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Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Justin

Today my hubby turned 28! I thought about a billion (or five) different ways to write a post based on him and decided to make this blog dedicated to him and the things he does in his sleep…

Top Five Sleeping Moments

5. Don’t Tell My Wife – he whispers things in his sleep to somebody that is usually followed up by “don’t tell my wife” or “don’t tell Rachael”.
“I ate a chipmunk, but don’t tell my wife”
“I killed a zombie, but don’t tell Rachael”
“PANTS! I hate pants, but don’t tell my wife…”

4. The Black Eye – probably maybe a week after our wedding I woke up to a elbow in the eye. Not like he was just rolling over, but like he was slamming down an opponent with his elbow. I had a black eye for a few days…it was great! (sarcasm of course)

3. The Sacrifice – One night while sleeping Justin was having a conversation with “zombies”. This was back when our only child was Taylor. Here is what I heard:
“don’t eat me, don’t eat me! I don’t taste good”
“here, eat Taylor!”
He turned his head to the side as if whispering to somebody
“don’t worry I’ll shoot ‘em in the head before they take a bite”

2. Who? – Justin has very graciously taken the role of getting up with the kids during the week nights (and most weekends) since I have to be up at 5AM. That being said he is VERY hard to wake up. I asked him to get Jordan because she was crying (I think she peed in her bed or something) and he kept saying “I don’t know who that person is!” Every time I tried to get him out of bed to get Jordan he would tell me that he didn’t know that girl and didn’t want to see her.

1. Ice Cream – I woke up to have Justin holding both of my shoulders to brace me as he licked my back. One large, sloppy lick from the middle of my back to the top and when he finished he said, “mmm ice cream”. I turned and punched him in the shoulder and told him that was gross! Apparently my punch had woke him and he asked why I hit him. After I told him what he did he denied it adamantly… drool dripping from his chin. EWW

Anyway, these are only some of the things he does or says in his sleep. Happy Birthday Babe!!

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  1. Now that i've somewhat composed myself to write this this (after laughing till there were tears in my eye's) all I have to say is I SO understand! Except for me it was waking up to him mooing and then him flicking me on the nose. Then there was the time he yanked my pillow out from under my head and then beating it nearly to death (good thing it wasn't me). He's also "saved me" from cereal bombs....Yes as in the breakfast food. He knew how to "decode it" just in time....
    There are so many more stories. Thanks for the laugh though! That was awesome