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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I know I promised something more fun and entertaining, but I’m a liar today.  Today I am feeling rather broken – well actually the brokenness has been slowly creeping in over the last week (granted a good portion of that is probably just those psycho hormones that we women have to deal with).

There are a million blogs about this topic.  I know for a fact I will not bring anything new to the table.  I will not be writing some incredible blog that changes the world – I’ll likely not change the mind of anyone.  But none-the-less, when I get emotional – I write.  So, this is me, writing.

I am Pro-Life.  I am NOT anti-woman.  I am NOT anti-choice.

I am NOT anti-choice
You have every right to make whatever choices you want.  God created us to make our own choices.  He allows us to decide whatever we want.  It just happens that because you make a choice – it doesn’t make it the RIGHT choice.  Right choice? Yes.  Choices are right or wrong.  RIGHT choices are the choices we are MADE to make.  Because we are MADE by God, IN HIS IMAGE.  So, I support you in your free will to make the RIGHT or the WRONG choice.  But because of my love for you (I mean really – I love you) I want to see all of my friends/family make the RIGHT choices.  And sadly, the RIGHT choices are NOT relative.  TRUTH is not relative.  Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it relative.  Playing in the street is not safe (TRUTH) even if don’t think it is a big deal since you think its OK/Safe (until you get hit by a car and it’s too late).  I am NOT anti-Choice.  I just know that not all choices are the right choices.

I am NOT anti-woman
I am a woman.  Woman rock.  Do you know the things our bodies can do?!  Do you know the flood of emotions we have to process every day and still act like normal human beings? We are rock stars! However, we are NOT men.  We are different.  We do NOT deserve less, but we are different.  We process things differently.  Our bodies do things differently.  We have a different role to play in life and that is OK.  Not everyone is a doctor.  That is OK.  I made to follow my husband’s authority.  That is OK.  I don’t want the burden he has.  It’s his job to make the choices for his family, to lead, protect, provide.  That’s a LOT of responsibility I am glad I don’t have.  And a “submissive wife” doesn’t mean I’m all “yes dear” or, “as you wish dear”.  I support him.  I offer advice.  I help him in the decision making.  I pray for him.  I take care of things so he can focus on the big stuff.  We work together, but in the end, it is his choice to make (and his neck on the line if it goes awry).  I am NOT anti-woman.  I just know we are different – not lesser – just different.

I am Pro-Life
Wait, isn’t this anti-choice? Well no.  Make your choices, it is your right to.  But EVERYONE should be able to make their own choices.  You should NOT be able to take away somebody’s choice.  That baby in you is a life.  A life that deserves the right to make their own choices.  I don’t care the circumstances that made that life, it is still a life.  You have a choice not to be part of the life of that baby.  Being pregnant does NOT ruin/end your life.  But killing a baby – well that ruins/ends their life.  That removes their choice to life or death.  So, I will continue to fight for their life while so many deem them unworthy to live it.  Because they can’t fight their own battle.  Because a 2-year-old being beaten to death and fetus being torn from the womb are not different.  They are lives, too young to be able to stand up for themselves.  Lives that deserve the right to make their own choices.  It is NOT your right to make the choice of life/death for them. 

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