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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Twin Story (Part 1)

So, you know the kind of guilt you feel when you see somebody you REALLY miss in passing and you think “Man, I’d love to hang out with them”.  Then you realize you’re busy and think “I’ll plan something later”…then later turns to months and at that point you’d feel like an idiot saying “Hey…remember I said we’d hang out sometime and I NEVER followed up”.

Well, that’s this blog.  Things…so many things… where to even start?  I don’t even have a good excuse for a whole month of it because I was literally DOING NOTHING for an entire month.

So even though you all know I figured I’d start there.

My last post was all about how in general life was good.  Busy, but good.  Only 1 week after my last post I went in for my standard OB appointment.  The usual “how are you feeling, any problems, ok let’s do a quick ultrasound and you can go home”.

Except the ultrasound was not quick.  The doctor looked at the babies – they were squirming an kicking each other in the face.  She checked my cervix…and paused.

Her face went from smile to serious and her calmest voice she asked, “Have you felt any contractions?”

Me: no

Her: if you look here, your cervix is funneling.  2 weeks ago you were at a 4…now you are at a 1.5.

Me: ::confused look::

Her: I’m going to hook you up to a monitor for an hour or so.  You will NOT be going back to work.  The question at this point is whether you will be on bed rest at home or in the hospital, but since you aren’t feeling contractions you can probably go home.

Me: ::pure shock.  I nod and get ready to move to the monitoring room::

After 30 minutes of monitoring she came back in and said I had had 3 contractions while sitting there.  I wasn’t feeling them though so they weren’t “strong” ones.  She said they were going to admit me to the hospital overnight and run a couple of tests.  

I sat in the wheel chair being pushed through the halls to my “overnight” room and thought… “One night…I can handle 1 night”

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