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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why 2 Year Olds Should See Violent Movies

Yesterday was Justin Day. What that means is his favorite number is 9 and it was 9/9/09. We were going to see a movie...

Justin and I sat by his computer looking at the preview for some new movie that had fighting, yelling, screaming etc. The entire 2 minute clip had commentary from our 2 year old Taylor:

Taylor: Oh No!
T: Be nice
T: Oh man!
::more punching::
T: They need to be nice!

I was laughing so very hard, I really have no idea what movie it was for because I couldn’t watch the screen. So I thought... How awesome would it be if she was there for the actual movie.

::serious scene of anger and violence::
a small voice breaks the tension in the room
Taylor: Oh man! They need to be nice.
laughter fills the room

I think it would be amazing. I will probably anger SO many people, but really, how awesome would that be! They really should just "play nice", right? :)

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  1. I look forward to reading your stories! I liked your post on your other blog about waking up to the smell of "popcorn" in your face!