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Friday, August 2, 2013

Bagelphobia (It’s A Thing)

It all started like 3-4 years ago when I was pregnant with Elijah.  I was enjoying my daily first breakfast (not to be confused with 2nd breakfast) of OJ and a bagel smothered in so much cream cheese you could barely tell there was a bagel.  Seriously…I love cream cheese.
I took one giant bite and began to chew…something tasted off.  I still believe that if I wasn’t pregnant I wouldn’t have noticed.  But for all you mommies out there you know that you can smell and taste EVERYthing from like a mile away.  And yes I realize you can’t “taste” anything from a mile away, but just go with it for the stories sake.
I figured I was just being weird and washed down the odd taste with a big swig of delicious extra pulpy OJ and picked my bagel up for another bite.
To my horror I saw what that odd taste was… my bagel had small green “freckles” of mold on the inside! How does that even happen?? The outside looked fine, but the inside looked like a green version of my face after a week in the sun (hence the freckle reference…I have a lot of freckles).
I instantly began go gag because that’s what I do when I see mold.  Its uncontrollable.  Justin can attest to this.
And cue panic attack.
What happens if you eat mold? WORSE what happens if you eat mold while pregnant?
Point of advice…don’t google it…it makes the panic attack far worse.
In the end I was fine…can’t say Elijah is (this is still to be determined – after all he’s pretty much just mini Justin).
And this is why whenever I eat a bagel I investigate the location of my soon to be bite with every bite just to make sure.  Because I can’t give up cream cheese and the best way to eat cream cheese is with a bagel.  I're impressed by my bravery and ability to face my fears (as long as it isn't clowns).

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