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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Munchie

Munchie – A nickname given to you buy your Aunt Genny a few hours after you were born and it fits perfectly.

Today you are 3! Well, you’ll be 3 in a few hours. Right now you are only mostly 3.

You are tiny package of fearlessness and stubbornness. You like to see what you can do – even if that means doing something you shouldn’t like climbing on top of the T.V.

You love to help and get super excited at the littlest things. Your face lights up when you are about to tell us something “exciting” – granted your face lights up about 30 seconds before your brain can get the words out drawing out the moment.

I recently tried to explain to a friend of mine at work – you. Who are you? Here is what I said (roughly):

Jordan is the pretty-pretty tom boy. She will be the kid wearing a princess dress, necklaces and a huge crown while sitting in a mud puddle digging for worms. She will have painted nails and makeup while tackling another kid. She will do anything of her that you ask when are looking – and do everything you ask her not to do when you aren’t looking. She will love you unconditionally and if you get upset – she’ll try harder (unless you are asking her to clean her room). She picks up on things you like and don’t like. And uses it to her advantage. She knows what buttons to push to get a reaction when she wants it, and she knows what kind of hugs to give or words to say when she wants to get a smile.

Tradition will continue and we will make a cake tonight (that you get to decorate with all the frosting and sprinkles (sparkles as you call them) your little – big heart desires. We’ll make a mess and enjoy your day.

You may be the middle child, but God gave you the personality to stand out in a very special way. I love you baby girl!

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