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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just an Update

I swear I’ve started to write something about 20 times and got too distracted to finish! Here’s an update…

I am 25 Weeks and 2 Days Pregnant :) That puts me in the end of my second trimester.

This pregnancy started out rough. Super nauseous, the tear/bleeding, slow baby growth, but everything seems to have leveled out now!

The tear is healed, no more bleeding, the baby is still a little smaller then he should be so they moved my due date to June 6th (from June 1st), but with my history… I’ll be delivering around June 1st or earlier anyway.

I feel a lot better! Trying to deal with a nasty cold without medicating myself like crazy, but I’m not AS tired, nauseous, or achy. A few of the typical things like sore back and feet and naps during the day to push me through.

Taylor seems to understand a lot more this time and even tells people where her baby brother is when we are out on occasion. Tay switches what the “babies name” is from Charlie to Jessica often. I’m trying to convince Justin to just decide on a name so we can start teaching her the real name. We’re leaning towards Elijah I think! I love “Eli” for a nickname. Jordan is clueless of course.

The kids will all be sharing a room so we are trying to figure out a way to get it all organized and make the furniture fit. My dad and Justin built a bunk bed for the girls. I love it! We also repainted so the new bedding will match (messy bed picture below…without the new bedding yet :) - New bedding pictures down there too!)

Overall, we’re really excited and I feel like this pregnancy is lasting 20x longer then the other too. I think it’s the excitement of knowing this is our last kid… our family is about to be complete!

I have a little anxiety about being forced (due to stupid insurance changes) the doctor that delivered both of my girls and going to a new hospital. I LOVE Pomona Valley Hospital and so far I am very unimpressed with San Antonio and I’m scared the experience won’t be as nice as what it was with the first two.

That’s about it. I swear I’ll try to have more updates!

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