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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ear Piercing

On July 13th what started as a beach day ended so very different.

I got a phone call from my mommy. She was having a rough morning.  One of those mornings where a lot of little things make their way to the surface all at the same time.

All it took was the comment “today is one of those days I really wish you just lived down the street”.  So I turned to my hubby and said, “I think I need to go visit my mom today”.  He was of course in complete agreement because:

1.      It meant he didn’t have to go to the beach

2.      It meant he’d get some uninterrupted game time (because Saturday’s for me are cleaning days which always involves me barking some cleaning chore at him)

So Taylor and I headed out.  She was a little upset about missing the beach day and we had one of those life lesson conversations that we usually have in the car.

“Sometimes when you love somebody very much you don’t do something you really want to do because instead you do something with them to make them feel better”.  So I explained Grandma was having a rough day and just needed some cuddle time.  She was all for cuddle time and made it the whole day only mentioning her disappointment in the lack of beach going like 5 times.

So in an attempt to surprise my mom (bad idea to surprise somebody that lives an hour away) I arrived at the house and she of course was not home.  I called my baby sister (that’s right Sarah, you are a baby) and was like “dude where’s mom” and she was like “we’re on our way home” and I was like “ok don’t tell her I’m here”.  That’s not really how we talk, but you get the idea.

So about 10 minutes later my mom was home and we got in some cuddle time.  Not literally.  I was not literally cuddling with my mom…I’m not even sure what that would look like.

After some “bonding” we headed to lunch and during lunch I had he bright idea to pierce Taylor’s ears.  Taylor was not a fan of this idea.

I tried bribing with candy.

I tried bribing with no bedtime.

I tried bribing with a new toy.

I tried bribing with an open ended “you can pick ANYthing”.

She was not having it.

I decided to take her to the store anyway to see if she changed her mind.  Finally she came around and said she wanted to do it.  Note: I did make sure she wanted to do it for her.  She said she wanted to do it because it looks pretty and she wanted new pretty earrings.  She also added her own fine print with “and this means you’ll never ask me to go on a roller coaster again!”

I told her I’d ask her still, but not make her or ask her more than 1 time. 

She Agreed.

She picked the blue star earrings.

She screamed and freaked out the littler girls in line behind her.

She got a giant lollipop.

She is now quite content with her new studs (that’s what beginner earrings are called for all you boys that read this)

I think they look pretty cute too. Oh and that's my niece in the 2nd baby sister decided to pierce her ears too.

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