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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Quarter Tank Miracle

I love how God can speak to us… here is my story of the week (and a half).

Last Wednesday, my gas tank was at a quarter tank. I don’t get paid until this Friday (over a week later) and knew a quarter tank will only last me 1 day, 2 if there is NO traffic.

Almost a week later, I still have a quarter tank. It’s the little ways that God provides that show me how much he adores me. Furthermore, this got me to thinking about the story in the bible where a prophet asked a widow to make him a loaf of bread with the last of her oil and flour and how it was replenished every day so that she never ran out. Of course I had to try to figure out who the prophet was AND the verses in the bible so I could blog about it!

I have to admit the results left me slightly embarrassed… The story if Elijah and the Widow at Zaraphath. I mean seriously… I named my son after this guy and didn’t remember his name from the story! Although embarrassed this just adds an even more precious element to the story for me. My quarter tank has not yet run out (unless my gas gage is broken!) and the story in the bible that it is related to is the prophet my son was named after.

My God is Good!

Elijah and the Widow at Zaraphath

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