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Monday, December 6, 2010

On the Move

Elijah is on the move. Granted he’s moving like he’s blindfolded, underwater, and slightly intoxicated, but he’s moving.

By moving I don’t mean crawling though. He’s scooting and launching himself to get to his desired (not so desired) location. I am not even sure if he means to do it or if is actually ending up where he hopes, but he’s moving.

How he moves:

-He gets on his hands and knees and throws himself toward something he wants
-With head down and butt up he plows himself forward
-He rolls and twists his way somewhere... I don’t even think he knows where he’s headed
-He sits up, but that’s not really moving until he falls over after about 5 minutes

He turned 6 months yesterday! (Dec 5th) and he is moving. My baby boy is growing too fast! Knowing this is our last makes these milestones that much sweeter. Sorry no pictures yet, I’ll work on that.

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