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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oh So Blue

I think I mentioned to you before that Taylor has begun adding “No Seriously” to about everything she says.  And like any parent knows something that starts of cute quickly becomes annoying.

That being said “No Seriously” is not really the point of my story today, just a reminder since what I am about to tell you will contain those words.

::Taylor comes into my room with the look of a girl on a mission”

Taylor: Mom, I need to wear blue today
Me: ok…
Taylor: No seriously, I need to wear blue
Me: That’s fine so wear blue
Taylor: I’m serious!
Me: So find something blue
Taylor: And I need money
Me: Why?
Taylor: My teacher said I need money to be in the Wish Club
Me: Like you’re going to make wish?
Taylor: NO! To be in the wish club
Me: Are you going to a wishing well or something? Do you need dollars or coins?
Taylor: Dollars
Me: For the wish club?
Taylor: No, coins
Me: How many?
Taylor: Um, I don’t know…
Me: Well I’m not giving you money if you can’t tell me how much and what its for
Taylor: I told you, the Wish Club! I’m serious!
Me: what is the wish club?
Taylor: I don’t know.

Anyway, after this conversation I found out Make A Wish Foundation has been at her school and she is supposed to bring a dollar to help support them.  So Taylor and I had a lengthy conversation about what Make A Wish Foundation is and how her money would help sick kids.  I gave her the option of taking a dollar from her chore money to help a friend too.

That conversation was interesting and included conversations about how children can die, sickle cell anemia, DNA, and cancer.  So…yeah that was interesting.

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