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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Growing Kids the BabyWise Way?

Three kids is a lot, and at times slightly overwhelming, but generally my kids are really well behaved. I mean they are kids so of course they have their moments, but I’ve been told they are good kids.

That being said I want to make them better kids. I struggle with meal times and bed times EVERYday and on some days they are not at all well behaved (tantrums, testing limits, hitting, screaming, the works!).

Justin has agreed to read something to help us in these areas. We want a pattern/routine that helps us stay consistent as well as make these hard times easier for us and the kiddos. I just don’t know which book to read and definitely don’t want to read through more then one (my time is super limited and Justin has a short attention span for these types of things). I have heard really good things about Growing Kids God’s Way and Babywise/Toddlerwise/Childwise. I now just need advice.

The “wise” series – From my understanding does not have a biblical basis and it would be really nice to have something with scripture to back it up. Is it too late to start? My oldest is 4 and I have only heard of mom’s doing this series from birth.

The Growing Kids series – I like that this series has a “Biblical” basis, but some of the reviews I am reading say the author is using twisted context for verses to prove their unethical points of spanking a child with a “stick” which I am of course opposed to. Spanking is fine, but my hand is sufficient and if the author is trying to push more I don’t know if I can take the rest of the text as “good” advice.

The third option – I don’t know, give me ideas! Haha

Any suggestions?


  1. We use the Baby Wise books/philosophy (mostly). But we were introduced to it before Brendan was born. I bet it is never too late. The thing you have to be aware is that there is a lot of people out there that are hard-core BabyWise. You have to find a balance of works best with your family. Even the book talks about making it work for your family. It is about scheduling and routine, but if you have a sitter, you can't expect them to follow everything you do, so it has some give & take. I know I could be more diligent about it, but it is all about coming together as a family unit and not one member running the rest. Sorry I am writing a book now, let me know if you want to talk more about it!

  2. I've heard that the original babywise manuscript incorporated more Christian principles/scripture and was edited out to be published by a non-Christian company. One of the main principles of that series is that it is parent centered. It begins be explaining that the best thing you can do for your children is have a healthy marriage. I believe that to be a great beginning (and coherent with scripture).

    Regarding the scheduling I've found it to be nearly fool-proof. Strong words, I know. I truly believe babies and kids thrive with a routine and predictability. That's not to say that each day turns out perfectly, but it does provide a consistent norm in their lives.

    I hope y'all find a system that works for your family!