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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A List of Distractions

There has been a lot going on recently in the life of the mother Davis.  Which of course pours into the rest of the family’s lives.  These things have caused mixed emotions of Joy and Anxiety and have left my desire to blog rather lacking. 

FYI: That last sentence was written and stared at for several minutes before I decided I’m not sure if it makes sense and don’t really feel the need to try and fix it.  So I am completely aware there may be errors in that sentence.  And completely aware there may not be errors and I not knowing may make be quiet ignorant to the English language (that sentence might be bad too).

In my attempt to distract myself from some of this craziness I’m forcing myself to blog.  And what better way to do that then with a list of things from children:

1.       Jordan was playing with playdoh and walked over to me with what I assumed was a playdoh snake and excitedly said “Look mom! I made a penis!”…”And its squishy like a real one too!”

2.       You know you have a son with 2 older sisters when it’s not uncommon to see him running around in a princess dress…

3.       You know your son runs around in a princess dress far too often when you catch him playing Barbies and dressing all the male Barbies up in princess dresses.

4.       Taylor told me she wanted to be a doctor.  I told her doctor’s make a lot of money.  She then told me she wanted to be a doctor 3 times so she would have 3 lots of monies and be rich.

5.       After telling the kids last night to go to bed I went to tuck Elijah in.  To my surprise I found Taylor sitting on his bed tucking him in and singing to him (yes that is your heart melting).

6.       Elijah likes to sing while he pees…he likes to dance while he sings… if you didn’t get what just happened there know that this means there is pee all over the bathroom.

7.       Taylor has learned the internet holds answers to almost everything.  When I don’t know how to explain something or when she wants to see a picture we look it up online.  Apparently she thinks the internet holds ALL answers.

Taylor: Mom will you die someday?

Me: Yes

Taylor: When?

Me: I don’t know

Taylor: You should look it up on the internet

8.       Elijah came to a shocking realization as he screamed “Mommy! Your penis is lost!” and then ran off saying “I’ll find it – Super Elijah to the Rescue!” (and yes that is my 2nd man part story, but it comes up frequently in our house)

9.       When I asked Jordan why the Barbie house was moved away from the wall she mater-of-factly told me “So I can hide my toys from you so you don’t know I’m playing during nap time”.  I’m not even sure how to respond to that kind of honesty.

10.   Jordan suddenly started recognizing her letters and numbers.  The problem is she reads and writes everything right to left.  So when Jordan arranges our letter magnets to spell “rolyat” Taylor comes around later to fix them to say “taylor”.  Moments later Jordan stops by, notices the obvious error and fixes it back to say “rolyat”.  Neither of them realize what they are doing to each other.

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