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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Green Ball of Goodness

Artichokes are one of those things that look funny so the idea of getting a kid to eat one seems unrealistic.  Yet somehow my Aunt Jeanine convinced me to eat one with her as a young child.

I actually vividly remember sitting at my grandmother’s dining room table with my aunt peeling off one of those green leaves to consume.

I fell in love, well as much love as you can fall into with food item that is.  My love of these delicious plants has not wavered over the years and my husband often surprises me by saying “I bought an artichoke for you today at the store”.  If you didn’t know better you’d think he told me he just bought me a shiney new necklace.  It brings me much joy.

All that said, I can barely contain my excitement to find one of my children enjoys them nearly as much as I do.  

So last night as an artichoke was steaming away with garlic rich water I whispered in Jordan’s ear “while Taylor and Elijah are taking a shower we’re going to stay out here and eat an artichoke”.  She squealed with delight.  She took a super quick shower and kept checking on me while she was getting dressed to ensure I had not eaten it all yet, “Mommy, don’t eat it all, wait for me.”

And then we sat.  And dipped.  And Ate. And laughed. And enjoyed an artichoke together, just the two of us and life was happy.  Until it was gone, then life was a little sad.

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