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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Things I will Miss

I know its not like my kids are 10 and out of this phase yet, but living in the moments now I try to remind myself daily…someday I will miss this.

Jordan every morning standing on the toilet next to the sink “telling me” what to do to get ready next
Jordan: Mommy did you go potty?
Me: Yes
Jordan: Brush your teeth!
Me: ::as I’m brushing::
Jordan: Make up time!
Me: ::pulls out eyeliner::
Jordan: Is that for grownups?
Me: Yes ::pulls out blush::
Jordan: Can I have some?
Me: ::puts a dab on each of her cheeks and pulls out eye shadow::
Jordan: Can I have sparkles?
Me: ::puts a dab on each of her eyes and grabs deodorant::
Jordan: Me too! :: puts arms in the air to expose her arm pits and runs to get my shoes for me::
Me: Thank you baby.
Jordan: Don’t forget to kiss daddy, and Taylor, and Elijah!

I miss this

Taylor tells me things. Her little brain is using her version of logic. She’s connecting the pieces of information she has to make choices (not always good ones). Sometimes the things she say make sense if you think about it in a 4 year old world. Other times she just says really weird things.

::before going to bed:: Mommy, I know the rules. First if Jordan drops her animals to me don’t pick them up (Jordan is on the top bunk so we don’t want them to “play”). Two, don’t play in the bathroom if I go potty. Three, stay in bed. That’s three rules, that’s a lot of rules.

::before going to bed:: Taylor: Mommy, I can pray to Jesus all by myself and make him so happy!
Me: Yes you can
Taylor: Yeah, cuz you forgot

Taylor: Mom, you’re the best
Me: No, you’re the best
Taylor: Ok I’m the best, you can be second

::on the way to cubbies/Awana:: Taylor: Oh no! Mom they (church) forgot to take my picture for my Cubbie book!! (for Cubbies they put the picture in the front of their books)
Me: It’s ok, Mommy and Daddy are going to put the pictures in your book
Taylor: At our old church we went to last day they took my picture for my book
Me: But this time we are going to
Taylor: Well, we better go to our old Cubbies so they can take a picture first

I will miss this

I will miss cuddles
I will miss late night additions to my bed
I will miss the scream of joy when I walk through the door after work
I will miss when a Kiss makes everything better
I will miss when I “chase” them and they stop to be caught
I will miss this time and all that it is.

For all you parents of young kids you know it’s not easy. It is probably the MOST difficult time that you have to go through with kids. I mean, after all, you are molding them into people. But even in this most frustrating time they want you. They long to be near you and to be loved by you. And THAT will not last.

And that is why I have to remind myself daily that no matter how much I wish this phase would be over, someday I will miss this.

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