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Monday, May 20, 2013

My Asian Baby

I always said that I’d love to have an Asian baby.  They are so stinking adorable!  Obviously that didn’t happen.  However, it’s now a possibility.

I mentioned earlier the idea of becoming a surrogate.  I submitted my application and thought; we’ll just see what happens.  I figured it would take months or even a year or so to actually be caring a baby.  Well things started moving.

A month ago it began.  Paperwork, emails, signatures, interviews, appointments, etc. I am not technically a surrogate since I have not actually been approved by the agency.  I still need a medical and psychological screening.  But assuming I’m not unhealthy or insane I’ll be approved.

Usually that means the waiting game begins.  Waiting for the intended parents (IP) to read my profile and decide they like me enough to put their baby in me.  However, that’s not exactly how it is working.

On Friday I received an email asking me if I wanted to meet the IP.  They are from China and will only be here a few days.  They wanted to meet on Sunday, but with Church and a birthday party we couldn’t do it so we assumed that meant these IP were not meant for us.

Then they suggested we meet tonight (Monday night).  We agreed.

Then I received an email this morning asking if instead, they could meet me on my lunch break.  I agreed.

They are excited and easy going.  They want me to carry their baby(ies).  They want me to carry their baby(ies) in as little as a month.  So assuming I get approved by the agency, in a month I could be pregnant.

In a month I could be pregnant with twins.

In a month I could be pregnant with Asian babies.

In a month I could be beginning this journey of surrogacy.

I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m happy.  I’m scared.  I think I’m everything all at once.

Please pray for me (us).  That the rest of the screening goes well and the agency approves me.  Also that if things do not work out with this couple that another couple will find us.  And that once this actually begins that I remain healthy and strong.

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