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Monday, January 26, 2015

That One Time...With The Things

There have been things happening.  All sorts of things.
Exciting Things!
Sad Things
Disgusting Things
Painful Things
Funny Things
My blog updating has become rare.  I assume by now most of my “followers” have stopped really paying attention.  And that is ok (makes me a little sad, but I’ll get over it).
In the last few months there have been holidays and birthdays.  There have been vacations and work.
So so so much work.
There have been illnesses.
So so much illness…seriously: Lice (x2), Pin Worm, Pink Eye, Ear Infections, some random illness that has caused fevers in my kids for several days at a time, colds, head to toe hives, and something else I am likely missing.  I have somehow managed to avoid most of it (minus the constant nausea from a new medication).
But as some new exiting things are new and fresh I have felt the need to express it.  And in looking at my poor neglected blog realizing SO MANY THINGS I’VE MISSED?!
·         HoliDavis (How did not post?!)

·         Taylor’s 8th Birthday (and party)

·         A Promotion at work

·         Signing with new iP (intended parents) for another surrogacy
I’m not even going to try and catch up.  And that is hard.  But at this point the fun details have probably buried themselves deep in my aging/exhausted/mother brain and nobody wants to dig around in there.  You never know what you’ll get.  So that list is all you’ll get and a “yeah, I forgot to blog about it”.
Hopefully Taylor will forgive me someday when’s she 70 and realizes her mother had a blog (by then I assume a blog will be the current generations version of a note written with a quill, sealed with wax, and sent via horseback a town over).  And then she realized her mother forgot and then her mother decided to just not blog about her celebrations of being alive for 8 years.  Maybe.
What I will tell you is that in the very near future I will update you on Surrogacy Round 2 (also known as SR2…not really, but it makes it sound more like a movie and I was born to be star).

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