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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Miss...

Jordan is the CUTEST ever right now! She says and does the most amazing things and I wonder sometimes how my girls can be so vastly different with the same parents, and the same rules.

Jordan is…

Little Miss Polite – always says please, thank you, ‘welcome (you’re welcome) even if she get’s them mixed up.
Jordan: drink please
Me: here you go
Jordan: thank you, welcome

Little Miss Mom – always bringing us Elijah’s toys, blanket, bottle, diaper, socks; even when we don’t need them.
Elijah just finished his bottle and I stick it on the counter while I go lay him down. I turn around and Jordan is holding the empty bottle to his mouth “here go ‘Lijah”

Little Miss Organized – A place for everything and everything in its place. She does NOT like things out of place. Without telling her she places items where she thinks they belong.
Justin had his glasses off while he played with Elijah and Jordan brought them to him (hands on each lenses) trying to put them back on his face.

Little Miss Clean – Granted, she’s still a kid and her toys can be ANYwhere, but trash, crumbs, and a ‘dirty booty’ won’t do.
Jordan sits to go potty (she is mostly potty trained at 2years 2 months!), she get’s up and says “yucky booty mommy!”
Jordan also throws anything she thinks is trash away… I’m pretty sure we’ve lost a few important things into the black abyss.

Little Miss Antagonizer – She knows buttons and how to push them to test her limits.
I’m pretty sure her favorite pastime is seeing how upset she can make Taylor. I mean Taylor is quite the drama queen and anything can send her into a fit of tears or frustration, but Jordan knows just the right buttons to push. Jordan will take something of Taylor’s and back away teasing her with it OR run and hide with it under our legs laughing mischievously as we hear Taylor screaming “noooo Jordan”

Little Miss Clumsy – there is not a door, wall, refrigerator, couch she has not run into or a toy, sock, carpet, she hasn’t tripped over. Best part is she’s a TANK! She gets up and keeps going blood and all.

Little Miss Lover – she gives the best hugs and kisses!
Jordan has the perfect way of just cuddling with us that makes you feel so comforted. I don’t know how she does it, but that 2 year old can brighten my day with her perfect little hug and tender kisses (or butterfly kisses – which she thinks means hitting her cheek against your face).

She’s an amazing middle child that holds her own in the house. I know she won’t be ‘forgotten’ or ‘left out’ of anything.

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