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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chaos - The World of Children

On Wednesday’s Justin leaves right when I get home to head to worship practice. This means I go from a long work day straight to dinner making, dish doing, and girl bathing with no break. Not that big of deal, it’s only one night a week.

I had finished the above mentioned rotation of child caring duties and noticed the girl’s room was a MESS. Instead of getting upset like I usually do I just figured with the mass amount of homework my husband has I should just keep my frustration to myself and clean it up.

Now home for 2 hours with no break to breathe I decided to sit with the girls in color. If you know what it’s like to try to get a 16 month old and 3 year old to sit still, not tear paper, not eat crayons, and share… you know this too was a trying task. Why did I pick it? I think my brain turned off and I didn’t think it through. I pushed through my tiredness and just tried to enjoy the slightly whiney girl time.

Then, lo and behold, our door opens to my mom saying that our “cousins” are here! I don’t know what my cousin’s kids are actually to my daughters, but cousins works : )

The kids had a blast!! They had so much fun running around and pulling out all the toys they own to show to their little cousins. That’s right… all of their toys. The once clean room looked a lot like it did when I first came home and I didn’t have the time to make the girls clean it up since it was well passed Jordan’s bedtime by the time everything settled down.

Needless to say, when Justin asked me later on that night after he got home why I seemed moody all I could do was sigh.

But it was a pretty fun night : )

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