushed the “talk” button on his keyboard that allowed 10 adults online hear what was spoken she said (clear as day) “Uh Oh, I think I have poopoo”. This statement was followed by chuckles and comments from those 10 other adults. A mixture of “how cute”, “gross”, and “somebody needs to change a diaper”.

I laughed.

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