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Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Blakes-Giving

Every year (I think 5 years now) the Blakes have a Thanksgiving Potluck at their house the weekend before Thanksgiving. It is wonderful! Amazing food, great friends, and this year… lots of babies!

Ali (the female half of the Blake household) was due the same day I was due with Elijah. It was so fun to be able to experience the journey with her and be exactly as far along as her. We would both get our email updates at work with “how big baby is” and look over our cubicle walls at each other and talk about them.

There was many an email between us comparing items on our baby registries from what was the best price to the cutest colors. The best part was once maternity leave started and the anticipation of “who would pop first”

The answer was… neither. Our boys would NOT come out! We both had to be induced to get the new babies out. Ali delivered her handsomely, adorable son Caedmon on June 3rd and on June 5th my doctor forced out my little guy.

This Blakes-Giving was the first time our boys got to meet. It was so amazing to me to see them interact… practically the same exact age. So different and so similar. I sure wish I lived closer so they could spend more time together, but the time we did have was still awesome.

Blakes-Giving is a great way to start of this holiday season. Of course some pictures of the little guys are below. Elijah on the left and Caedmon on the right.

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