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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I Am Rather Fond of Olives

Yes I know I haven’t updated you.  And I realize that for most of you that means you do not know the quantity of children currently residing my gut.  

Before I answer the questions, which is why I know you are reading, I am going to make you suffer through the explanation of WHY I’m making you wait.

Because I’m sick, busy, and tired.

Sorry that took so long to explain.  I’m surprised you are even still reading.  I could explain that by sick I mean nauseous almost all the time except when the medication I’m taking decides to kick in giving me a few hours of relief throughout my day.  I could tell you work has been insanely busy and I am working through every extra moment I have so no blog time.  I could tell you that I’m exhausted because I’m not eating nearly enough (ie nausea) AND the medication I’m on causes severe drowsiness AND I’m so busy I’m not resting.

But I won’t tell you all of that now.

I’ll instead tell you that a week ago as I watched the ultrasound move across the screen I saw Baby A with her strong heartbeat (as of today she is 1.8CM big and heartrate of 164 bpm).

I then saw, what last week was an empty sac, a small little being and her fluttering heart.  Baby B is not far behind her sister at 1.7CM and a heartrate of 159 bpm.

So there it is.  Two babies.  Two olive sized girls squirming and growing.



  1. Congratulations. BIG HUGE congratulations! I have wonderful, amazing identical twin daughters, now aged 9. It's an extraordinary experience. I've added your blog to our list of blogs of parents expecting multiples at Welcome to a wonderful, wonderful world!

  2. (Got so excited about twins that I forgot to say anything about surrogacy.) You know the gift you're giving, so I don't need to say it, but I will. You are a wonderful, generous spirit. There's no greater gift.