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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Beard

I haven’t blogged because I’ve been waiting for pictures.  However, my husband is not very good at getting pictures off of the camera onto the computer.

If you have been around us the last few months you noticed the monstrosity growing on my husband’s face.  Around Christmas Justin decided he wanted to have a “Man Beard” knowing full well his dear wife HATES massive facial hair.  A little is tolerable and on Justin having a little is a necessity for his lack of chin definition, but I hate coarse face hair poking me in the face all the time.

Hate it.  Did I say that yet? Because I hate it.

I wasn’t the only one who was against creepy locks expanding. In fact nearly every female was on my side and nearly ever male was on his side.

Many husbands/boyfriend commented on how they enjoyed his “Man Beard”.  I stand firm on my assumption that they loved it so much since their wives/girlfriends wouldn’t let them have one and, unlike my husband, they took the opinion of their significant other to heart.  One of our friends decided about half way through Justin’s Man Beard growing process to begin one of his own (Sorry Megan).

There was a point where Justin and I had a heart to heart.  Where he informed me of what a horrible wife I was being for giving him such a hard time in front of people.  So I apologized and told him I had one more thing to say and then I’d drop it.

SO I told him.  I hated his face hair.  I found it unattractive – that’s right friends I told my husband the blob of hair hiding his dimples made me find him very unattractive.  I asked, “Isn’t it important that a wife finds her husband attractive?” his response? “Well then you’re just shallow.  I told him how little I enjoyed kissing him since it was like kissing…well lets just say it was an unpleasant experience.

And still the beard grew.  Somewhere along the road he added a mustache since I already found the beard horrid he might as well add a mustache…can’t make the horrible any more horrible.

Then, 4 weeks ago today I came home to a handsome man once more.  The dimples I married him for greeted me and I couldn’t help but sort of be giddy with excitement.  My husband was a sexy man once more and he was smothered in kisses.  Like seriously it was like flashback to first being married to the man and I couldn’t help but smother him in affections.

Granted, it did take me (and the kids) a few days to adjust to a husband/dad that you could actually see, but all is well again in the Davis home.  Not gonna lie, for awhile I feared the end of our marriage (FYI that is a joke – I am seriously not that shallow).

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