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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Star Girls

So Taylor’s best friend is a little girl named Bella.  Bella just so happens to have a sister who is Jordan’s age and brother who is Elijah’s age which makes hanging out with their family quite perfect.
We decided this year that one day a week I would take Bella to school and her parents would take Taylor to school another day.
Well Thursday’s are my day.  It’s pretty entertaining to listen to two 6 year old girls talk about life in the back seat of your car.  However, my favorite has become “The Star Girls”.
One Thursday Bella noticed Justin’s drum sticks in the car and asked Taylor what they were for.  Taylor told Bella her daddy plays drums at church.  Bella asked if she could use them so I handed them back.  And then it began…
Taylor informed Bella that in order to play the drums you had to count first “Say 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4”.
Bella did just this.  Bella then decided it wasn’t enough to have just drums.  So she told Taylor “you play the pretend guitar and sing like you are a guitar”
So they counted off…1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 and Bella drummed on the back of the seat and Taylor strummed her invisible guitar and made noises like she was a guitar.
This week the girls decided they should be a rock band.  A rock band named “The Star Girls”, because they were rockSTARs.  They began to add actual words to their song conveniently named “I am a Star”.
So for the 10 minute drive the girls rocked out in my back seat to their own music and their own song.
It made me smile.
On an unrelated I saw something odd on the way in to work this morning I didn’t understand:
How was the car with a handicap license plate riding around with a surf board on his car… can a handicap person really surf?  I call him a liar.  I am also willing to accept the fact I may be naïve and not understand how surfing or handicap-ness works.
The End.  Have a Great Thursday.

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