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Monday, January 5, 2015

So Sayith Tay, Jay, and Eli #7

Who has a birthday coming up?

Taylor: Me

Jordan: Taylor

Elijah: Mine

Who would you want for your birthday?

Taylor: Elsa dress

Jordan: I want a hello kitty robot

Elijah: A train that flies.  A remote control train.

What do you want to get Taylor for her birthday?

Taylor: (N/A)

Jordan: Elsa doll

Elijah: A barbie doll that has music.

Who do you think Taylor wants for her birthday?

Taylor: (N/A)

Jordan: A Elsa doll

Elijah: A choo train that flies with a tramote (remote).

What kind of birthday party should Taylor have?

Taylor: Elsa and Ana

Jordan: A princess party

Elijah: With a cupcake and candy.  And me candy too.

What kind of birthday cake should Taylor have?

Taylor: Elsa cake - ice and blueberry flavor

Jordan: Elsa cake - rainbow one

Elijah: A singing barbie doll cake - vanilla.

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