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Friday, October 3, 2014

Chubby Babies

I don’t know if you know this, but my kids are skinny.  Like crazy tiny.  They were always that way.  They were born tiny and stayed tiny.  Which sort of sucked because who doesn’t love a nice chubby baby.  There is something awesome about squeezing those chubby little legs and kissing those chubby little cheeks.
So I’ve had to go elsewhere to get my chubby baby fix.  Luckily, I had some friends that had gorgeously chubby babies that they let me love on (and they have a new one on the way!!)
All of this to say it was no surprise that Ann Ann was born a tiny baby.  That’s what my body does, it grows tiny babies.
So you’ll imagine my shock to see her and find she is in fact a CHUBBY BABY!  She has huge kissable cheeks and lots of cushion.  Sadly, because I am sick I didn’t get to hold her ::insert 2 year old type tantrum here::
Between head lice (yeah…another story for later) and colds we had to cancel a dinner with them and my WHOLE family.  Super bummed.
Even more so because they are leaving on Wednesday back to China.  An for being pretty un-emotional through this whole process I suddenly find myself quite emotional.
Not the type of emotional that you may think.  I’m not suddenly having attachment problems.  I am just suddenly realizing part of my family is moving half way around the world.
This little girl and her mommy and daddy are part of my family now.  In this amazingly unique way, and in 5 days the will be on a plane heading to China.  That is weighing on me more than I thought it would. 
LUCKILY, the new surrogate they hired got her positive pregnancy test this week so they’ll be back in next year for the delivery of the new baby.  Yay!
For now, enjoy these pictures of my chub-elicious Asian baby.

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