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Friday, November 18, 2011

Jordan's 3rd Birthday (late but not forgotten)

I sat here today thinking of this mental list of “things” I need to blog about… Which made me think of Shanda who has an actual list of things… much wiser then trying to just remember it all – so Shanda I tip my hat to you. Well I will tip my hat to you once I own a hat.

Note to self: buy a hat

There are some things I am SO far behind on that I figure I’ll just forget those and focus on the now. But the “now” won’t start until I at least write about Jordan’s 3rd birthday. I’m actually pretty sure I didn’t even do a blog that she turned three! I wish I could still use the excuse of “I’m new at this”, but after about a year of blogging I don’t think that flies.

Note to self: learn to fly?

So now to the real reason I am writing today. Jordan’s 3rd Birthday.

I decided in August that Jordan didn’t need a 3rd Birthday Party. She wouldn’t remember much from it and wouldn’t care much if she didn’t have one (she wouldn’t realize she didn’t). Then September hit and all the Halloween decorations started filling the stores and I couldn’t help it.

3rd Birthday Costume Party! It was a must and so it happened. It took me way to long to get invites out since I could not find a place to have her party. I didn’t want it outdoors since it was the end of October and it could be super cold or even rain. But I gave up the hunt and decided to do it at a park.

We had about 20 kids RSVP so I got a TON of goodies and candy. You can’t have a costume party without junk food right?

The day of the party I had 5 parents call to let me know the kids were sick which cut our attendees nearly in half. I was a little bummed and had to remind myself that Jordan wouldn’t really notice – especially since “her” Sammy was going to be there.

Needless to say, the kids seemed to have a great time – with tons of sugar and running around they went home with smiles on their faces. Success!

We had a few friends stay for a GameNight afterwards and even had a couple others join us (Sam, Travis, Kenny, Tracy, Tawni, Rob, Matt, and Kim). The kids got to play together while the adults got to hang out and laugh.

Note to self: Take more pictures of adults and not just kids…

So Happy late Birthday Jordan! I love you baby girl.

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