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Monday, November 21, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #3

How far is Grandma's House (Thanks to Mima and Popo)?

Taylor: Really big far

Jordan: Far and Far and Far and Far

How is Chocolate Milk Made (Thanks to Brittany)?

Taylor: You put chocolate in the milk

Jordan: You mix and mix and mix all night

Where do the stars in the sky come from (Thanks to Brittany)? What are they made of?

Taylor: When they are made from Jesus. They are made of dust.

Jordan: starts come for the night. They are made of night.

Who is your favorite Mommy or Daddy (Thanks to Neya)?

Taylor: Mommy, because I love her

Jordan: Daddy, because he's my favorite, like my favorite color. ::kisses my arm::

What is the meaning of life (Thanks to Miriam)?

Taylor: I can't tell

Jordan: Um lady goes the light and then she's dead

Kitten or Puppy and why (Thanks to Anna)?

Taylor Puppy, because I love puppies. But I'm scared of puppies because I think they will bite me...and when you were a little kid mommy a duck bit your butt! HA I duck bit your butt.

Jordan: Kitty, because its kitty, puppy, dog and cow

What's the worst thing about going to bed (Thanks to Uncle Sam)?

Taylor: When its dark i think there are ghosts

Jordan: If I'm naked (WHAT?!)

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