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Monday, October 6, 2014

HELP ME WIN! Seriosuly...

I’ve bragged several times about the place I work.  Because I love it.  Seriously.  I’m not paid to say I love it (I am PAID, but that is for doing my actual job) I just honestly love it.
We are currently doing a big push to employees to offer friends and family AMAZING rates on savings account and certificates.  To be honest, even our checking account pays an interest rate higher than a lot of savings accounts (my mom’s savings account at Chase makes less than a checking account at ECCU!)
So, I want to offer you all the crazy awesome rate!  Sure there’s the checking account here (again that will probably earn you a higher rate than your “standard” savings account at your existing bank), but what I’m talking about is even better (do both if you so wish). 

Do you see those rates?!
I dare you to go to your bank and find comparable rates on the same type of account!  Family will automatically qualify (just tell them you are related to me) and friends can qualify through their church! 
I can make this even better.  You get a high rate and while your money is making money ECCU gets to fund amazing ministries and missionaries worldwide! 
AND IT GETS BETTER!! So you get high rates, we get to fund missionaries around the world, AND you can help me win cool prizes!   As part of this effort to offer YOU great rates, the employee (that’s me) can win prizes like wearing jeans to work all week ::happy dance::  If you don’t know how awesome that is you may not have to wear slacks or dresses/skirts to work every day like I do. 
1.       Help me (Rachael Davis) win cool prizes

2.       Help fund missionaries and churches around the world

3.       Earn high interest on your money
To get this great offer you must go to (watch the cool video - not required by pretty darn cool).  You can apply online and use the code ECCU4 to get the great rates (and get me credit for cool prizes).
EVERYTHING can be done online and you can easily (and FREEly) transfer money to and from ECCU to another bank as needed.
No excuses.  Go now. 
And for any of you with large sums of money – have no fear.  ECCU is federally insured.

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