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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Welbehr Wedding

This year for us has been the year of weddings.  It hasn’t been since 2006-2007 that we had so many weddings to go to.

Granted, its only 4 weddings, but when you are actually PART of the wedding it feels like 20. This year (including the 1 wedding we have left) has resulted in:
1.       A drive to Fresno (well…Clovis, but pretty much the same thing)

2.       A drive to San Diego

3.       Justin being a Best Man

4.       Justin being a Groomsman

5.       Elijah being  a Ring”Bear” x2

6.       Jordan being a Flower Girl
I am definitely not complaining.  They have all (and I’m sure will be) amazing weddings for some of our dearest friends.  But to be honest (which is really why you blog) the last wedding was one of the best weddings ever.
First of all, it was for Sam and Tiffany.  If you don’t know who they are, you should. 
Sam is Justin’s best friend and Justin probably likes Sam more than me most of the time.  I’m ok with that – granted I had to accept that fact as part of my marriage to Justin.  Sam was just part of the package.  I have so many stories I’d like to share about Sam, but I feel that it is probably not in theme with the “wedding” blog, so they’ll come another day.
Then there’s Tiff.  I love her.  As my husband’s rather odd but pretty epic Best Man Toast mentioned: She was able to put up with Sam’s over-analization (yes I made that up) of their relationship AND she passed the “Porch Test” with flying colors (if you don’t know what the Porch Test click here).
So, the wedding was awesome because it was for 2 amazing people. 
It wasn’t your average wedding.  The wedding involved 3 pastors and a hour glass (awesome).  The Davis' made it into the vows! The Ring”Bear” carried a bear, not a pillow.  To get the Bride and Groom to kiss at the wedding you had to lip sync and dance to a song (There are videos...awesome videos).  There was a s’more station instead of a “cake” (which gave Tommy the chance to make an amazing shot with skewer).  The music was all 80’s all the time (well except the 1 swing song they threw in for me – Thanks for looking out guys).
My super sexy husband was the best man AND my son was a stinking adorable Ring”Bear” (also another How I Met Your Mother Reference) AND there were so many of my favorite people/friends there.
So I hope you see why it was such a Legen-wait for it-dary wedding (I felt I had to throw in at least 1 more reference to How I Met Your Mother).  I apparently did a horrible job at getting pictures and only got these few – but Elijah is adorable and makes up for my lack of other pictures.  Although, seeing how I didn’t get a picture of me at all, I say Sam and Tiff should have to dress back up in the wedding garb so I can get a picture with the Bride and Groom.
The Rehearsal Dinner


The Wedding

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