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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Twin Story (Part 5)

27 weeks, 3 days I was FINALLY getting my glucose test.  Before getting this test I was told that I would FAIL – because when you have twins it is very likely you will have gestational diabetes AND when you are bed rest the test isn’t very accurate because you aren’t on “normal” activity. 

So I failed.  And for the first time in my 3 weeks in the hospital I full all sobbed.  I know…gestational diabetes is not that big of deal.  It was just that final thing… I just finally broke.  My calmness took a 10 minute vacation right as the shift change and my new nurse, Maria, walked in, asked “how are you today” and I…just…broke

She was awesome.  She showed me the whole finger pricking process and told me that I would be seeing a diabetic consultant the next day and that I should ask for a “take home” tester because they hurt less than the hospital ones.  This small suggestion from the nurse knocked me out of my funk and the calmness returned.

I met with a dietitian and argued with her.  You see – I have a blood disorder that causes anemia that cannot be treated with iron pills.  So I have to eat iron rich foods.  Vitamin C helps you absorb the iron in foods.  She was telling me I couldn’t have any Oranges/Orange juice (which is what I needed for the vitamin C).  She finally agreed to allow it every-other-meal.

So a couple of days into my finger pricking days – Week 27, Day 5 – I woke up at 6AM like always and was feeling a tad nauseous.  This is not uncommon for me. 

I forced myself to eat about half of my breakfast and my stomach was like “STOP!”

I went to the bathroom and emptied my bladder (a quite frequent occurrence) and as I stoop my stomach got revenge.  All of the contents of my stomach decided to evacuate briskly (I’m glad I was already in the bathroom or the rest of the story would have been much messier).  As the food made it’s exit I felt a tiny little gush in my lady bits.  I thought…UGH I peed on myself (again a quite frequent occurrence when you are pregnant).

I walked back to my bed and was suddenly hit with a flood of fear.  I had JUST peed.  How did I pee on myself?

As I sat in bed and hooked myself back up to the monitors my doctor came in and asked how things were.  I told her – I told her what just happened and she was confident I had peed on myself (like I said this happens ALL THE TIME).  To be safe, she’d do a swab to test for “water” (amniotic fluid).
She got me in position and immediately told the nurse she didn’t need the swab “your bag of waters is actually hanging out of your cervix.   You are about 5 cm dilated and you are going to have these babies today”

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