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Friday, September 11, 2009

My Little Fire Truck

It’s 11 PM, I just got into bed with a warm blanket and my eyes are closing… when what do I hear…


Don’t mistake the loudness and similar tone to be an actual fire engine, but merely to be how Jordan chooses to wake herself up in the middle of the night. Who does that?

I am not blessed with small whimpers or even soft whining before the storm. She goes from snoring to screaming in a second flat. A terrifying scream to anyone that is not used to it. It has happened more then once that a guest or relative (yes they are different a guest is invited a relative is obligated) is sitting holding a decent conversation when my little fire truck sounds the alarm:

Guest: Is she ok
Me: Yes
G: What’s wrong with her
M: she woke up
G: did she bump something
M: no, she just woke up
G: does she need something
M: no, she really just woke up

The solution is simple. Wait it a out a few minutes in which I can watch on my handy dandy nifty swifty video monitor as she lays back down, pouty lip and all. OR stuff a bottle in her mouth and watch the same outcome in far less time.

Jordan is my screamer. My lovely lovely screamer.

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