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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mini Him

Until today I had I never seen a baby picture of Justin. So first, THANK YOU to my mom-in-law for scanning me this picture!!

Secondly, seriously, can you tell the difference?! (I mean minus the color difference in an old print version vs a digital picture)

I always tell Justin he’s conceited every time he compliments Elijah and calls him cute… this is my proof!


  1. Oh my they look like the same kid!!!!

  2. Umm Yah ... Elijah is pretty much Justin's twin ... Wow!

  3. How adorable! And I thought my kids looked like my husband!

  4. This actually quite scary....

  5. yep that likeness is prity scary. ohh well at least you dont have to worry about him when he grows up. and raych id just like to comment on "the 5 davis' i only see 4 of you posted up there. granted justin and elijah look the same but one is a bit older